Top 5 IVF Doctors in Iran

Best IVF Doctors in Iran

In the evolving landscape of assisted reproductive medicine (ART), Iran has become one of the industry’s leaders, with its significant expertise in the field, affordable prices, and excellent care. Iran’s medical prowess in IVF is primarily thanks to the presence of exceptional doctors who, with their dedication and skill, have transformed countless lives, easing their patients’ paths to parenthood.

Without further ado, let us find out who are the best IVF doctors in Iran and what makes them so:


Dr. Reza Nasr 

Dr. Reza Nasr is one of the best IVF doctors in Iran, if not the best. A leading voice in the field, Dr. Nasr supervises the brilliant doctors of the MOM Fertility Center, one of the best fertility clinics in Iran. He graduated from Tehran University in 2003 and immediately moved to the UK, where Dr. Nasr received his postgraduate training (SHO) in Scotland and Oxford (John Radcliff Hospital). While in the UK, he was granted a national training number at London University, where he had his Registrar training in Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Advanced Training in Subfertility (ATSM). Following completing training in 2011, Nasr started as a consultant of Obstetrics & Gynaecology at Barnet Hospital, London. For years now, he has been consulting the efforts of the MOM Fertility Center while also practicing privately. Dr. Nasr is known for his patient-centric approach to fertility treatments and is certainly one of the best IVF surgeons in Iran.


Dr. Nayereh Tamizi

A Gynecologist, obstetrician, and Infertility Specialist, Dr. Tamizi is one of Iran’s top five IVF doctors. A passionate innovator, she combines deep medical knowledge with a keen intuition. Her personalized approach ensures each patient feels heard and understood. With a rich background from Tehran University and international training, she brings a global perspective to her practice.



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Dr. Farnaz Montazeri

Dr. Montazeri stands out for her meticulous nature and attention to detail. Her robust academic foundation from Mashhad University pairs seamlessly with her compassionate demeanor. Dr. Montazeri’s dedication to research and continuous learning has positioned her as a trusted name in embryo implantation.


Dr. Masoumeh Ghazi Mirsaeid

One of the other top five IVF doctors in Iran is Dr. Mir Saeid. An empathetic listener, Dr. Mirsaeid blends her profound knowledge with genuine care. Graduating at the top of her class from Shiraz University, she is interested in ovarian health, which significantly impacts IVF outcomes. Her patient-first philosophy makes her a favorite among those she serves.



Dr. Mansoureh Alirezaei

Known for her analytical mind, Dr. Alirezaei has a knack for tailoring treatments to individual needs. With advanced training from Europe, she offers a blend of time-tested techniques and innovative procedures, making her one of the best IVF surgeons in Iran. Her calm assurance provides a pillar of strength for anxious couples.


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Dr. Ameneh Lahouti

At the end of these best IVF surgeons in Iran, Dr. Lahouti’s name shines bright. A prodigy from Isfahan University, Dr. Lahouti is recognized for her in-depth research on endometrial receptivity. Her methodical approach and innate ability to instill hope have garnered her immense respect in the IVF community.


Criteria for Selecting the Best IVF Doctors 

Now that we have introduced the top five IVF doctors in Iran let’s review their selection criteria. Selecting the top five IVF doctors in Iran involves evaluating their educational background, assessing their years of experience and success rates, and noting their approach toward patients. It’s also vital to consider their research contributions, peer recognition, and patient feedback. The infrastructure of their clinic and the efficiency of their supporting team also play a pivotal role.


Educational Background and Training

  • University Credentials: The institutions where the doctor has studied can indicate the depth and breadth of their medical knowledge.
  • Specialized Training: Beyond the primary medical degree, additional courses or training sessions are focused on IVF techniques and challenges.

Experience and Success Rates

  • Years in Practice: A doctor’s duration in the IVF field often adds to their expertise.
  • Track Record: The doctor’s success rate includes positive IVF outcomes, live births, and patient satisfaction.


Patient-Centric Approach

A patient-centric approach in IVF emphasizes clear communication and an empathetic understanding of a patient’s journey. The doctor’s ability to make complex procedures relatable and provide emotional support distinguishes them in their practice.


  • Communication Skills: The ability of the doctor to explain complex procedures understandably.
  • Empathy: A doctor’s capacity to understand and feel the emotional journey of their patients.


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Research and Innovations

Staying updated with IVF advancements, doctors who engage in research and adopt innovative techniques demonstrate their commitment to the field. Publications in reputable medical journals further highlight their contribution and expertise.


  • Publications: Papers or articles published in renowned medical journals contributing to the field.
  • Adoption of the Latest Techniques: Staying updated with the newest advancements in the field and incorporating them into their practice.


Peer Recognition

Peer recognition, manifesting in affiliations with medical bodies and accolades, underscores a doctor’s credibility. Recognized by their contemporaries, these doctors are often regarded as thought leaders in the IVF domain.


  • Affiliations: Association with recognized medical bodies or IVF associations.
  • Awards and Recognitions: Honors received in the medical community for their work and contributions.


Patient Feedback and Reviews

Direct testimonials and online ratings provide invaluable insights into a doctor’s reputation and efficacy. Positive feedback from previous patients is a testament to the doctor’s expertise and patient care.


  • Testimonials: Direct feedback from past patients about their experience with the doctor.
  • Ratings: Online and offline ratings provide an overall picture of the doctor’s reputation in the community.


Clinic Infrastructure and Team

A well-equipped clinic with the latest IVF tools ensures efficient procedures. Additionally, a supportive and competent medical team enhances the overall patient experience, emphasizing the importance of teamwork in IVF success.


  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: Availability of the latest medical tools and equipment for IVF procedures.
  • Supportive Staff: The efficiency and empathy of the medical team assisting the doctor.


MOM Infertility Treatment Center: Where you could find the best IVF doctors in Iran 

When all is said and done, patients want to connect with the best IVF doctors rather than read about them. This is why they should visit the MOM Infertility Treatment Center since most doctors practice there. Recognized as the best IVF center in Iran, MOM Clinic is a hallmark of excellence in assisted reproductive medicine (ART). As the best IVF center in Iran, it exemplifies the highest standards in fertility treatments and patient care.

Final Words 

Iran is becoming one of the most sought-after destinations for fertility treatments due to its advantageous prices. However, the proficiency of Iran’s medical experts in assisted reproductive medicine is now becoming a hallmark of Iranian clinics’ services. Among them, the MOM Infertility Treatment Center, which works with the best IVF doctors in Iran, stands out with its competitive prices and excellent patient care.

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