Common Questions About Iran Medical Visa

Common Questions About Iran Medical Visa


In today’s globalized world, every journey abroad, whether for leisure or medical purposes, comes with its own set of prerequisites. This is especially true for those seeking specialized medical treatments in foreign countries. Obtaining a medical visa is a fundamental step for anyone considering such a trip. This article delves into the intricacies of medical tourism in Iran, highlighting the process and requirements for securing a medical visa. A notable aspect of medical tourism in Iran is the increasing interest in In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatments, which have gained prominence due to the country’s advanced medical facilities and expertise in this field. We will explore the nuances of IVF in Iran, and even cosmetic treatments in Iran, alongside answering common questions related to obtaining a medical visa for Iran.


Medical Tourism in Iran

As we speak, Iran is one of the most popular countries in the medical tourism industry. Yearly, many treatments abroad applicants come to Iran for various reasons such as high quality, low prices, and surgeons’ experiences. With a local search from officials, we determine the process of getting an Iranian medical Visa for those who are planning for treatment abroad to Iran.

As we mentioned before, due to highly skillful surgeons, very high quality, and excessively low costs, medical tourism in Iran has recently become very popular among people worldwide. In the meanwhile, the process of having a safe and secure treatment journey abroad in Iran starts with getting an Iranian medical Visa. You may be able to receive medical services with a simple Iranian tourist visa, but with an Iranian medical Visa, you will receive many benefits. In the following, we are going to talk about these benefits and more.



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Iran Medical Visa

According to the announced statistics, Iran is one of the countries that has had a stroke of very good luck in the health tourism industry as far as the chairmen in this country took a step forward and ran a specialized Visa for medical services. For those who have thoughts about having treatment abroad, the good news is that the Iran medical Visa is an excellent opportunity to use medical services in Iran with incomparable benefits.

With an Iranian medical visa, you will receive a wide range of health, medical, beauty, and special side services. Any type of treatment, medicine, and surgery, with incomparable benefits such as the best surgeons, most up-to-date equipment, highest success rate and results, special services such as free accommodation, domestic transportation, translator, sim card, etc., and the least possible prices are what will you receive with an Iranian medical Visa in a more precise look. In recent decades, Iran has become one of the leading powers in the fields of cosmetic surgery, cancer treatment, etc., all over the world.

Now that you have learned about medical tourism in Iran and the Iran medical Visa let’s find out details about the process of circumstances, how to get it, requirements, fees, and much more.


Circumstances for Medical Visa

In the past, medical visas were only granted to people for the treatment of diseases, for example, people who had diseases such as brain tumors, eye tumors, spinal cord or spine tumors, ear tumors, liver tumors, kidney tumors, lung tumors, pancreatic tumor, uterus and ovary tumor, breast tumor, lung tumor, bone marrow tumor, prostate tumor, or had major surgeries, organ transplants, and knee, hip replacement surgeries, etc., could receive medical visas from other countries. But today, the range of applications for which a medical visa is granted has become much wider, and cosmetic surgeries, check-ups, skin and hair care, and even the use of mineral water springs in the destination country are included in this district. People can apply for a medical visa for any of these requests in a country.


How To Get the Iran Medical Visa?

We can almost say that there is a common process if you attempt to get a medical visa, whether for Iran or any other country. This process includes sending your personal and medical documents, paying the service fee, receiving your authorization or tracking code, and collecting your visa from the destination’s embassy in your country. But the way of doing this process is the issue most people are concerned about. In the following, we will explain how to get the Iran medical Visa and what exactly you need as requirements.


Via Embassy

To have a safe and secure trip, the first thing that will cross your mind is going to the embassy, having an interview, and waiting for the response; the routine process. But this routine process will work when you decide to go on a trip for a vacation, not when you are supposed to have a medical trip. For a better understanding, remember the example from the beginning of the article about buying a ticket to go to a complex, but when you are planning to use a certain service, you may need to follow a different process.

So, let’s get back to our business. One of the most parts of the process to get a medical Visa is having an invitation or an introduction letter from a hospital or a doctor. Of course, before that step, you need someone to get your documents and papers to the hospital. So, if you have a friend or someone trusted in your destination country to follow and handle your needs, you can consider this way as your first choice.


