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7 Top Eye Hospitals in Iran


For years, Iran has been the Middle East’s eye care powerhouse, using the most advanced technology and equipment for eye surgeries and employing the greatest professionals in the area. Many individuals from nearby countries travel to Tehran and Shiraz to seek the services of Iranian eye healthcare facilities. Iran’s wide network of certified eye care specialists and well-educated and trained surgeons provides the finest eye care treatments at inexpensive pricing.

The high success rate of eye surgeries at Iranian eye care hospitals has earned it a reputable image, and individuals from all over the Middle East and other parts of the globe go to Iran for a premium and dependable eye treatment.

In this article, we will name 7 top eye hospitals in Iran with the highest level of quality and expertise. These seven hospitals are widely known as the best places to seek eye surgeries in Iran.


Anchor1- Noor Hospital

With over two decades of operation and control, Noor Subspecialty Ophthalmology Complex (Noor Eye Hospital and its clinic) is Iran’s premier independent global ophthalmology hospital, providing the most varied and onward preventive and treatment ophthalmology solutions.

This ophthalmology center has always been applauded by the Iranian and worldwide ophthalmology societies. Noor Hospital’s modern devices and operating rooms and highly skilled ophthalmologists who offer services in modern ophthalmic diagnostic and therapeutic methods have played a vital role in this popularity. In the end, offering all types of ophthalmic treatment options and the most complex eye surgeries are great reasons why you should consider this hospital a great one among the 7 top eye hospitals in Iran. Thousands of international patients now come to Iran every day to seek their eye care treatment in Noor Hospital.

Noor Hospital was first a popular and reliable center for Iranians. Today, hundreds of tourists from all around the world choose Noor Hospital for their eye treatments. This is now a new phase for this hospital to share its valuable services with international patients. Hopefully, the overall rating of this hospital is almost perfect. Patient satisfaction and reliability are important factors of Noor Hospital, making it the best hospital in the list of 7 top eye hospitals in Iran.



Anchor2- Basir Hospital

Basir Eye Hospital was founded in 1993 by Dr. Ahmad Shojaei Baghini. Basir Hospital has been devoted to providing all kinds of eye medical services to its patients for more than two decades, using the most advanced technologies and techniques. Basir eye hospital first used the excimer laser in 1994; ever since it has assisted hundreds of thousands of patients regain their natural vision. As a result of this strong history of successful eye treatments, the hospital is now one of the very few hospitals in the world for eye surgery and eye care.

The hospital’s popularity grew far beyond bounds due to its high-grade quality and better performance of medical treatments, as well as its low pricing.


Anchor3- Bina Hospital

‏Establishing and launching a hospital of the superior products, World Standards, consisting of Iran’s most qualified doctors, was a commencing approach to accomplish great things and achieve success in 2008. ‎The hospital was approved by the Ministry of Health in the first moments of its establishment, and it offered diagnostic and eye surgical services in the eastern part of the capital city, Tehran.‎ A decade of operation and more than 85,000 impactful surgeries alongside service quality, regarding that some of these surgeries were conducted for the first time in the nation, has established solid columns of patient confidence in this hospital. This authenticity allows it to expand its popularity in the region and go beyond the borders of Iran, and its evidence is simply amazing: accepting tourists from surrounding countries as well as Iranians who live in other countries. ‎

Diagnostic solutions and consultation in the fields of cardiac, wellness, and clinical digital imaging, blood, and hormonal diagnostic procedures are given particular attention at this facility. ‎To meet their objectives, they established the hospital’s second phase in 2016, which doubled the hospital’s available location. Hospital’s objective is and will continue to be more lucrative, high-quality therapy, and customer comfort. ‎They wanted to identify the challenges in this region more clearly than ever before, to be more intelligent, and to move with a clear understanding in order to attain their objectives. That is why they named the hospital BINA (which means vision). ‎


Anchor4- Omid Hospital

In the autumn of 2016, Omid Specialized Hospital in Tehran’s west opened to the public. The hospital makes use of modern medical technology and equipment that adhere to the most up-to-date world healthcare regulations. International Patients Department (IPD) at Omid Hospital is a specific branch dedicated to easing the admission procedure and providing particular services to international patients. The department has contemporary technology and highly qualified medical physicians and employees, and it serves as a link between foreign visitors and other hospital sections.


Anchor5- Razi Hospital

Razi ophthalmology center began operations in 1994 with the goal of providing people with elevated, trustworthy care. With the participation of skilled Iranian ophthalmologic experts, this facility has been able to provide advantageous care to both Iranian and international citizens and has consistently maintained its dominance in the nation and area in all scientific, technical, and technology domains. Razi ophthalmology center is grateful to have taken efficient initiatives to strengthen the delivery of ophthalmology services as well as patient satisfaction and optimism. By promoting a better perspective and improving the quality of life of patients, it is obvious that the ophthalmic society is attempting to raise expectations. It is expected that they would constantly have good and beneficial progress on this route.


Anchor6- Farabi Hospital

The hospital has been in operation for more than 80 years. The first department of ophthalmology, the first specialized eye hospital, and the first and most significant organization in ophthalmology administration in Iran were established by Prof Mohammad-Gholi Shams, an influential character in the 1930s of Iran and the area. Farabi has built three versions of structures: Professor Mohammad Qoli Shams, who completely eliminated trachoma as the leading cause of vision loss in southern Iran, conducted the first corneal graft operation in 1934, built the Iranian Society of Ophthalmology in 1947, and formed the first eye magazine in Iran in 1968, and most importantly, founded Farabi Eye Hospital in 1930.

The hospital, which was previously the country’s sole ophthalmology hospital and a significant ophthalmic-academic institution, is now one of the Middle East’s largest and best-equipped facilities for treating eye illnesses. The facility has phacoemulsification, YAG, and Excimer lasers, as well as a Femtosecond laser for conducting surgical procedures.



Anchor7- Apadana Hospital

Apadana Hospital began operations in 1967 and has been one of the leading centers for multispecialty, surgical, and healthcare for the last 50 years. Internal-surgical departments for males and females, ICU and CCU departments, medical clinics, and infant departments are all available to offer their best at Apadana Hospital.

Over these years of hard work, Apadana Hospital has never stopped developing in service providing. The mission is clear; Apadana Hospital is dedicated to bringing the most up-to-date pieces of equipment into work for better services and quality to eye treatment in Iran.

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