Top 6 Infertility Hospitals in Iran

infertility hospitals in iran

The first phase and the most essential step of infertility treatment is finding a suitable place to have your treatment. Nowadays, different medical institutes and clinics worldwide provide fertility and infertility remedies, but which of them are the best for you? in this article, first, we explain why an infertility center in Iran is a good choice for these kinds of medical services. After that, we introduce you to six excellent hospitals in Iran where you can have flawless therapies in this field.

Why Infertility Treatment in Iran?

Finding a perfect medical center for infertility treatments relies on many general and technical factors. The knowledge of medical staff, the reputation of the institute in this field, and the technologies they employ are just a few of the crucial parameters to consider. Besides, The increased price of treatment in many infertility hospitals is one of the couples’ problems during this process.

If you’ve been dealing with such disturbances recently, there is a huge surprise for you here. Infertility hospitals in Iran operate ultra-modern knowledge and tools to provide a wide range of treatment services at international quality and at an affordable price than other medical centers worldwide. Thus, Iranian infertility and fertility centers have recently become a good destination for many couples who desire a secured treatment at a reasonable price.

Top 6 Infertility Centers in Iran

Now that we know why an infertility hospital in Iran may be the answer to your need, it is an excellent opportunity to move forward with medical treatment in this country, where you can enjoy the up-to-date nursing team and global-rank technologies. 

Here are some pioneer hospitals in Iran that couples can rely on; please check our website for more information about this service and other related topics like IVP.

Number One: MOM Fertility and Infertility Hospital

MOM Specialized Center for Infertility treatment and Reproductive Health is one of the innovative clinics in Iran that employs elegant equipment and construction to provide a high-quality medical service. This center was developed as a prototype of the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine in the united state. Mom hospital has the highest IVF and ICSI success rate (65%) among other famous clinics providing infertility treatments worldwide. Mom hospital also has a high-quality egg and sperm bank, and a strong International Department. That is is why patients from all over the world choose MOM hospital for their infertility treatment.

Different parameters can help us understand the essential role of Mom center among other Iranian institutes, providing infertility assistance and other related treatments.

First of all, this infertility hospital in Iran is equipped with a professional nursing team and medical experts, working collaboratively and continuously together and as a single group.

Second of all, this clinic employs a large amount of prime medical equipment, making this center the most high-tech hospital in the field of infertility and reproductive health in the Middle East.

it is worth acknowledging that the Mom center building is a completely smart one, controlled by a BMS. This architecture makes MOM Specialized Center for Infertility treatment and Reproductive Health building one of the smartest buildings in Iran and the most developed Acadamy for infertility treatment in the Middle East. To know more about MOM infertility treatment center, click here. 

Number Two: Royan Fertility Institute

Founded in 1991 by Dr. Saeid Kazemi Ashtiani and a set of investigators and physicians in Iran University of Medical Sciences of ACECR, Royan institute is an excellent place for infertility treatment in Iran. This clinic is adequately determined as the largest infertility cure center in the Middle East, the second largest infertility treatment institute in Asia, and one of the 10 largest infertility treatment academies globally. It is good to know that this medical center also contains a massive research unit developing the knowledge of stem cells, regenerative medicine, and cell therapy. 

Royan Infertility Treatment Center provisions medical assistance to around 10,000 individuals annually. Over 5,000 couples from 46 countries have received fertility and infertility treatment at the institute; Which means it welcomes about 50 new foreign couples every month of the year.

Number three: Specialist Center for the Treatment of Infertility of Avicenna in Tehran

This infertility hospital in Iran, established in 2003, is one of the other distinguished medical centers with cutting-edge technology and a professional clinical crew. In addition, Avicenna Fertility Center has a joint partnership with USHCL University of Germany’s ART center, a leading educational center in Europe that shows the significance of Avicenna Institute. It is also worth knowing that this hospital includes eight clinics that process diagnosis and therapy in diverse specializations like Abortion, Pelvic Pain, Endometriosis, and Advanced Laparoscopy.

Medical Experts at the Avicenna Center utilize various methods like IUI, IVF, and ICSI to treat couples with infertility. By specifying an egg bank in this infertility center in Iran, this hospital can also offer egg donation, fertility donation, embryo donation, and surrogacy services.

Number four: Isfahan Fertility and Infertility Center

In February 1993, Isfahan Fertility and Infertility Center started its goal of developing healthcare assistance in the domain of o.b., gynecology surgeries, and infertility. Even after years of hard work, this medical center is one of the most prestigious in Iran and provides a vast range of approaches for infertility cases. In addition, in this infertility hospital in Iran, scientists have tested distinct methods to reach a high fertility rate and, in the end, count more on the microinjection method (ICSI) to earn an average probability of success of 30% to 40%.

Couples from around the globe can rely on this medical center for a variety of cases like:

  • Treatment of marital problems and sexual disorders
  • Specialized sonographyFetal reduction
  • Gamete Intra-Fallopian Transfer (GIFT)

Number five: Novin Fertility Center in Mashhad

This center that Dr. Majid Roostayi and Dr. Mahnaz Mansouri established in 2007 is a reliable place for infertility treatment in Iran at the EAST side of this country, Mashhad city. The Novin clinic has verified itself as one of the leading centers for treating infertility, recurrent miscarriage, and maternal health after more than 10 years of operation. Today, The center treats hundreds of infertile couples from Iran and worldwide every year.

In this center, world-class techniques like Hysteroscopy, Hysterosonography, and Spermogram are used to offer infertility treatment assistance and help infertile candidates at a reasonable level of success.

Number six: Kosar Infertility Treatment Center in Urmia

As opposed to the last infertility center in Iran we mentioned, the Kosar institute is located on the west side of this country and is an essential one in the region.

 As part of the Motahari hospital complex, this institute was established in 2003. The medical center reports that around 60 candidates are referred to this clinic for prior consultation and treatment each day. Furthermore, this clinic is located in a convenient location for clients from Iraq and Turkey.

The technologies utilized at the Kosar institute have a crucial role in introducing this center to infertility patients. Using these techniques, the nursing team can provide patients with Ovarian stimulation, Interstitial ovarian stimulation, IVF, ICSI, Oocyte donation, Embryo donation, and Surrogate uterus.

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