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“Surrogacy is an exceptional journey towards parenthood, serving as a beacon of hope for numerous infertile couples globally. This procedure, intrinsically designed around compassion and medical expertise, involves a gestational carrier. The carrier undertakes the profound task of carrying and delivering a child for a person or couple unable to conceive through traditional means. In the evolving world of reproductive medicine, Iran has emerged as a pioneering force with its remarkable advancements in surrogacy. Armed with an arsenal of cutting-edge scientific methods and techniques, surrogacy in Iran presents an efficient and hopeful solution for struggling couples. It opens a door, illuminating a pathway toward fulfilling the universal dream of parenthood. This article delves into the best surrogacy clinic in Iran, the cornerstone for potential parents seeking a chance at having their biological child. But the journey to parenthood is intricate and sensitive, so it is crucial to spotlight expert specialists’ indispensable role in this process. These seasoned professionals form the backbone of successful surrogacy journeys. Their expertise, commitment, and knowledge are the safeguards ensuring the best possible outcomes and mitigating potential complications. Their skillful hands weave together the threads of science, hope, and dreams, constructing the tapestry of parenthood for those who yearn for it.”


Understanding Infertility and the Role of Surrogacy

Infertility, or the inability to conceive after approximately a year of trying, affects many couples worldwide. In 2020, about 15% of couples struggled with infertility. It’s estimated that around 15% of women cannot conceive within a year, and about 26% of women aged 15 to 49 cannot carry a pregnancy to term. This has led to a growing interest in surrogacy, an assisted reproductive technology (ART) in which a gestational carrier nurtures the fetus for another person or couple. Notably, the fetus or newborn is not genetically related to the carrier; the eggs come from the mother or an egg donor, while the father or a sperm donor provides the sperm. The best surrogacy clinics in Iran use advanced assisted reproductive methods, such as IVF, to collect the eggs and sperm, create the embryo in a laboratory, and transfer the embryo to the surrogate’s uterus.



Identifying the Best Surrogacy Clinic in Iran

“Choosing to step onto the path of surrogacy can be fraught with uncertainty and anxiety for many infertile couples. In this challenging journey, choosing the best surrogacy clinic in Iran becomes not just a mere decision but a significant milestone. It represents an opportunity for them to realize their dreams of raising their biological children, a beacon of hope amidst an otherwise challenging scenario. This pivotal decision mandates a meticulous evaluation of various factors. These include access to state-of-the-art technology, a cadre of highly qualified professionals, and robust evidence of past successes. The best surrogacy clinics in Iran invariably stand tall on these parameters, offering holistic and empathetic care to couples navigating their way toward parenthood. Prominent among these clinics are the MOM Fertility and Infertility Center, the Royan Institute, the Avicenna Fertility Center, and the Rouyesh Infertility Treatment Center. Each of these clinics has etched a place in the sphere of surrogacy in Iran, providing unparalleled medical care and guidance. They represent the intersection of scientific progress and the human spirit’s resilience, making parenthood possible for those who yearn for it.”


MOM Fertility and Infertility Center

“The MOM Fertility and Infertility Center has distinguished itself as a frontrunner in surrogacy. As one of the best surrogacy clinics in Iran, this top-tier establishment has earned its reputation through a steadfast commitment to leveraging the latest technological advancements in reproductive medicine and providing the highest caliber of care to its patients. Situated in one of Iran’s most technologically sophisticated buildings, the center is a hive of innovation and expertise. With cutting-edge medical instruments from globally recognized manufacturers, they significantly enhance the likelihood of a successful outcome for every procedure. High-quality embryology and IVF operating rooms are seamlessly integrated with advanced technologies like andrology and radiology units. What truly sets the MOM center apart, however, is its team of dedicated professionals. This group comprises skilled physicians, nurses, and embryologists, each contributing their valuable experience and specialized knowledge. Their track record in infertility treatment and surrogacy procedures speaks volumes about their capability and commitment. Moreover, the center’s management has painstakingly cultivated a high success rate in surrogacy and infertility treatment, thanks to rigorous clinic management methods and a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.” Three key reasons make the MOM center the best surrogacy clinic in Iran:


1.Advanced Equipment

The clinic boasts a range of medical tools and technologies to enhance the success rate of procedures, including a high-quality embryology room, an IVF operating room, andrology and radiology units.


