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IVF in Iran, similar to other parts of the world, is one of the principal methods used to assist fertility and overcome a range of fertility issues. Infertility treatment in Iran is conducted in different clinics. Best IVF centers in Iran include Mom, Avicenna, Rouyesh, and Royan.

What is In vitro fertilization (IVF)?

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is the most effective form of assisted reproductive technology, which consists of a complex series of procedures that involves the fertilization of eggs with sperm in the laboratory and transferring the embryo to the uterus.

After stimulating the ovaries with injected Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), mature eggs are collected (retrieved) from the mother or egg donor and fertilized in the laboratory with the biological father’s or donated sperm to form the embryo. The embryo or embryos are grown in the laboratory for about five days and then transferred to the biological mother’s or carrier’s uterus in a Pap smear-like procedure. IVF in Iran is performed under the supervision of a team of specialists from beginning to end and assists the couples with conceiving their own children.

Best IVF Clinics in Iran

Top IVF Clinics in Iran

There are multiple important factors to consider while choosing an IVF clinic. Infertility treatments, IVF included, are a burden both financially and emotionally and are very intensive experiences. So, it is crucial to choose the best IVF clinic possible.  Below, you can find information regarding the best IVF clinics in Iran, and the reason they are highly regarded.

1. MOM fertility and infertility center

Without a doubt, MOM fertility and infertility center is the best IVF clinic in Iran and the middle east. It is internationally acclaimed and many international patients choose to come to the MOM hospital for their IVF treatment. The reasons behind this decision are simple:

–           The high IVF success rate of MOM fertility and infertility center

The success rate is one of the most important factors in choosing an infertility center. The IVF success rate of a center is measured by the rate of successful IVFs that led to childbirth and the whole IVF procedures done in that center. As a prototype of the highly regarded Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine (CCRM), the MOM center has a success rate of 65%, which is one of the best success rates for IVF worldwide.

–           Leading doctors and medical staff

MOM fertility and infertility center consists of a notable team of infertility and IVF experts with brilliant scientific and moral backgrounds, and noteworthy experience in this field of treatment.

–           The most advanced equipment

MOM hospital is unique in the middle east because of its state of the art and most advanced equipment. Its embryology and IVF operating room is equipped with highly advanced gears that guarantee the desired outcomes.

–           Strong egg, sperm, and embryo banks

MOM hospital provides one of the best and richest eggs/sperm/ and embryo banks around the world as it ensures all the donors are evaluated medically and psychologically and have had successful pregnancies before.

–           Suitable prices

The cost of treatment is one of the most important factors in choosing an IVF clinic. MOM fertility and infertility hospital is one of the top IVF clinics as it provides the highest quality services at the most affordable prices.

Alongside MOM hospital, which is the best IVF clinic in Iran, there are Avicenna Fertility Center, Rouyesh Infertility Treatment Center, and Royan institute, among the top IVF clinics in Iran.

2. Avicenna Fertility Center

Avicenna infertility and recurrent abortion center is the second fertility clinic on our list. The pros and cons of this clinic include:

•          Having a rich infrastructure, with more than twenty years of experience,

•          Providing multiple services and various clinics such as

–           Endocrinology Section;

–           Endocrinology Section;

–           Endoscopy Section;

–           Endometriosis Clinic;

–           Recurrent Abortion Clinic; and

–           Perinatology Clinic.

•          Like the MOM center, Avicenna fertility center is a one-stop center and tries to meet all the demands of its patients at the same center.

•          It is in the second place as it has a significantly less success rate than the MOM center.

3. Rouyesh Infertility Treatment Center

Rouyesh Infertility Treatment Center was established a decade ago in Karaj, a city close to Tehran. This infertility center was first built to meet the local demands, but lately, it has attracted patients both from the capital of Iran, and nearby countries. The pros and cons of this clinic include:

•          Being enriched with the latest equipment and infertility specialists

•          Providing multiple services and various clinics

•          It is placed in a calming and green environment

•          It is placed in the third place as it is a fairly young infertility center compared to the MOM fertility and infertility center

•          Due to it being established much later than the MOM center, the infertility specialists in this center are fairly less experienced

4. Royan institute

Established in 1991, the Royan infertility institute is one of the oldest fertility and infertility treatment centers in Iran. Located in the heart of Tehran, the pros and cons of this clinic include:

•          Having a rich infrastructure, with more than thirty years of experience

•          Providing multiple services and various clinics such as:

–           Endocrinology Section

–           Endoscopy Section

–           Endometriosis Clinic

–           Recurrent Abortion Clinic

•          Like the MOM center, the Royan fertility center is a one-stop center and tries to meet all the demands of its patients at the same center.

•          Unlike MOM fertility and infertility center, the equipment might be outdated

•          Although, due to many years of experience, this center has many IVF specialists, their knowledge might be outdated. This matter is prevented in the MOM infertility clinic as a result of the presence of its unique Research and Development department

When is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) needed?

As mentioned, IVF is most intended to help fertility and treat infertility, as well as, preventing genetic disorders. However, your fertility specialist may suggest trying less-invasive treatment options before going through an IVF procedure. In Vitro Fertilization is also recommended in women over the age of forty to enhance their chances of fertility.

IVF in Iran and other parts of the world is advised if you or your partner suffers from:

Fallopian tube injury or blockage

The fallopian tube is the route by which eggs travel to the uterus.

Ovulation ailments

In ovarian disorders, the number of healthy eggs available for fertilization may be insufficient or infrequent.

Severe Endometriosis:

Endometriosis, which means the growth of tissue similar to the lining of the uterus in external areas such as the fallopian tubes, can also affect fertility.

Uterine fibroids:

Fibroids are benign tumors that may interfere with the implantation of a fertilized egg. They are common in women in their 30s and 40s.

Previous tubal sterilization or removal:

Tubal ligation is a sterilization procedure performed on people to permanently prevent them from getting pregnant. However, performing IVF in Iran in reputable clinics will help you to conceive again.

Impaired sperm production or function:

If sperm is low in concentration, poor in mobility, or malformed, it may not be able to fertilize the egg. IVF is the answer in this case.

Unexplained infertility:

When the root cause of a couple’s infertility is not clear, IVF can also help.

A genetic disorder:

In the case of a specific genetic disorder being detected in one of the couples, IVF is performed to ensure the child’s health, and the embryos that don’t contain identified problems will transfer to the uterus.

Fertility preservation before undergoing damaging procedures like chemotherapy:

Cancer treatments can damage fertility. harvesting healthy eggs before starting treatment and freezing them for future use is an option. The frozen egg then is transferred to the uterus after fertilization.

MOM clinic, a safe fertility center in Iran

As stated above, MOM Clinic is one of the best clinics for IVF in Iran. An experienced team of nurses, counselors, and scientists is ready to help you experience a safe pregnancy with the highest standard of fertility care. For more information about the clinic and its services, contact us or visit in person.

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