What you need to know about surrogacy in Iran 

surrogacy in iran

People in many countries use surrogacy because they believe that having children strengthens the family foundation and increases vitality in society. Surrogacy in Iran is only for legal couples and through the submission of documentary evidence. Single people and same-sex couples cannot use rented uteri in Iran.

The surrogacy cost in Iran is usually lower than in other countries because of Iran’s currency. Iran’s Currency has a low value compared to the US dollar. In return, there are many super specialty clinics and infertility centers in Iran that have the highest success rank in infertility treatment around the world. Surrogacy in Iran is one of the most popular treatments among the infertility treatments that are being provided by the best surgeons and clinics in Tehran, the capital of Iran.

The surrogate uterus procedure is done legally and there are many surrogacy clinics in Iran to start it. Under a contract that mentions all the points, if the surrogate mother requests, the baby’s family must pay for food and clothing during pregnancy. There are the best surrogacy clinics in Iran that have competitive prices. However, Carefultrip’s hospital (MOM center) is the number one infertility center in Iran.


What is surrogacy? What’s the situation of surrogacy in Iran?

Surrogacy is a type of assisted reproduction method, and a woman who is considered a carrier will spend nine months, while the fetus in the womb has its original parental genetics. In surrogacy, eggs and sperm are first taken from the couple, and with the help of one of the assisted reproductive methods such as EVF, the fetus is formed, so the formed fetus has the same genetics as its genetic parents. Then, if the fetus grows enough in the laboratory, it is placed in another person’s uterus.

The owner of the surrogate uterus has to go through the stages of pregnancy within nine months. During this period, the carrier should get the necessary care to maintain the health of the fetus and to deliver the fetus to the genetic parents after the end of the pregnancy.

 The use of surrogacy requires medical, judicial, and psychological counseling and all is done perfectly in the best infertility center in Tehran at Carefultrip which provides the highest success rate of IVF and the best surrogacy service.

 Couples and surrogates should be screened for diseases related to men and women, infectious, internal, and mental illnesses, and if they are physically and mentally healthy, they can be candidates for pregnancy with the help of a rented uterus. Surrogacy in Iran has become very common today, and there are good doctors in this field. 

Surrogacy in Iran has its rules. The couple must first submit a request for uterine rent to the court and wait for approval. The request will only be accepted if:

Couples have fertility problems and receive the necessary medical certificate to do so.

Recognize the couple as having the moral authority to rent a womb.

Couples have the power to decide for themselves.

None of the couples are addicted to drugs.

On one side of the uterine lease are the infertile couple (legal parents) and on the other, the surrogate wife (owner of the uterus). The surrogate wife’s husband is also on the other side of the contract, and he must agree to lease his wife for being a surrogate. An infertility doctor is also on one side of the contract. The contract must also be signed by the infertility hospital.   

Surrogacy in Iran is performed legally, and there are many volunteers to perform it. And it is done under a contract.

The surrogacy cost in Iran depends on many different things, such as the method used. The cost of renting a uterus can be from $70,000 to $120,000, but in Iran, it costs much less than the world price (between $ 8,000 and $15,000).


Reasons for using surrogacy:



One of the most important reasons for using a rented uterus is infertility. Couples may be infertile for a variety of reasons, including severe endometriosis, and uterine ulcer, so one of the methods of assisted reproduction in these people is to use a rented uterus. Infertility is one of the primary causes of surrogacy in Iran.


Problems with previous pregnancies

Use of surrogacy in women with a history of problems with previous pregnancies, such as recurrent miscarriages due to cervical insufficiency, consecutive ectopic pregnancies, consecutive preterm deliveries despite medical treatment, or Severe preeclampsia, for which pre-pregnancy is not recommended, is very suitable.


Medical conditions

Pregnancy in some women is dangerous or may not be recommended due to certain diseases such as high blood pressure, some heart, respiratory or kidney diseases, or the use of certain medications, so these people Are prone to renting a uterus for childbearing;


Impossibility of childbearing

Many couples use surrogacy to treat infertility because they prefer to be genetic parents. The choice of using a rented womb or adopting a child depends on the couple’s thoughts and circumstances;


Physical problems

Women who, for various reasons, such as hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) or congenital problems, have no uterus, or their uterus is small and cannot conceive, can use a surrogate uterus to treat infertility.

There are other reasons for surrogacy in Iran, but the above-mentioned reasons are the most common ones. Iran has skilled doctors, and the surrogacy cost in Iran is not so high.


Number one surrogacy clinic in Iran

Carefultrip (MOM Fertility and Infertility Hospital)

Carefultrip works with MOM Center, which is Specialized in Reproductive Health and Infertility. It has been established based on the most successful international models and in collaboration with top Iranian doctors. MOM Specialized Centre provides you with all infertility and fertility health services according to international standards.

MOM Centre is designed as a prototype of the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine (CCRM), which has the highest success rate for IVF and the best surrogacy all over the world (65%).


Final thoughts

Surrogacy in Iran is a topic that is of interest to many people around the world. However, people’s knowledge and awareness of this issue are not enough as they should be.

The donated uterus is legal in Iran, as in countries like the United States and some Western countries. Donated uterus in Iran, like in other countries of the world, has particular laws. for example, the donor receives money for this. 

For surrogacy in Iran, the donor can be Iranian or you can bring their own donor from your own country.

Several law firms in Iran can assist you in arranging this donated legal contract in Iran. Of course, if you are looking for a comprehensive and secure contract in Iran, you can trust Carefultrip as your treatment facilitator company. What do you think about surrogacy in Iran?

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