Compare IVF Success Rates in Iran

To judge and choose a fertility clinic abroad, you need to check out the success rate of chosen clinic. Successful rate is not always the result of a clinic’s action but of examining different factors. IVF in Iran is one of the most successful services for many customers. IVF’s success rate in Iran is high because Iranian clinics concentrate on their doctors’ professionalism, their staff’s experience, and their used technologies. 

If you want to make your final decision based on the IVF success rate, you must consider your situation, condition, and medical history. These matters will influence the result of your treatment rather than the Iranian clinic’s actions.

Keep reading to get more information about different factors and practical reasons for the IVF success rate in Iran. Infertility may be your problem, and you will need this vital information to make your final and crucial decision.  


What Is IVF?

IVF is an abbreviation of In-vitro fertilization and a complex process that works based on reproductive techniques. Since in vitro means in the lab, the fertilization process happens in a professional and unique lab. 

It means experts take the eggs from the female body and sperm from the male one, then combine them in a lab and make an embryo. The embryo is ready to return to the female’s uterus at the selected time. 

IVF is one of the practical solutions for helping an infertile woman become a mother. IVF can be the final solution because there are other infertility treatments. Different drugs, artificial insemination, and surgery are other solutions for infertility.


How Does IVF Work?

Through the IVF process, doctors will combine semen and egg outside of the body and then monitor every action. They try to promote females’ ovaries and make the sperm fertile. Embryo formation may take 2-6 days. 

The final form of the embryo can get back into any uterus, which has a high chance of pregnancy. The primary 5 steps of this action are: 

  • Females take fertility drugs to produce more eggs so that embryo formation will be inevitable. After taking drugs, the female must go for a regular hormone test to check the number of produced eggs. 
  • In this step, the doctor sucks out the egg with an instrument. 
  • In the following, the egg inseminates with the sperm of the donor. Every step is taken in a laboratory till the embryo is ready. 
  • After getting sure about the complete form of the embryo, the doctor tries to check the embryo’s health condition. 
  • At last, they will transfer a complete and healthy embryo into the female’s uterus. It is even possible to transfer more than one embryo. It will increase the chance of pregnancy. 

The average IVF success rate is 40% globally, but Iran’s IVF success rate can increase in younger women (less than 35 years). The procedure of IVF may perform thoroughly, but embryo formation or transferring may not come correctly.


What Are Crucial Matters in Determining IVF Success Rate in Iran?

Those infertile couples who make the dream of having a baby think about IVF more than anything else. Don’t forget that the IVF success rate in every couple differs from the other. It also is different in every clinic and every country. 

Based on the gathered information IVF in Iran has too many applicants, and the success rate is high. But what are the influential factors to increase or decrease the IVF success rate in Iran? Keep on reading for more information.


Women’s Age 

As women get older, the chance of pregnancy will decrease naturally and with IVF procedures. So, we can say younger women have more opportunities to become pregnant by IVF compared to older women above 40 years old. 

In addition, the body condition, health matters, and medical history of women are practical matters to increase or decrease the chance of pregnancy. You need help from the best IVF center in Iran and have a big chance of getting pregnant.


Cause of Infertility

As you know, there are many types of infertility with different causes. Therefore, these causes will be effective in the IVF success rate. The common causes and types of infertility are: 

  • Uterus blocking 
  • Blockage in the fallopian tube 
  • Dysfunction 
  • Low rate of sperm 
  • Abdominal abnormality 
  • Health problems like uterine fibroids or PCOS 
  • Fibroid knots 
  • Difficult ovulation 
  • Low-quality of egg 
  • Destructive antibodies have negative effects on sperm and egg 
  • The genetic health condition in men and woman 
  • Sperm’s disability in penetrating the egg 
  • Sperm’s disability in reaching the uterus 

Now you are aware of the different types and causes of infertility. These items can affect the success rate and pregnancy chances via the IVF process. The clinic’s condition, actions, and techniques are also effective but less than the above.


Failed IVF or Miscarriage 

It is crucial if you have experienced IVF before. Your previous IVF treatment result may increase or decrease the new IVF success rate and pregnancy chance. Abortion and other failed pregnancies will change the IVF success rate. We have to say that medicine is also another important matter which affects pregnancy chance.


Lifestyle and Environment

Pregnancy with IVF can change due to applicants’ lifestyles. For example, drinking alcohol or smoking are 2 different matters which can change the IVF success rate. Moreover, weight and obesity are other practical matters for IVF success rate.


