Top 10 Things to do on Tehran Tour

Top 10 Things to do on Tehran Tour


Tourists often begin their journey by booking a Tehran tour, which is one of the country’s most beautiful cities. Moreover, Tehran is the country’s most populous city and the region’s cultural, economic, and political hub. In Iran, it serves as a focal point for producing electronic components and chemicals. The cultural aspect of the city is that it has several well-known landmarks that draw in tourists. If you’re planning to visit Tehran, Iran, you won’t be disappointed.



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Must-See Places that you Should Visit on Your Tehran Tour


Iran National Museum

One of Tehran’s most popular tourist attractions is Tehran’s Iran National Museum, and you must include it in your Tehran tour. André Godard, a French architect, completed the National Museum’s construction in 1928. An ancient Iranian museum and a museum of Islamic art are housed in this complex. Iranian antiquities, including textiles, metalwork, rare coins, and books, can be found at the Iran National Museum.






A Walk in Darband

Darband, formerly a small village near Tarjish, has been swallowed up by the sprawling city of Tehran, but the secluded mountain retreat has retained much of its charm and tranquility, and we advise you to visit it on your Tehran tour.

The trail, known as Darband, means “door of the mountain,” dotted with cafés, restaurants, and observation decks. Locals frequent the area for a variety of reasons, including breakfast, ice cream, and evenings spent admiring the scenery while puffing on hookah pipes. Who needs pubs when you have Darband, hookah, ice cream, and coffee shops? Don’t be afraid to start a casual conversation with an Iranian. They are very friendly, even without booze and drinks.




Stroll Tabiat Bridge at Night

The Tabiat Bridge is a network of meandering, elevated walkways designed to encourage people to become lost. It is a daring and advanced example of Iranian civic planning, and if you opt for an adventure, visit it as a part of your Tehran tour.

The bridges don’t actually lead anywhere. It’s a lovely place to stroll through on your own, with headphones in, or with your special someone, holding hands and exchanging sweet nothings.

This bridge, Tabiat, is in many ways an Iranian answer to the absence of bars and nightclubs — public venues where people may relax and meet. As a result, if you’re single and looking to meet someone special, this can be an ideal location for you.


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Golestan Palace

Tehran’s Qajar-period palace, erected in the Qajar era, is one of Tehran’s oldest tourist sites and represents the Qajar and Persian architectural styles. These buildings were used during the reign of the Qajar dynasty to host festivities such as wedding ceremonies and coronations. In the event that you get the chance to visit this palace, you’ll be awestruck by its opulent rooms and museums like Talar-e Salam, Talar-e Ayene, and the Marble Throne. So be sure to visit it as a part of your Tehran tour.



Tehran Grand Bazaar

Tehran’s Grand Bazaar is a historic site worth a visit. Iran’s Grand Bazaar serves as a major commercial hub since it has such essentials as carpets, precious metals, and spices, all of which exemplify the civilization that has flourished in Tehran. Additionally, there are mosques, banks, and guesthouses in the Grand Bazaar. As a symbol of Iranian Islamic culture and architecture, Imam Khomeini Mosque is a must-see.



Jamshidieh Park

Jamshidieh is a vast park in the city’s northernmost extremities, nestled in the foothills of the Alborz Mountains.

The fresh mountain air and verdant scenery are reason enough to make the drive to this obscure location worth it. A must-see feature is the 360-degree vistas of Tehran City, which only get better the higher you go.

If you don’t feel like hiking during your Tehran tour, there are many places to stop for tea and a picnic instead. As soon as the first snows fall, it’s a great time to go. Bringing your over-excited children here will help them burn off some of their excess energy!



Treasury of National Jewels

In your Tehran tour, you should see the Treasury of National Jewels, also known as the National Jewels Museum, which houses one of the world’s greatest treasure troves of gems and jewels. Open to the public from 14:00 to 17:00 on all days but Thursday and Friday, the National Jewels Museum welcomes you to its halls. There are books in Persian, English, French, Russian, German, Japanese, and Arabic for anyone to use as a guide. Visitors to this museum can peruse a wide selection of priceless gems from all around the world.




Iran’s Museum of Carpets

Close to Laleh Park, one of Tehran’s most recognized green spaces, the Carpet Museum of Iran is a popular tourist destination. Former Queen Farah Diba launched the Carpet Museum in 1976 in an effort to resurrect the carpet-weaving industry in Iran. In addition to the carpets, around 7000 books and texts are housed in this museum. The best part of the trip is getting a glimpse of Iran’s fascinating Persian Carpet culture.




Sharaf Al-Eslami Restaurant

If you’re at Tehran Central Bazaar, you can discover Sharaf El Islam by following the crowds to a busy basement, where there’s a line of people waiting to get in.

You can sample some of Tehran’s best traditional cuisine in a busy and hectic atmosphere here. The service is hurried, and there is a lot of waiting for a table, but that just adds to the ambiance! If you’re lucky enough to enter this place, the only people you’ll meet here are fellow natives.




Tehran Street Food and Iranian Kebab

Tehran’s traditional street foods and the food on 30th Tir Street (just outside the National Museum of Iran) are tempting. Attractive food trucks and food carts, plus comfortable outdoor seating, make this an ideal place to spend a day or evening on your Tehran tour.

You’ll soon be surrounded by Iranians eager to share their favorite sites, translate for you, and tell you about their favorite things to do in Tehran!


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Iranian Kebab, a delicious part of your Tehran tour

Kebab known as the most delicious Iranian traditional cuisine can be found nearly everywhere. You should definitely try it.

Aside from being made with fresh meat and having a good flavor, Iranian kebabs are pretty decent. Saffron rice and endless bread are also included in the package. Wash it down with some Dough, an excellent milk-and-yogurt drink.







You’ll never forget your Tehran tour. Tehran has many tourist attractions such as Iran National Museum, Darband, Tabiat Bridge, Golestan Palace, Tehran Grand Bazaar, Jamshidieh Park, Treasury of National Jewels, Iran’s Museum of Carpets, Sharaf Al-Eslami Restaurant. This city is the perfect location to learn about Iranians and Persian culture. Be sure to at least visit Tehran once in your life.



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