2.Experienced Medical Team

MOM infertility treatment center employs medical professionals with proven success in infertility treatment and surrogacy procedures. The team collaborates to provide high-quality patient services, incorporating expert opinions to ensure the best care.


3.Successful Outcomes and Management

The MOM Center has a high success rate in surrogacy progress and infertility treatment, a testament to its advanced clinic management methods. Quality control systems, cutting-edge genetic services, and exceptional clinic management strategies contribute to this high success rate.


Royan Institute

The Royan Institute, another exceptional surrogacy center in Iran, has served patients for nearly 30 years. Although its success rate may be lower than the MOM center, Royan has established itself as a dependable clinic for surrogacy and other treatments like diagnostic and operative laparoscopy, ovulation induction, cystoscopy, and microscopic TESA. Foreign candidates looking for the best surrogacy clinic in Iran can benefit from Royan’s specialized units.


Avicenna Fertility Center

With a robust infrastructure and dedicated medical professionals, the Avicenna Fertility Center ranks third on our list of the best surrogacy clinics in Iran. The center, based in Tehran, has more than 20 years of experience and provides a range of treatments beyond surrogacy, such as egg and embryo donation, menstrual blood stem cells, and pelvic pain.


Rouyesh Infertility Treatment Center

The Rouyesh Infertility Treatment Center is also recognized as one of the best surrogacy clinics in Iran. Despite initially serving local needs, Rouyesh has expanded its services, catering to patients from different parts of Iran and even foreign countries. It stands ready to assist with your surrogacy journey.


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When to Consider Surrogacy

Several factors may necessitate surrogacy. Infertility is a major reason, with numerous causes including abnormal sperm production or function, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and more. Age is another factor, as fertility, particularly in women, declines with age. Some medications and treatments may also pose significant risks during pregnancy, making surrogacy attractive. Moreover, certain physical issues may prevent women from carrying pregnancies to term, necessitating the assistance of a surrogate. Lastly, some women may be unable to carry a pregnancy to term due to various conditions. The best surrogacy clinic in Iran can help address all these issues, offering hope for couples struggling to conceive.


Choosing the Best Surrogacy Clinic in Iran

Expertise and advanced medical equipment are paramount when choosing a surrogate and undergoing infertility treatment. Such a delicate process can be a psychological and financial burden for prospective parents. Patients can expect top-notch services, highly experienced specialists, and cost-effective treatment plans by opting for the best surrogacy clinic in Iran. The MOM fertility and infertility treatment center stands out, making it the best surrogacy clinic in Iran for international patients.


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In conclusion, surrogacy in Iran illuminates a beacon of hope for couples grappling with the heartache of infertility. By tapping into this service, they can journey to realize their deeply-held dream of parenthood. A triumvirate of essential elements forms the bedrock of these services – expert medical professionals, state-of-the-art technologies, and a patient-centric approach to care. These elements are beautifully synergized at clinics such as MOM, Royan, Avicenna, and Rouyesh, which are rightly celebrated as the best surrogacy clinics in Iran. By championing these highly specialized clinics, we aim to raise public awareness about the significance of their roles. Their expertise and dedication are instrumental in helping infertile couples navigate the surrogacy process with confidence. Furthermore, by stressing the critical importance of these clinics, we strive to create a supportive environment that facilitates the journey of more couples toward parenthood. In the vast landscape of reproductive medicine, surrogacy in Iran is a testament to medical innovation, commitment, and the transformative power of hope. Our fervent aspiration is that more families can experience the joy of parenthood through our efforts.


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