The Expertise of IVF Clinic

Another vital factor in the IVF success rate is your chosen clinic to perform the IVF procedure. You can consider this factor as one of the most critical factors. We recommend you select a well-known and popular breeding clinic for better results. 

The chosen clinic must be aware of the different causes of infertility and know the whole process of IVF treatment. However, if your health condition and other matters are adequate, IVF treatment must be well experienced.


Chosen IVF Treatment 

There are 4 types of available IVF in Iran with different success rates. Besides the above matters and the medical process, IVF treatment must be chosen by the infertile couple. 

Iran’s IVF success rate is 65%, showing the complete cycle of IVF treatment in Iran. Eggs and sperms are the most important factors during IVF treatment; therefore, they have an influential role in Iran’s IVF treatment success rate. For the exact information, you can check out the following: 

  • Own eggs and partner’s sperm: 64% 
  • Donor eggs and partner’s sperm: 93% 
  • Own eggs and donor sperm: 64% 
  • Donor eggs and donor sperm: 93% 


How Is IVF Success Rate in Iran Calculated?

IVF success rate in Iran is an important key to showing the quality of Iranian IVF clinics. It also will show you the practical standard of a successful IVF clinic. What do you know about IVF in Iran? The success rate of IVF treatment will tell you how well the outcome of IVF treatment is in Iran or the percentage of successful clinical pregnancies. 

You can choose the most suitable fertility clinic by checking out the calculation way of the IVF success rate. The best fertility clinic must meet all your needs. The most crucial matter is the biological age of women, so we will give you some information on Iran’s IVF success rate according to women’s ages. 

  • Women under 35: 32% 
  • Women from 35 to 37 years old: 25% 
  • Women from 38 to 39 years old: 19% 
  • Women from 40 to 42 years old: 11% 
  • Women from 43 to 44 years: 5% 
  • Women over 44: 4% 

IVF success rate is higher among women using donor eggs and donor sperm. Avoiding smoking, alcohol, and caffeine and having an average weight also improve the chance of pregnancy by IVF in Iran

No definitive data is available to show the exact number of patients who have traveled to Iran for fertility treatment. However, foreign patients’ feedback shows many customers still travel to Iran due to infertility. 


Idea Candidates for Using Iran IVF Action

Based on medical guidelines, women under 43 are the most suitable candidates for IVF. If women have tried to get pregnant via unprotected sex during 2 years, they may be infertile and must see a doctor. So, they can be ideal candidates too. 

Furthermore, the care board of the clinic will check out any crucial criteria and then decide if the candidate is ideal or not. Private clinics are stricter, and their costs vary. Based on the IVF success rate in Iran, the perfect candidates for using IVF in Iran are: 

  • Women under 35 years old 
  • Women use donor eggs 
  • Couples with a healthy lifestyle 
  • Women who suffer from PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) 
  • Women with the blockage of fallopian tubes 

Some of the above idea candidates are not ready for IVF because they may have high blood pleasure, hormonal imbalance, fibroid tumors, etc. Every candidate must pass all examination processes of infertility liberatory to be sure about their health condition and IVF success rate.


Crucial Indication after IVF in Iran

Another important matter which affects the IVF success rate in Iran is the aftercare of IVF. Patients must be careful and perform the indications after IVF because these indications help increase the IVF success rate. Aftercare must be performed after transferring the embryo.

Some Iranian clinics provide IVF treatment and aftercare packages at economical prices so foreign patients and couples will experience comfortable medical trips in Iran. They will help patients with the procedure of IVF in Iran. 

As an infertile patient, you should be careful in choosing a medical center. Additionally, you must pay attention to aftercare indications and stay in a medical clinic for days. IVF aftercare includes below items: 

  • Staying in bed for the next 24 hours just after transferring the embryo
  • Avoiding swim for 48 hours just after the operation 
  • Avoiding heavy-lifting objects
  • Avoiding heavy physical activities
  • Avoiding heavy exercises until the stability of pregnancy 
  • Use the suggested diet 
  • Take every told and forced medications   


IVF in Iran with CarefulTrip

Are you ready to make a trip and solve your infertility problem? You can trust the CarefulTrip medical tourism facilitator in Iran, which offers you different ways of IVF treatments. Their professional team will do their best to provide additional services for your medical journey. 

Don’t hesitate and use their most updated facilities with the help of well-experienced doctors or surgeons. IVF success rate in Iran is the highest rate globally because infertile patients can use the healthiest donor eggs or donor sperm. 

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