Sperm, Egg and Embryo Donation in Iran


Sperm, Egg and Embryo Donation in Iran

egg donation cost in iran

Sperm, egg and embryo donation in Iran, along with fertility treatment techniques are helping couples to have the dream of having a child come true. 


 Sperm donation in Iran

Sperm donation in Iran is a great medical technique to help men overcome the problems concerning the fertilization. It can be described as reproduction assistance in which the sperm from another man is used for fertilization. This technique is applied due to various reasons. The first reason could be that despite the in vitro fertilization, the sperms are malfunctioning (Teratospermia) or too low (oligospermia) and subsequently will not result in pregnancy.

The other reason can be a man’s genetic/ hereditary disease, which can indeed be transmitted to his child. In both cases, after a series of analyses such as PGD/PGS (Preimplantation genetic Diagnose / screening), the doctor would suggest the couple to benefit from sperm donation. Noticeably, the transmission of genetic disease can happen by the sperm of the donor as well and that is the reason that clinics always run the same diagnostic analyses on donors as well.  



Egg Donation in Iran

Egg Donation in Iran is currently a great solution for many women having difficulty getting pregnant. Generally, when a woman can no longer have a baby with her own oocytes (immature eggs), she would have the egg donation alternative. Egg donation is basically another woman’s oocytes; this woman is called a donor. After gaining the donated oocytes, they are fertilized with the sperm of the spouse or a sperm donor and the embryos thus are formed. The embryos will be transferred to the uterus afterward.


Who needs donor eggs (Egg donation)?

The women who no longer have oocytes due to the certain age, are the main recipients of donation eggs. However, some women despite trying in vitro fertilization may not be able to form an embryo due to their quality of oocytes, which is poor or is too low. If the woman is carrying serious genetic diseases, benefiting from donor eggs is currently the best alternative.


Embryo Donors in Iran

After having in vitro fertilization, embryo donors are ready to donate frozen embryos. The recipient couple on the other hand must both have been recognized as infertile, due to any possible medical reason. Furthermore, if both the man and woman have serious genetic diseases, the embryo donation is a great alternative. 


Everything You Need to Know About Egg Donation in Iran

No matter how old you are as a couple, you want to have kids at some point. But the bad news is sometimes one of the couples or both of them are infertile. And as a couple in love, it is really painful not being able to conceive a baby on your own.  Egg donation is one of the best solutions for having a baby.

Because in many cases, the woman has healthy reproductive organs and uterus, but the quality of eggs is under question. In this case, the only way to have a baby is to receive a donated egg. There are so many couples looking for a chance to experience egg donation. Here you're going to talk about everything you need to know before going through egg donation in Iran or any other country.


What is an egg donation?

It is worth mentioning that there are millions and millions of immature ova in a woman's uterus from birth. And it is interesting to know that these gametes do not go through any changes until puberty. After puberty every month, some eggs will leave the ovary, but they survive for about 24-hours after leaving the ovary, and if by any chance a sperm Meets the egg at this time, the pregnancy will happen.

But not all women have high-quality eggs. Poor quality eggs will result in infertility.

Different factors cause infertility in a woman.  some of them are as follows:

  • Aging
  • physical or mental illnesses

 You might think about using ovulation-stimulating drugs; Sometimes, it is helpful. But sometimes, egg donation is the only way to conceive a baby for some couples. In the process of egg donation in Iran, several eggs are harvested from a volunteer. Then the quality of eggs will be tested. The sperm of the recipient's couple exist in the laboratory. In the next step, the formed embryo will be ready to transfer to the universe of an infertile woman.


Want to know what egg donation in Iran brings to you?

You might wonder why to travel to Iran for egg donation when there are so many sperm in egg donation in your own country. But the fact that you might ignore the owing thinking about it donation in Iran is the price. Actually, by going to Iran to have a sperm or egg donation, you will have excellent medical services at a lower cost.

Iranian hospitals and fertility clinics are known to have the best and advanced equipment in the world. Along with the best equipment, doctors with a lot of experience will definitely increase the chance of having a baby for you.

