Eye Lasik surgery procedure in Iran

Eye Lasik surgery procedure in Iran



LASIK eye surgery is one of the most critical and sensitive surgeries people use throughout their lives. LASIK eye surgery is a therapeutic surgery that helps people to have better vision and see more easily without glasses. LASIK surgery in Iran is an article that provides you with all the information related to LASIK eye surgery in Iran.

Using glasses to compensate for vision problems may sometimes make people feel that their face is less attractive. Also, wearing glasses for many years changes facial features. It leaves spots on the side of the nose and may increase the darkness around the eyes.

LASIK eye surgery has become very popular in Iran due to its safe, affordable, and simple treatment. You can do the medicine in a few minutes and enjoy your vacation if you are in Iran.

The LASIK procedure takes about half an hour. You will lie on a chair, and the doctor will put a numbing drop in your eye. The eyelids are held open by an instrument called a speculum.


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Stages of eye LASIK surgery

A mechanical microkeratome (a bladed device) or a laser microkeratome is used to cut a flap in the cornea. If using the first one, the surgeon will place a ring over your eye and apply a lot of pressure to create suction on the cornea. When this happens, you may feel some discomfort or pain. The cornea is flattened with a transparent plastic sheet if laser kratom is used. Your vision will be reduced, and you may feel uncomfortable even with this procedure.

The flap is folded back on its hinge, and the exposed tissue is dried. A laser is placed over your eye, and you are asked to look at the light. From here on, in this method, you can see but have blurred vision.

A controlled amount of laser energy is directed into the cornea to remove corneal tissue. While this is happening, you may smell something like burning hair. After the laser energy pulses vaporize the corneal tissue, the flap is returned to its original position. Once you’ve done this and your eye is in the correct position, the laser will start.

A protective cover is placed over your eye at the end of the surgery so that it is not disturbed in any way during the recovery of the flap.


LASIK surgery abroad

Going abroad for surgery is a relatively new idea that has gained popularity partly due to the cost of treatment and the prevalence of cheap plane tickets.

However, the advantage of medical tourism is more than its affordable price. When it comes to health and safety, can you put a price on it?

Laser eye surgery is included in the group of voluntary treatment methods that comprise a large percentage of medical tourism treatments. They use LASIK eye surgery to correct the vision of people with vision disorders such as astigmatism, farsightedness, and myopia.

Many people who consider laser eye surgery are attracted by the lower price of the procedure abroad, but is it worth the risk? Read on for more information on factors to consider when comparing laser eye costs.


LASIK surgery in Iran

People’s primary motivation for going abroad for laser eye surgery is its cost. This method is usually cheaper in Iran than in many European countries, and people may think they can enjoy their vacation while traveling in addition to the treatment. But is a break alone enough to fly abroad for laser eye surgery?

The most important reason to get LASIK laser surgery abroad is that it is significantly cheaper. This is only sometimes the case, and it depends on your destination. There are some countries in Europe where treatment is more expensive, including Norway and Belgium. But there are countries like Iran where the cost of this procedure is much lower.

Of course, there are other destinations where the treatment is cheaper. Southeast Asia, including Thailand, are popular choice after Iran, as are many Eastern European countries, including Hungary, Turkey, and Romania.

It is estimated that by performing LASIK surgery abroad, up to 33% can be saved in the cost of treatment. But besides that, you should consider the cost of round-trip flights, accommodation, travel expenses, and insurance. When you add it all up, you realize how much this can save you money, especially if your destination is Iran.


Recovery after LASIK eye surgery

LASIK eye surgery is a speedy and effective procedure, and many patients can return to work within a day or two after treatment.

However, if you are traveling abroad for treatment, it is recommended that you refrain from flying for at least one week after treatment. This means factoring in an extra week in your plan to stay in the destination country. As well as the expenses related to this stay.

You can use this time to enjoy your vacation, so choosing a destination that is the right place to spend time is also essential. However, considering that your eyes will not return to total capacity for several weeks, you may prefer to stay in the hotel for days after the treatment.


How do I experience an effective LASIK eye surgery?

There is no global regulatory body for laser eye surgery, so choosing the right destination and the right clinic is one of the essential parts of your planning – regardless of the country in which you are going to have the surgery – in Iran, you can have this surgery safely and Perform to a high standard. In Iran, all doctors and eye surgeons are under the supervision of the medical system organization, and private healthcare providers are regularly inspected. This supervision ensures that you perform this surgery in a clean, safe, and comfortable environment with high patient care.

In Iran, all surgeons must be registered in the medical system organization. All surgeons have specialized education and experience in this field, which gives you peace of mind. Other countries have different requirements, so it is essential to know how qualified your surgeon is abroad.

Traveling abroad for laser eye surgery, finding treatment at lower rates, excellent surgeons, and good quality postoperative care is possible. You can easily enjoy the benefits of vision improvement for years to come without complications. But choosing the right destination that gives you complete confidence can make a therapeutic trip an unforgettable memory for you.


The importance of choosing a LASIK eye surgeon

By choosing laser eye surgery in Iran, you will be sure that you will benefit from the leading treatment methods in the world, you will have excellent postoperative care, and the risk of postoperative complications will be significantly reduced. Plus, your treatment will be much more comfortable and an enjoyable journey that will allow you to recover quickly. This can be invaluable to the healing process.

