How to choose a good eye surgeon in Iran?


Eye surgery in Iran is a common surgery that patients receive in order to treat or relieve eye disorders. Since the eye is a fragile organ, this surgery requires a professional surgeon and a well-prepared medical team.

The preparation and aftercare are also very important. One of the most essential factors when it comes to eye surgery is choosing the right surgeon and medical destination. If you want to learn all about selecting a good surgeon and planning your trip to Iran, keep reading this article.



Types of eye surgery

Eye surgery is a field of surgeries used to cure eye conditions. These conditions vary widely. Some common eye conditions that patients deal with are as following:



  • Cataract surgery

In this surgery, the surgeon removes your lens and replaces it with an artificial lens in order to help you see more clearly.



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  • Lasik

Lasik or laser eye surgery is one of the most common types of surgery in which the surgeon uses laser in order to correct the patient’s vision.


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  • Corneal transplant

Sometimes, the damaged cornea is the main reason for surgery. In this case, the doctor keeps the eyes open throughout the surgery to remove the damaged part and replace it with a tissue.


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  • Eye muscle surgery

When both eyes do not move in one direction, the patient usually suffers from strabismus. The surgeon weakens/strengthens the muscles around the eyes in order to help them move in the same direction.


Risks of eye surgery

Just like any other surgery, eye surgery might carry some risks in specific cases. That is why choosing a good surgeon is important. By picking a surgeon thoughtfully, you can prevent these risks. Some of these risks are as following:

  • Dryness
  • Double vision
  • Regression
  • Under corrections
  • Vision loss or change in vision


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Why is selecting a good eye surgeon important?

Eye surgery is a very fragile and sometimes risky procedure. For any patient, selecting a good surgeon should be the most critical step. An unprofessional team of doctors, unprepared medical centers and inexperienced staff may result in irreversible damage. Therefore, you should pay close attention to who you pick as your surgeon and health provider. That is how we can help.


Tips on choosing a good eye surgeon

As we know by now, picking your surgeon is one of the most important parts of your medical journey. You can use these tips in order to learn more about your surgeon and make sure they are the right pick for you.


  • Research their experience

No matter how good a surgeon might look or how professional they may sound, they are only right for you if they are well experienced in similar cases to yours. Make sure you study your surgeon’s background, and see if they are professional in your particular case.


  • Ask their patients

If it is possible for you, one of the best ways to make sure about a surgeon is by talking to their older patients. If you can get a hold of any older patients, ask them about their experience.


Why should you do eye surgery in Iran?

So many patients choose Iran as their medical destination each year. Performing eye surgery in Iran is a very common act. Due to many reasons, this country is one of the best picks for almost any medical trip. Here is why you should perform this surgery in Iran:


  • Experienced doctors

Considering the large number of people who perform surgeries in Iran each year, so many doctors and surgeons work in this country actively. This has led the surgeons to gain much experience and professionalism.


  • Advanced hospitals

Iran includes advanced hospitals and well-equipped medical centers. These medical centers are full of professional staff and experienced doctors. All of these factors lead to ease and comfort for the patient.


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  • Fair prices

Due to economic reasons, medical services are so much cheaper in Iran. Despite having professional doctors and well-equipped medical centers, these services cost much less than most other countries. Therefore, you can perform a successful surgery and pay much less in Iran.


  • Memorable trip

Besides these convincing motivations, Iran is also a beautiful country to visit, with lots of tourist attractions and friendly residents. That is killing two birds with one stone. You can enjoy a peaceful trip while receiving the most high quality services in Iran.


How can we help

Picking a professional eye surgeon is usually a tough task for patients. Since eye surgery is a very fragile procedure, it is so important to pick an experienced surgeon. That is what we are here for; CarefulTrip is a medical tourism company that aims to provide you with high quality services. In this company, we work with the most famous eye surgeons of Noor Hospital in Iran. Therefore, we will connect you to the most suitable team and surgeon, helping you with your medical journey. You can always rely on CarefulTrip.



Bottom line

Eye surgery is a field of surgery in which the patients treat or relieve their eye disorders through surgery. There are so many types for eye surgery for different eye conditions. Eye surgery in Iran is so popular. Iran is a great medical destination for patient from all around the world. Fair prices and economic factors, advanced medical centers and aftercare, experienced doctors and special tourism are just a few of these reasons. Since eye surgery is a fragile procedure, choosing the right surgeon is not an easy task for patients, but it is one of the most important ones. That is why we are here; CarefulTrip is a team of professional members, connecting you to the best eye surgeons in Iran. We plan your trip and make sure you receive the best medical services. Therefore, you can count on us for your medical journey. Contact us today to get your journey started.


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