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In recent decades, contact lenses have gained a lot of popularity to correct refractive errors. Using contact lenses has become so popular due to the fact that glasses can be put aside, and people still have good vision with them.

Furthermore, it should be noted that contact lenses can be a good companion for the eyes if they are used correctly and carefully and provide suitable conditions for hyperopia and myopia in people without glasses. If not cared for carefully, these lenses can cause serious problems, even leading to some people losing their sight.


AnchorTypes of Lenses

In general, contact lenses are divided into two groups:

  • Soft lens
  • Hard Lens


Soft Contact Lenses

Made of flexible polymers, they are designed to fit easily inside the eye and on the cornea so that oxygen can pass through their molecules; For this reason, when using soft lenses, the cornea does not lack oxygen. Soft lenses also contain 25 to 79 percent water. The combination of these has made the people wearing this type of lens feel completely comfortable and get used to it very quickly.


AnchorHard Contact Lenses

Hard lenses are also made of polymer; with oxygen permeability. The most important feature of hard lenses is the proper coverage of corneal astigmatism. These lenses give people with irregular corneas (such as people with keratoconus) good quality vision, far better than glasses.


AnchorNew Contact Lenses

Pioneer scientists have brought a new generation of lenses of different types to the market. Among them are monthly, multifocal, toric, and UV lenses.

It is important to note that only your ophthalmologist can determine whether you can use a lens and what type of lens is right for you. You should also make sure to obtain the lens from an established center managed by specialists.


AnchorAdvantages of Contact Lenses

If your vision has to be corrected, your doctor will write you an eyeglass prescription, and you may only choose to wear glasses. Many people prefer this choice since it is more comfortable, and they may even decide to buy many pairs of eyeglasses to complement different clothing or hobbies. On the other hand, wearing contact lenses has a number of advantages.


AnchorContact Lenses Can Make Your Viewing Easier

Contact lenses may cure refractive defects such as astigmatism, Hyperopia, and myopia. Even contact lenses are specifically developed to address certain conditions.


AnchorContact lenses are comfortable

Modern contact lenses are made of a variety of materials and are meant to keep your eyes healthy as well as comfortable. There are hybrid contact lenses, which include a sturdy center for sharp vision and a soft lens border for reduced visual irritation, in addition to rigid and soft contact lenses.


AnchorBetter Peripheral and Central Vision

Contact lenses give a broader angle of vision with less curvature and blockage than glasses because they fit the shape of your eye. Image deformation and glare reflections are also reduced using contact lenses.


AnchorConvenient Daily Activities

You won’t have to worry about your glasses falling off, breaking, or being forgotten while you go about your day. You won’t misplace your contacts and have to search for them as you would with glasses, and they won’t get in the way once you’re jogging. Furthermore, water sprays, steam, and fog will not obstruct vision, so you’ll be able to see well even if it’s hot and muggy or rainy.


AnchorAesthetic Benefits

If you don’t like how you appear in eyeglasses, you can try various frames or wear contact lenses to get rid of them completely. They’ll never mismatch with your clothes, and you can get them in a variety of colors. This makes it possible to find eye color the same way you would choose outfits and determine which hue looks best on you.

It’s necessary to see your eye doctor on a routine basis if you wear contact lenses or glasses. Your doctor may check to see whether your prescription is still valid, teach you how to care for your contacts, and assist you with any problems you may be experiencing. CarefulTrip can help you find an ophthalmologist or an optometrist in Iran to follow your eye treatment in a cheap but popular destination for eye care. We are glad to give our clients specialized eye care utilizing cutting-edge technology and free consultation for the best treatment options.


AnchorDisadvantages of Contact Lenses

Getting your first pair of contact lenses would be a huge step forward from wearing glasses. Simply by putting them in, you will be able to see the world more vividly, and you will also look nice! They are easy to put on and allow you to do a variety of jobs that would be difficult to do with glasses, such as traveling, exercising, and so on.

However, if you do not utilize contact lenses carefully, you may have various adverse effects that may eventually compromise your sight.


AnchorDry Eyes

Because contact lenses take most of our tears to maintain themselves softly, they limit the amount of tears that reach the cornea. The dry eye condition is caused by a lack of tears, which leads to itching, burning, and redness in the eyes. If the eyes get overly dry, inflammation of the cornea can occur, which can be quite uncomfortable.

If you have chronic dry eyes, you can just use eye drops to lubricate them and provide them some comfort.


AnchorRed Eye or Conjunctivitis

If you wear contact lenses for lengthy periods of time, particularly at night, you face the risk of conjunctivitis and stye. They create a damp atmosphere that can serve as a breeding site for microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. Furthermore, because less oxygen enters the cornea when you wear lenses, your body is less able to fight infections caused by germs or viruses as efficiently as it ought to be.

The most frequent kind of conjunctivitis that contact lens wearers acquire is giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC), which is caused by persistent inflammation from the contact lenses.


AnchorCount on CarefulTrip

Eyecare is a must for everybody. It is far beyond just wearing glasses and contact lenses; sometimes, you have to follow particular eye treatments in order to have your sight back. Here at CarefulTrip, the best ophthalmologists and surgeons can help you.

CarefulTrip has the most well-known doctors and eye surgeons in Iran. Also, we have the most popular hospital for eye treatment in Iran. As Iran is a very cheap country to visit, many people decide to have their surgeries in Iran. If you have any eye issues, contact us to get the most up-to-date information about your options. We can arrange a full treatment trip to Iran to help you seek your health and well-being.

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