Factors to Consider for Better Eye Care

Factors to Consider for Better Eye Care


Eyecare is something we should consider as a daily task. Following certain principles are crucial to keeping the eyes safe and healthy. Even a simple mistake can yield significant damage to our eyes. On the other hand, children are more likely to suffer a lack of eye care. You might need special eye care tips to follow after an eye treatment; in this case, you need more advice from your surgeon or ophthalmologist. This article is for those who want to know the dos and don’ts of proper eye care.


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Eye Care Tips

There are several activities you can do to help maintain your eyes healthy and ensure you have a clear sight:



Eat a Healthy Diet

Fruits and vegetables, particularly yellow and leafy green veggies, should be consumed frequently. Salmon, tuna, and halibut, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, can also improve your eyesight. Make sure to include them in your daily meals to get the most out of your eye health.


Stay in a Healthy Weight Range

Excess fat or being obese raises your chances of acquiring diabetes. With diabetes, you’re more likely to develop diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma.


Exercise regularly

Diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol can all be prevented or controlled with workouts. These medical conditions can cause eyesight and eye difficulties. So, if you exercise consistently, you can reduce your chances of developing these vision and eye disorders.


Control the Screen Time

Excessive screen time is related to an increase in eye problems as well as the development of myopia in both youth and adolescents. Evidence currently shows that frequent long-range vision exercises and safe UV-free exposure to natural light can help reduce myopia. “The 20 20 20 rule,” explains optometrist and medical consultant Daniel Hardiman-McCartney of The College of Optometrists, “is a fairly straightforward tip: for every 20 minutes spent gazing at a screen, take 20 seconds looking at anything 20 feet away.”


Clean and Protect Your Contact Lenses

Millions of people all around the world use contact lenses. However, because most people start using them while young, a sense of negligence about cleanliness can develop. Bacterial and fungal infections are considerably associated with using tap water instead of contact lens solutions, or not replacing the lenses on time. Acanthamoeba keratitis is also on the upswing, which causes loss of vision. “We must be cautious about individuals who buy contact lenses online, and we should urge them to get yearly eye examinations in between purchases,” Dr. Sharma adds.


Children’s Eye Care during Summertime

Did you know that 80 percent of a child’s learning occurs through their eyes? To read, write and play, children use their eyes more than adults, and in fact, they cannot perform even the most basic tasks without them.

Summertime provides a chance for children to spend more time outside the home or the classroom. If they are not provided with enough care and protection, prolonged exposure to the sun’s harmful rays can cause impaired vision or damage their visual system.

You probably don’t let your child leave the house without sunscreen. But how do you protect their eyes? Remember these tools to ensure that your child’s eyes are taken care of.


  1. Sunglasses

Sunlight is known to cause damage to the skin and the eyes. Recent studies show that children’s eyes are 70 percent more exposed to UV rays than adults, so they need quality sunglasses. Sunglasses must block 100 percent of harmful UVA and UVB rays. Make sure you check with an optometrist or an ophthalmologist to ensure the glasses are working.


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  1. Hats

Make sure your children wear a brimmed hat when leaving the house. Although glasses are great, a good pair of sunglasses will provide extra protection and keep their eyes healthy.


  1. Shadows

Children need to know that the sun is very bright between 10 am and 2 pm on a summer day. During this time, they should stay in the shade outdoors. Adding a canopy to the children’s play area might be a good idea if there is no natural shade available.


  1. Swimming Goggles

Children most commonly engage in swimming classes during the summer. Children’s eyes are often irritated and harmed by chlorine and contaminants in pool water. So, they should wear sunglasses when outside and swimming goggles while swimming in the pool.


  1. Avoiding Fire

Injuries caused by fireworks affect 6,000 children every year, 21% of whom suffer injuries to their eyes. You should be careful of your children getting too close to the fire on a picnic or a barbecue. If they do, their eyesight may be severely affected.


Makeup and Eye Health

Following are some tips to keep in mind when using cosmetics on your eyes.

Stop using cosmetics while you are recovering from an eye infection.

You need to throw away the product immediately and consult a specialist if complications occur or inflammation persists. Moreover, if your eye area is inflamed, do not apply eye makeup.


Do Not Share Your Makeup

It is not advisable to share eye cosmetics with others; sharing products can cause germ transmission from one person to the next, which means you should not use store samples. In addition, avoid using old cosmetic products and know that the maximum storage time of a cosmetic product is three months after you open it, so stop using it if you notice any severe change in color or smell.


Store Them Properly

You should store all cosmetic products properly. Bacteria can grow in cosmetics such as mascara and eyeliner if you stop following sanitary approaches. The mascara brush, for example, should not be placed on a table because it will contaminate it. You should always wash your hands thoroughly before using eye cosmetics. You should also never add water to eye cosmetics since it can contaminate the product and cause eye damage.


Not in a Car

Additionally, it is best not to apply eye makeup while in a moving car, since sudden stops may cause trauma and damage to the eye. Also, you should ensure that the eye makeup you use is only designed for the eyes, not for other parts of the face.



Eye Treatment in Iran

Eye-related disorders are one of the most common health issues around the world. Whether the eyes are affected by an accident or a medical condition, every one of us may experience issues regarding the eyes. If you are looking for eye treatment or eye surgery, you might find Iran on the list of the best places to do the procedure. We at Carefultrip provide you with high-standard eye care in Iran. The only thing you need to do is contact us at Carefultrip, and our expert team of consultants will help you with the information you need.

We help you have your eye surgery in Iran, as it is a well-known destination for eye treatments. We provide well-equipped hospitals and clinics and a great team of doctors and surgeons who have a strong background in treating eye disorders and surgical experiences.



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