Via A Facilitator Company

Sometimes, you don’t have enough experience, or you need safety and backup for your plan. Sometimes, you need a hand to do something. This is the time a third-party facilitator shows up. This is the time we show up. We are carefulTrip, an Iranian health tourism agency with a great background in medical tourism in Iran. We are on set to make everything easy for you to get done. CarefulTrip provides patients with the highest quality and lowest pricing in the field of medical and cosmetic procedures.

We also provide special services such as free short-term accommodation, visa, sim card, domestic transportation, touring, translator, etc., and for those who are looking for a plan to have their treatment and entertainment both, CarefulTrip has special offers.


Airport Arrival

In this method, you need to receive an invitation letter from a facilitator agency in your destination country, which means that you must either have a trusted person in that country or cooperate with a facilitating company. In the past years, it has been possible to receive medical visas for Iran at the airport, and citizens of countries such as Venezuela, Turkey, Syria, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Bolivia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia can receive medical visas at the airports whose names are listed below. As mentioned, the applicants must get an invitation from a medical center in Iran for their necessary treatments before traveling, then come to Iran and get an airport medical visa at one of Iran’s international airports. (Of course, we do not recommend this method because your visa application may be rejected despite spending a lot of time and money).

List of international airports in Iran that issue airport visas:

  1. Imam Khomeini International Airport of Tehran
  2. Tehran Mehrabad Airport
  3. Kish International Airport
  4. Qeshm International Airport
  5. Isfahan International Airport
  6. Shahid Dastgheib ​​International Airport, Shiraz
  7. Mashhad Hasheminejad International Airport
  8. Tabriz Shahid Madani International Airport
  9. Ahvaz International Airport
  10. Bandar Abbas International Airport
  11. Bushehr International Airport

The validity period of the airport visa can vary from 30 to 90 days according to the nationality of the applicant and the country of destination. But there are also countries for which the duration of the airport visa is shorter or longer than this period.


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Requirement Papers and Documents

Passport: scanned and valid for at least six months from the time of entering Iran.

Personal photo: Scanned with a lightened background, and the person’s face is clearly visible. Be careful that the photo must be taken in the last six months and match the current face of the applicant.

Acceptance letter of IPD medical centers: Acceptance must be from a public or private hospital that has an international unit.

Medical documents: tests and activities performed for the patient, such as ultrasound, radiography, CT scan, etc.

(The existence of these documents is not required, but it increases the percentage of visa acceptance.)

Doctor’s letter: a letter with an official seal from a specialist doctor in Iran or abroad with the subject of the applicant’s need for treatment.

All of these processes are as easy as drinking a glass of water for you if you plan to shake our hands. We at CarefulTrip, plan A-Z of your journey the way you would be comfortable.



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Visa issuance fee and services

To issue a visa, the Iranian embassy charges the visa service fee from the applicant. While you can apply for a medical visa in person, for those who are more comfortable leaving everything to a facilitating company, we recommend that you contact our consultants and choose CarefulTrip to get your visa. Due to having very strong and direct relations with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant high-ranking persons, CarefulTrip makes the process of obtaining a visa much easier for you and increases the chances of obtaining a visa.



Advance payment fee (deposit)

In the conditions of the coronavirus epidemic, where strict health measures are applied for the entry and exit of passengers, many applicants travel to Iran under the pretext of treatment or obtaining a medical visa, while their purpose is not treatment. In such a situation, to ensure that the traveler comes to Iran only for treatment, CarefulTrip receives an advance payment of 100 dollars from the applicants, which is a win for you if it’s compared to the huge amounts that other health tourism companies charge.



Which Countries don’t require The Iran Medical Visa?

You might think that it is possible to travel to a country without a visa. We should say yes! Sometimes countries reach agreements, and “visa cancellation” is a result of these agreements. This means that citizens of two countries can travel without getting a visa. Of course, if we look a little more closely, we can divide the destination countries into three main categories:

  • Countries that you must get a visa to enter.
  • Countries that you can travel to without a visa.
  • Countries that allow entry with an airport visa: that is, when you enter the destination country by filling out a form and paying the visa fee, your visa will be issued immediately.

If you want to know exactly which countries do not require a visa, we provide a temporary list of countries that have visa cancellation agreements with Iran. This list contains the following:

  • Armenia
  • Georgia
  • Iraq
  • Oman
  • Syria
  • Turkey
  • Venezuela


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As we mentioned before and as we are speaking right now, there are a lot of tourists who are looking for an Iran medical visa, and CarefulTrip provides a lot of services to them easily. So, if you are about to get an Iran medical visa, call CarefulTrip and use benefits for your best interests.


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