Surrogacy Risks

Surrogacy Risks

Surrogacy risks are an essential consideration for families embarking on this hopeful journey to parenthood. This guide aims to explore these risks in a simple, reassuring manner, emphasizing the safe, caring environment provided by the MOM fertility center in Tehran.

The emotional aspects of surrogacy are significant. Surrogates, intended parents, and extended family members embark on an emotional rollercoaster. Our team at MOM believes in creating an environment of understanding and empathy where all feelings are acknowledged and addressed.

Misconceptions run rampant about surrogacy not only in the Middle East but also all around the world. However, we’re doing our best to get rid of the:

  1. Medical Risks for the Surrogate
  2. Psychological Risks for the Surrogate
  3. Legal and Financial Risks
  4. Risks to the Intended Parents
  5. Ethical and Social Considerations
  6. Potential Risks to the Child


Medical Risks for the Surrogate

Surrogacy risks are an essential consideration. Once the surrogate is pregnant, she faces typical pregnancy-related risks. These can include conditions like gestational diabetes, hypertension, and preeclampsia. It’s important to note that these risks are not unique to surrogacy but are a part of pregnancy in general. The health and well-being of the surrogate are paramount, so these conditions are vigilantly screened for and managed throughout the pregnancy.

It’s vital to understand that surrogacy agencies and fertility centers, such as ours, employ stringent health screenings and provide comprehensive medical care to mitigate these risks. The safety and health of the surrogate and the baby are our top priorities, and every step is taken to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy journey.



Psychological Risks of Surrogacy

Surrogacy is an emotionally and psychologically intense journey. Surrogates may experience a range of emotions, including attachment to the child and a sense of loss after birth. Intended parents face anxieties about bonding with the baby, navigating their role during the pregnancy, and dealing with societal perceptions. These emotional challenges affect family dynamics and require psychological support, counseling, and open communication.

Creating and nurturing solid connections is a cornerstone of the surrogacy journey. At MOM, we’re not just about promoting the IVF procedure in Iran. We also facilitate bonding between the surrogate and intended parents, ensuring open communication and mutual understanding. This process is crucial for the emotional well-being of both parties and the overall success of the surrogacy experience, especially when considering what are the risks of surrogacy.

Legal and Financial Considerations

Our legal team at MOM ensures that all surrogacy arrangements are transparent, ethically sound, and compliant with Iranian and international laws. We guide you through the legalities, providing clarity and confidence every step of the way. This comprehensive approach helps mitigate the potential legal risks of surrogacy and ensures a smooth journey for all parties involved.

Risks to the Intended Parents

The health of surrogates is paramount when considering the risks of surrogacy. Surrogacy, like any pregnancy, comes with potential health challenges. For intended parents, the surrogacy risks are predominantly emotional and financial. The fear of unsuccessful implantation or miscarriage after IVF, despite the surrogate’s best efforts and intentions, can be heartbreaking. The rollercoaster of emotions during the IVF process is always intense, especially with the looming surrogacy risks. The risks regarding the genetic material used are also entirely a reality, especially when employing donor eggs or sperm.

At MOM fertility center, we ensure each surrogate receives the best care possible. This includes comprehensive medical monitoring for surrogacy complications, such as gestational diabetes and hypertension, along with emotional support tailored to their individual needs. We commit to ensuring every surrogate feels supported and valued throughout this journey.

Role of Social Considerations and the Ethical Dimensions

Surrogacy can sometimes attract societal controversy and raise questions about the risks of surrogacy. It can also lead to societal judgment and ostracization, particularly in conservative cultures, which are more prevalent in the region. Surrogates and intended parents may face skepticism, criticism, and intrusive questions.

At MOM Fertility Center, we advocate for a more informed and empathetic understanding of surrogacy. We provide resources and support to help surrogates and intended parents navigate societal perceptions, fostering an environment of respect and acceptance. This includes addressing misconceptions and educating the community about the realities and benefits of surrogacy, thereby reducing stigma and misunderstanding.

Potential Risks to the Child

Genetic Factors play a significant role in the health of a surrogate baby and probably surrogacy risks. Since at least one of the intended parents often provides the genetic material, any hereditary conditions or genetic predispositions from the parents can affect the baby’s health. This is especially relevant in cases where donor eggs or sperm are used, as it adds additional genetic complexity.

Another notable aspect is the IVF Process Itself. IVF, while a miraculous scientific achievement, carries its own set of risks for the baby, such as preterm birth or low birth weight. These risks are not necessarily high but are slightly elevated compared to natural conception.


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MOM Fertility Center: Lower Surrogacy Risks to Near Zero

Choosing MOM Fertility Center in Tehran for your surrogacy journey means choosing a path of hope, safety, and professional excellence amidst the surrogacy risks. Our state-of-the-art facilities, with a compassionate, highly skilled team and deep knowledge of IVF and surrogacy methods, ensure that your experience is handled with utmost care and expertise. We are not just a medical center but a community committed to turning dreams of IVF and parenthood into reality.

We believe in celebrating and sharing the success stories of families who have navigated surrogacy risks with us. These stories not only showcase the joys and triumphs of surrogacy but also highlight how the MOM fertility center plays a pivotal role in ensuring a safe and positive experience.

To read and see more from our visitors and the journey they have gone through, make sure to check out our social links.


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Take Away

Surrogacy, despite its challenges, remains a beautiful and viable path to parenthood. Understanding and navigating surrogacy risks is critical to a safe and joyful journey. At MOM Fertility Center in Tehran, we’re dedicated to guiding you through this journey with care, expertise, and empathy. Our commitment is to ensure that surrogacy is not just a medical procedure but a fulfilling experience that brings the ultimate joy of parenthood to those who dream of it.

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