 How does egg donation in Iran work?

 First, you need an egg donor volunteer. A specialist doctor will examine the volunteer. Then she has such addiction, hepatitis, HIV, etc. Then the doctor will approve the volunteer, and eggs will be received. In order to coordinate the menstrual cycle of their recipients and a donor, the doctor will prescribe medications.

 An egg will be mature in 10 days. In this time doctor will examine the donor carefully and determine a date for removing eggs from the donor's ovary. Later that day, the doctor will fertilize eggs. Then two or three fetuses will be transferred to the infertile mother's uterus.

Who can use egg donation in Iran?

 As we have said earlier, egg donation cost in Iran is lower than in any other country, considering the medical services quality. But before deciding to go to the northern country hoping that egg donation will help you conceive a baby,  you should consider different factors that can cause infertility. But the most important thing is the health of the donors.  In Iran, donors are less than 25 years old, so they will respond better to different fertility drugs. Doctors examine donors to ensure there are no infections like HIV, hepatitis C, or different granitic diseases. It is worth mentioning that eggs are only harvested from persons capable of providing an accurate medical history of their family. The following are the ones who can go through egg donation in Iran:

  • Women with low-quality eggs
  • Infertile women due to old age
  • Women with removed ovaries.
  • Women who suffer from genetic disease
  • Women with a history of a miscarriage of unknown cause

The requirements of an egg recipient

Egg donation in Iran doesn't cost you a fortune; you were going to pay the lower prices and get the best medical services ever. But there are things you should consider to increase the chance of pregnancy. Here we are going to go through some of the characteristics and conditions of an egg recipient:

The recipients should not be older than 45 years because pregnancy at older age cause risks to the mother's health.

Recipients must be mentally prepared. If you as a couple or Not ready for egg donation in Iran or any other country, you should stick to psychiatric and legal advice before receiving a donated egg.

The infertile woman should be healthy. The doctor will examine her to make sure nothing with risks the life of the mother or the fetus.

The Eucharist must be ready as well. A healthy uterus will be ready to accept donated eggs. Iranian doctors prescribe drugs inner layer of the mother's uterus.

Egg donation cost in Iran

 if you are thinking about experiencing egg donation in the one, you need to know that you are going to pay much less than any country and have the best medical services. If you have been thinking about egg donation costs long enough, you might be familiar with the average cost of egg donation in the United States.  Egg donation cost in the United States varies from $15,000 up to $30,000. So you would be amazed to know that is egg donation cost in Iran cannot be even compared to egg donation cost in the United States, for example. Egg donation prices in Iran or as low as $1,500. But it would help if you remembered that the total cost of egg donation in Iran depends largely on the method used to harvest eggs. Besides, you have to pay for the donor's medical expenses as well.  But the overall cost you will pay for egg donation in Iran is much less than the price you have to pay for egg donation in your own country, know wherever you live. So if you are looking for the best medical services ever and wish to have an experienced doctor, you should think about visiting Iran to have a low-cost egg donation.


The benefit is that people who can not have children due to weakness in sperm or eggs or both, we kept alive the hope and for them to have their own children

Cost of microinjection with donated sperm $ 2,750 and cost of microinjection with embryo and donated egg $ 4,000

Sperm donors are usually couples whose infertility is caused by a man. In fact, sperm donation is one of the methods of treating male infertility and is used to treat male infertility caused by zero sperm or cases with abnormal sperm. Sperm donation is a type of fertility treatment called third-party fertility. After the IVF process, pregnancy is possible.

The sperm donor must have the following characteristics:
Age 18 - 39 years
Absence of HIV / HCV / HBV
Assess the presence of a history of inherited disease
Psychological evaluation
Investigating sex and not using drugs

1- Age 34-21 years
2- Preferably with a history of pregnancy and live birth
3- Physically and mentally healthy and other diseases, especially infectious diseases
4- Healthy screening tests for hepatitis B, hepatitis C, AIDS, syphilis, sexually transmitted infections, blood tests for thalassemia and blood type
5- Having sufficient ovarian reserve