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Carefultrip, an umbrella providing every patient with absolute medical care. A professional team consisting of experienced specialists and physicians who value patients' health above all.

Surgeries performed per month

36 Surgeries performed per month

Online consultations per month

1600 Online consultations per month

Countries from where we host patients

85 Countries from where we host patients

A trip that brings health as a souvenir!

Careful Trip is the most Reliable Health Tourism Provider in Iran, We offer the best HealthCare quality in Iran These days Iran is famous in field of health tourism in all around the world. The experienced Doctors, Modern Hospitals and affordable prices have made Iran one of the best destinations for health tourism in the world.

A trip that brings health as a souvenir!

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A trip that brings health as a souvenir!

The carefultrip team makes every effort to provide the best and highest quality services available to you

Which Services we Provide?

Online Support

Find your package (medical / cosmetic), ask for information online.

Medical consultation

expert medical consultation provided for free.

Trip planning

Have your flight and hotel organized by us after package confirmation.

Airport pickup

Airport pick-up and private transfer upon your arrival at airport.

24 Hours assistant

We accompany you during your medical trip to your departure..


Providing you accommodations at affordable prices.

VIP hospital services

VIP services in hospitals and clinics.


City sightseeing tours available for all patients.

Insurance and Guarantee

In case of any medical malpractice, revision package is provided gratis with hotel & flight.

Follow UP

Find your package (medical / cosmetic), ask for information online.

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