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MOM is an infertility and reproductive health center in Tehran, Iran, located in the heart of Tehran in a nine-story building equipped with the most advanced medical gear. MOM super-specialized infertility and reproductive health center is designed according to the most successful international models and with the cooperation of the best Iranian experts. It has been designed so that it can be proudly said that all the services provided in the best infertility and pregnancy health centers in the United States and Europe are supplied at the MOM Infertility Center in accordance with international standards for all clients. This complex receives a large number of clients from all over the world on a daily basis and provides various services to them. MOM infertility hospital provides treatments for every cause of infertility, both for men and women.

The common causes of infertility in men happen with the inability of sperm to fertilize the egg. These can include low sperm count, low sperm motility, abnormal shape of the sperm, which makes it unable to fertilize the egg.

The common causes of infertility in women might be Ovulation disorders, such as PCOS, premature ovarian failure, Hyperprolactinemia, poor egg quality, and problems concerning the uterus or fallopian tubes.

All of the above problems can be treated in MOM hospital by surgery or taking medication. More severe cases in women might need assistance in conceiving, with methods such as:

  •  Intrauterine insemination (IUI), or placing the sperm directly inside the uterus.
  •  In vitro fertilization (IVF) fertilizes the egg with sperm in the lab and harvests it inside the uterus.
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is similar to IVF, except the specialized doctor injects the sperm directly into the harvested egg inside the uterus.
  • Third-party ART, which means using egg donors, sperm donors, and donor embryos to enhance the chance of pregnancy.
  • Embryo freeze and embryo donation can take place when a couple has done several rounds of IVF, and as every cycle of IVF or ICSI yields a couple of embryos, decide to donate them to other couples who struggle with getting pregnant; or freeze them in case they decide on having another child.



What makes the MOM fertility and infertility center capable of providing these services and placing it among the top IVF fertility clinics around the world, are its strong egg bank, sperm bank, and embryo bank. MOM hospital provides one of the best egg banks around the world as its donors all are women under thirty, have had previous successful pregnancies with healthy children, and tested for all genetic disorders. Also, their family medical history is checked thoroughly by the MOM fertility and infertility center. Besides that, MOM fertility and infertility center provides one of the best sperm banks worldwide as it ensures all the donors are below 35 years old, have had healthy children, and are checked strictly for all medical and genetic disorders.

Likewise, these services may help patients undergoing damaging procedures such as chemotherapy with fertility preservation. As cancer treatments can damage and prevent fertility, harvesting and freezing the patients’ own eggs or sperms for future use, or using egg banks, sperm banks, or embryo banks in the MOM fertility and infertility center can ensure patients of their chances for fertility preservation.

Besides these options, what makes the MOM fertility and infertility center a top IVF fertility clinic, is that it offers IVF and surrogacy in Iran. Iran, a country with clear regulations regarding surrogacy, enables the MOM hospital to fulfill the dream of many patients regarding having their own child. The MOM fertility clinic can provide its international patients with the best potential candidates as surrogates. MOM hospital ensures that the medical, pregnancy and psychological histories of the surrogates are checked thoroughly. The fertility and infertility center also ensures establishing a clear legal contract between parents and the surrogate to establish the possible financial compensation and the decisions that would be made in case of complications.

In order for MOM hospital to provide the services mentioned above with exceptional quality, it is worth considering the following necessary points:




One of the most critical factors in creating customer satisfaction and also quality in the work process is universality in providing services. This means that all the family’s medical needs are met during the period of infertility treatment, including pregnancy, for trying to stay healthy during pregnancy to have a healthy baby. Such centers, including MOM super-specialized infertility and reproductive health center, are called “one-stop fertility centers that are amongst the most successful pregnancy and infertility treatment centers in the world.” 


Success Rate

The most important criterion for measuring the performance of infertility treatment centers worldwide is their success rate. We mean the ratio of successful IVF led to childbirth to the whole IVF done in the center by success rate. MOM infertility center in Iran has the highest success rate (65%) amongst reproductive centers worldwide. An extensive study with great sensitivity has been conducted to determine the success factors of this center. The most important of which are briefly stated below:

  • MOM hospital has Equipped embryology rooms with class B cleanrooms and IVF operation rooms with class C cleanrooms.
  • MOM uses HEPA and Carbon Active filters in embryology and andrology laboratory air conditioners to remove airborne particles, especially volatile organic compounds or VOC, that are harmful to the health and quality of the embryo.
  • Using the latest equipment in gynecology, andrology, operating rooms, and radiology directly affects IVF stages’ success.
  • Mom center uses the latest Building Management System software and equipment to control the gases of incubators and track the air pressure, humidity, and temperature of embryology, andrology, and operating rooms.
  • MOM has established quality control and quality assurance systems to minimize medical errors, correct problems, and standardize instructions.
  • MOM fertility and infertility hospital Provide the most up-to-date medical genetic services to determine the most appropriate treatment plan and select the best embryo to increase the probability of pregnancy and embryo quality.
  • MOM fertility and infertility hospital Provides psychological services to its patients based on their psychological background; mental health is one of the most critical factors in increasing pregnancy success rate. This element was considered in every component from building design to behavioral training of the personnel).


The doctors and medical staff

The treatment team of MOM Infertility Center is proud that it consists of leading experts in the field of infertility treatment and pregnancy health in Iran with a brilliant moral and scientific background.