Some patients may worry about language or cultural barriers when receiving treatment abroad. But doctors regularly provide services to international patients in medical tourism destinations like Iran. They can communicate in English well.

Some doctors have completed their training courses abroad, showing their good English command. Also, their clinics have assistants who communicate in English.

Also, many patients who travel to Iran for treatment add to the experience and understanding of Iranian doctors about the expectations of international patients.


Tips for choosing the best eye surgery clinic abroad

  • Check the experience of the surgeon. Ask the surgeon about the surgeon’s education, additional fellowship training, and frequency of treatments.
  • Schedule an online consultation. Most clinics or hospitals that work with international patients offer this service.
  • Research the status of the clinic before booking. If possible, talk to staff and past patients. It is recommended to visit the clinic before booking and finalizing the operation.
  • Ask what the next steps are after the surgery and the care steps after that?
  • Choose the right surgeon, do your due diligence, and ask questions.
  • Plan your trip well and give yourself time to rest after treatment.

Ultimately, where you choose to seek treatment is your choice. It would be best to consider the above tips when selecting your destination and doctor. The most important thing is to feel comfortable with your choice and choose a vision correction treatment that works for you.


Eye LASIK surgery methods

Eye LASIK is one of the most convenient procedures offered to patients by the CarefulTrip team. In this type of LASIK eye surgery, an incision is made in front of the eye’s cornea with a particular laser to improve the patient’s vision. This method is expected to be an excellent alternative to glasses or contact lenses. According to surveys, patients were satisfied with eye LASIK in Iran, and after their recovery period, they regained their vision completely (with a high percentage).

Typically, the effects of LASIK surgery are permanent, but the benefits and changes can diminish over time. In most patients, LASIK results are permanent. According to research, about 10 to 12 percent of patients need augmentation surgery due to anatomical changes in the eye.

Your LASIK eye surgery may be successful, but you will have to wear glasses after some time. LASIK surgery does not affect eye diseases that occur with age. LASIK eye surgery may not correct some refractive errors caused by the thickness of the cornea. There are the following methods for LASIK eye surgery:

  • Intra LASIK
  • Wavefront LASIK
  • PRK


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Who are not suitable for LASIK eye surgery?

Some people are not suitable for LASIK eye surgery. In addition to people under 20 and those whose eye numbers are constantly changing, consider the following:

  • Those who have corneal abnormalities,
  • Those whose eyes are dry,
  • pregnant women,
  • Those who have an active eye infection,
  • Those who have a thin cornea,
  • People with diseases that affect the immune system, such as rheumatic diseases and diabetes, or may prevent eye improvement, are unsuitable for laser treatment.

It may be interesting to know that in patients with suitable eye structure, laser therapy can be applied up to 10 degrees in myopia, up to +5 degrees in hyperopia, and up to 5 degrees in astigmatism. But there is a possibility that these degrees cannot be reached in patients with insufficient corneal thickness.


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Eye care in Iran

Because of the care after LASIK eye surgery and Eye care in Iran, LASIK eye surgery will not be dangerous or harmful for the patient. If this surgery is performed in a hospital and by a professional team, there will be no risk.

The recovery period for eye LASIK in Iran is speedy. Things that those who have laser myopia treatment should pay attention to after surgery are as follows:

  • Eye rest after surgery
  • Regular examinations
  • Use the given drops regularly
  • Do not touch the eyes, and keep the area clean
  • Avoid contact with eyes

You can return to work or even drive the day after LASIK eye surgery. Also, you can shower after two days, put on makeup and go to the gym after a week.


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Are those who perform LASIK eye surgery/eye care in Iran satisfied?

Typically, patients who undergo eye LASIK in Iran and receive Eye care in Iran return to their everyday life within one or two days. They experience the benefits of not wearing glasses and contact lenses. The price of LASIK eye surgery in Iran is very affordable, and compatriots outside of Iran, as well as American, Canadian, Australian, etc. tourists, can benefit from these conditions in Iran.


LASIK eye surgery/eye care in Iran with a CarefulTrip

According to the patient’s needs and type of eye defects, various treatment plans will be suggested to you by the CarefulTrip team. Excellent, practical, and cost-effective treatment packages that will remove any worries from you. These packages are very affordable for compatriots who live far from Iran and for tourists, and the possibility of traveling quickly and without It will cause you trouble. Helping patients to get medical services or surgeries such as comfortable and quality eye LASIK in Iran is the priority of our team. Among our many services, we can mention visa assistance, accommodation, transfer, translator, surgery, doctor’s visits, and other services needed for staying in Iran.


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Summary of the article on eye LASIK in Iran

In general, LASIK eye surgery in Iran has many benefits for patients. One of the advantages mentioned in this text is that people can receive expertise, technology, and essential treatment at an affordable price in Iran’s prestigious hospitals and clinics. Also, due to receiving Eye care in Iran, patients will be treated very quickly, and their eye defects will be removed. Of course, to get medical advice, stay, get a visa, and things like that, it is better to contact CarefulTrip so that the best method to treat your eye disease is considered.

People who use LASIK eye surgery to treat nearsightedness can return to their social life within 1-2 days and enjoy clear vision at all distances. They experience the benefits of not wearing glasses and contact lenses. LASIK, Intra LASIK, Wavefront LASIK, PRK, and ASA treat eye problems.


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