The year is 2022, and health tourism in Iran is popular more than ever, but why?

A growing number of international travelers come to Iran to get medical treatment in professional facilities or via traditional medicine.

Because of its significant contribution to social and economic development, tourism has been a focus of interest for many governments throughout the globe. According to the World Tourism Organization, tourism’s market share equals, and occasionally exceeds, that of oil exports.


AnchorWhy Health Care in Iran?

Increasing medical prices and ongoing strains of various insurance companies are some of the causes why several people choose to travel to countries like Iran. Countries are eager to expand their medical facilities to meet the growing demand.

The question is, why should we see Iran on the list of the best medical service providers in the world? We attempt to respond now. Credible surgeons and physicians, along with cutting-edge medical technologies, have made Iran an excellent destination for those who want to experience a safe and high-quality medical journey.

These considerations, combined with the fact that Iran has a variety of tourist hotspots, notably UNESCO-designated World Heritage sites, have pushed Iran to develop its tourism industry.

Medical and health tourism has been prioritized since Iran, has a high number of resources such as mineral hot and cold baths and medicinal plants of various types. Geographical closeness, as well as reasonable cost and high-quality health care, has made Iran comparable to advanced and neighboring nations. These criteria have all played a role in the Iranian government’s choice to promote health and medical tourism.


AnchorTechnologically Advanced and Highly equipped hospitals

There are various public and private clinics and dozens of hospitals in Tehran and Iran that provide high-quality medical care to patients. Some of these hospitals have established IPD (International Patients Department) and VIP sections in the last decade.

These clinics employ cutting-edge technology and adhere to all legal and moral norms in their health services. CarefulTrip has partnered with many of these hospitals, and you may select getting medical treatments without any queues and at no additional cost. Thousands of tourists from bordering nations, Europe, and the United States visit Iran each year for surgical therapy and wellness trips, and you can count on us to make the procedure as simple as possible for you.


AnchorSkillful and Dedicated Medical Staff

Given the significance of medical education and counseling in Iran, the country has a large number of physicians, specialists, and eligible surgeons. Intense competition in technical and research advancement has yielded and allowed only the best ones to join the health system, particularly in Tehran’s hospitals.

These dedicated medical providers have a great deal of experience since they examine a lot of patients on a regular basis, and develop treatment plans and therapies for patients.


AnchorSurprising Prices

The decline in the price of the Iranian Rial versus different exchanges was one of the unfavorable (and predicted) consequences of restrictions on the Iranian economy. While the Iranian people suffered as a result of this disadvantage, it gave foreign citizens a fantastic chance to visit Iran at a far smaller price.

Due to the growing number of boycotts placed on Iran in recent years, the price of treatment in Iran would be a fraction of what it would take to undergo the same high-quality healthcare service in Europe or even in Iran’s nearby countries.

For tourists, this is the best time to visit Iran for treatment since you may save up to 70% by a simple wise decision. Contact us directly to learn more about our medical and follow-up options and book a free assessment.


AnchorAdvanced medical facilities

In addition, the medical and surgical equipment accessible in Iranian clinics are state-of-the-art. Iran is noted for its advanced medical technology and sophisticated medical instruments. Nowadays, most private clinics in Iran have advanced scanning equipment, specialist centers, 3D ultrasound, MRI, and other diagnostic tools.


AnchorMore than just medical needs!

In addition to the health tourism offerings described above, Iran is a touristic place for health and wellbeing offerings such as spa healing, preventive care, drug abuse treatment, and the treatment of chronic illnesses. Across the country, there are roughly 300 mineral-rich spas with the potential to grow into health cities, water treatments, hotel treatments, and so on.


AnchorFinal words!

Iran has a long history of healthcare. The availability of highly skilled and well-known specialists and physicians, as well as reliable and low-cost treatments and a range of tourist sites in Iran, are enough to draw medical tourists from all over the globe to the nation.

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