This team constantly cooperates in providing better services for each and every patient. Physicians, medical staff, embryologists, and nurses have daily meetings to determine each patient’s most appropriate treatment plan. Some of MOM’s exceptional doctors are:

  • Dr. Minoo Taheri: She is the founder and CEO of MOM fertility and infertility center with nearly thirty years of experience in infertility treatment
  • Dr. Reza Nasr: He is head of the obstetrics and gynecology department and the only member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of England in Iran. He is graduated from graduated Tehran University (Iran) and received his postgraduate training (SHO) in Scotland and Oxford (John Radcliff Hospital).
  • Dr. Hamidreza Taheri: He is a member of the obstetrician & gynecologist department and specialized gynecology board from America, and infertility and laparoscopic surgery fellowship.
  • Dr. Nayereh Tamizi: She is a member of the obstetrics and gynecology department in the MOM center and operates as a surgeon, gynecologist, obstetrician, and infertility specialist. She holds an IVF surgery fellowship.
  • Dr. Seyedeh Masoumeh Ghazi Mirsaeed: she is a gynecology and obstetrics specialist, infertility fellowship, graduated from the University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran, and is a member of Reproductive Health Research Center, Tehran.


Types of equipment

MOM Infertility Center has the most advanced medical equipment among the infertility treatment and pregnancy health centers in the Middle East.

A few of the most crucial pieces of equipment are as follows:

  • GE Healthcare Mammography Systems
  • GE Healthcare ultrasound, E10, S10, and P6 models
  • Wolf Laparoscopy machine, made in Germany
  • Linet Colposcopy systems, made in the Czech Republic
  • Drager anesthesia machines, made in Germany
  • Valley Lab Electrocautery, made in the USA
  • ARdo Syringe pump, made in Switzerland
  • Linet hospital beds, made in the Czech Republic
  • Linet IUI beds, made in the Czech Republic
  • Atlas Spco oxygen concentrator
  • Philips’s defibrillators, made in Germany
  • ARdo Surgical suction, made in Switzerland


The building

Located in an area of 6500 square meters, MOM 9 story infertility hospital owns 16 subspecialized clinics, five equipped operating rooms, 30 beds, 1500 meters of the most advanced medical genetics laboratory, and independent pathobiology and imaging.

The central vision in designing the building of the MOM Centre for Reproductive Health and Infertility was to prevent encountering the common anxiety and disquietude prevalent in medical centers. The fear of not being able to have children forever, the stress and nervous tension caused by the tedious stages of infertility treatment, and the costs of infertility treatment are some of the issues that bring a lot of pressure to couples. This stress is one of the main obstacles in infertility treatment. To this end, creating a visually stress-free environment is one of the influential factors during infertility treatment. Mom Center in Iran has been designed and built, taking into account this condition. MOM hospital’s building is included in the list of the top 3 buildings of the year in 2019 in the Journal of Architectural Art among 1000 participating buildings.

In modern medical buildings, the issue of building intelligence is crucial as it prevents potential dangers and human error. MOM Infertility Center building is a completely intelligent building that many of its installation parameters and equipment are controlled under the BMS system. This is the reason why the building automation magazine mentioned MOM as one of the most innovative buildings in Iran and as the most advanced infertility treatment center in the Middle East.


Research and Development

Establishing a medical center at the international level is challenging, but maintaining this global level is even more difficult. For this purpose, at the same time and parallel to medical services, a department of research and innovation in the field of gynecological medical knowledge and the latest methods of diagnosis and treatment of infertility has been established to adapt and update with the latest methods of fertility and infertility treatment. MOM center in Iran has provided the possibility of research by scientists and experts in the field of cell therapy, recombinant drugs, and bio-resonance. Evidence of this claim is the localization of the human papillomavirus (HPV – one of the most common causes of cervical cancer) vaccine, which is among the most advanced (high-tech) pharmaceutical products today. Th­e knowledge of producing this vaccine has been obtained in the MOM center, following the great companies Merck and GSK. The production of this vaccine has been implemented in the framework of the country’s national plan and is currently in the stage of undergoing human tests and is expected to be released to the market next year.



CarefulTrip and MOM Center

CarefulTrip is a health tourism company that works directly with the MOM infertility center. Professional patient coordinators in CarefulTrip are available for online and free assistance and consultations 24/7 to ensure every patient is provided with absolute medical care. The coordinators are fluent in languages such as English and Arabic and can assist the patients in their desired language. This institution also provides medical visas, airport pickups, domestic transportation, accommodations at affordable prices, city sight tours, and follow-ups after the procedures. This health tourism company in Iran has been hosting a great number of patients from all around the world.

The administrative team at CarefulTrip makes sure that each and every patient could benefit from a caring medical team that assures them along this process. Health tourism in Iran is at its peak due to the advancement in medical centers and equipment, and CarefulTrip, as the international department of MOM fertility and infertility center, one of the top IVF fertility clinics in the world, can provide international patients with infertility treatments such as IVF in Iran, Surrogacy in Iran, and a rich egg bank, sperm bank, and embryo bank. This company also can help patients with the latest fertility preservation methods to ensure them of their ability to become parents even when factors such as age or undergoing damaging procedures like chemotherapy threatens this potentiality.

MOM fertility and infertility center, alongside with CarefulTrip, makes sure to provide international patients with the latest advancements and the most advanced gears in the field of infertility treatment.

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