Iran; the best country for medical tourism. But why?

Iran; the best country for medical tourism. But why?


Nowadays, providing medical tour services to international patients is widely considered globally; Expanding health tourism in Iran is one of the perspectives of the Iranian government. Health tourism includes all forms of travel to promote health, and as a result, it is an essential element of tourism that results in economic development. Due to the fast-growing changes and diverse information from around the world, learning more about the main trends and mechanisms of the medical tourism sector has been deemed a necessity by the global community. Medical tourism data are constantly exchanged globally. In addition to the improvement in technology and standard of care, medical travelers are still attracted by the ease and affordability of international travel.

The development of medical tourism is a perfect tool for developing the country and the transfer of knowledge and technology. Medical care is an organized journey from one’s environment to another to maintain, improve and regain one’s physical and mental health.


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History of Medical Tourism

Medical tourism has suddenly risen in popularity in recent years and has been more common than before. A long time ago, in Epidauria – Greece, patients traveled to therapeutic spas and collected holy waters from shrines to be cured by the healing god Asklepios. People also had access to therapeutic spas and holy waters in other regions. Spas have been a standard medical tourism feature since the 18th century. Medical tourism was relatively uncommon a few decades back, but it has become far more common in recent years.



Medical Tourism NOW


With the industrialization of countries, various diseases, and the advancement of cosmetic surgeries, people are looking for low-cost treatment. The health services trade has been influenced by globalization, prompting countries to review their positions. You can easily find information about health tourism on the internet as well as the best and cheapest medical treatment in the world, different health tourism destinations, and which one you should trust.


Medical Tourism in Iran


Iran is one of the top ten countries globally in natural tourism attractions. The IMTJ reported Iran as tenth for medical tourism value among diverse information and figures. Carefultrip is the only health tourism company in Iran that has received the IMTJ certificate. Iran has several capacities to provide health tours. Medical care in Iran is one of the growing sectors of the tourism industry. The capabilities of Iranian medical staff and physicians, modern technology, global standards, and low medical costs are essential factors in health tourism in Iran. Travel to Tehran, Shiraz, and Mashhad in Iran, three of the most popular cities in Iran for the treatment, has been popular among Gulf countries.


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Why choose Iran for Medical Tourism?


Iran is better in treatment than Middle Eastern countries and has more capabilities. Compared to other countries in the world, the low price of medical services, its appropriate quality, and its equality with the latest medicine methods worldwide are some of the most important reasons that can attract medical tourists in Iran. Cost savings and available appointments at any time are the advantages of health tourism in Iran. The infrastructure of health care in Iran allows patients to achieve the desired result. In addition to its valuable medical resources, infrastructure, and medical skills, Iran’s medical tourism also benefits from cultural and social similarities with neighboring countries, in addition to its substantial Iranian community living abroad, who travel home for treatment. According to projections, 550000 foreign patients will come to Iran by 2022. The cultural similarities and familiar family backgrounds among the citizens of border countries, alongside the cultural and social similarities, led them to choose Iran as their destination. Iran is considered a desirable destination for medical tourism because of the wide availability of qualified physicians and the quality of medical facilities in the country. Aside from its fantastic climate, beautiful scenery, and unrivaled cultural and historical landmarks, Iran is known for its health and pleasant climate, and medical tourism in Iran is really safe. Click here to read more about Iran travel cost.




Tourism in Iran


Iran has had several popular tourist destinations throughout its history, including Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, and Mashhad.

Beyond the tourist season, Iran has four seasonal kinds of weather; every corner of Iran enjoys different climate conditions depending on the season. Iran is no exception. In general, the best time to travel to this country is during the spring. Iran’s high season lasts from March to May. This season is perfect for traveling due to the ideal temperatures, pleasant weather, and long daylight hours.


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Many tourists come to Iran to enjoy the cool breezes of fall. However, medical tourism destinations in Iran do not have cold winters and can be enjoyed. There are several spas and hot springs throughout the country.

In addition, the Iranian people are internationally recognized for their warm hospitality. The Iranian government’s health care system is developing a medical treatment hub in the region. Iran medical tourism provides healthcare for Muslim countries as a medical hub.



Iran has a strong demand for cosmetic surgical procedures.

Iran has enjoyed a good reputation as a prime medical destination for several countries in the region. Each year, fifty-one medical schools in the country train approximately three thousand doctors. Most hospitals in Iran can currently accommodate medical tourism requests. They provide medical care with updated technologies and well-educated staff and experienced specialists.

As the region’s first player in medical tourism, Iran enjoys a strong market position based on factors and demand. Iran aspires to be both a med-tech hub in the region and a tourist hotspot by 2024 when it will have announced 20 million international tourists arriving. Medical facilities in Iran are comparable to those in Western and European countries.



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Tehran; The capital of Iran

The capital of Iran, Tehran, is excellent tourism and medical tourism destination. Tehran is home to several artistic, historical, and scientific museums, such as the National Museum of Iran, the Carpet Museum, as well as the Museum of Contemporary Art, which exhibits works of Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh and Andy Warhol are two examples.

Many cultural and trade fairs take place in Tehran, which are popular events for tourists. The Iranian Imperial Crown Jewels are also displayed at the National Jewelry Museum in Tehran. The city of Tehran has several parks and open spaces. The Iranian capital Tehran provides a wide variety of public transportation options, including the Tehran Metro, bus rapid transit, trolleybuses, and a vast highway system with taxis. Tehran has big malls with European brands shopping different brands can be found in Tehran.


Food in Iran

Eastern food recipes are famous worldwide, and Iranian food is rich in what ingredients they use. Tourists can tray more than fifty different dishes. Including vegetarian food, Rice is often served with meat, vegetables, and nuts in main Iranian dishes. Iranian food also has good quality. Most of the tourists had been found Iranian dishes delicious.


English language in Iran

Besides Iranian hospitality is internationally recognized as warm and welcoming. Iranian are speaking in Persian, but in case of any help, it is easy to find someone who speaks English; also, there is no such difficulty to find locations, Metro, buses, highways and other signatures are in English and Persian language.


Facilities in Tehran

Iran medical tourism has become popular in recent years and Tehran as the capital of Iran, is known as one of the best medical tourism destinations. There are several medical tour service providers in Tehran and you can easily pick one to assist you in your medical journey.

Speaking of facilities in Tehran, let’s start with transportation. There are online applications to find Taxis like European services. Each tourist can buy single sim cards with internet to use on mobile phones.


The capital of Iran, Tehran, is in the country’s north, a big city with all facilities that a tourist needs. Luxury hotels and an advanced transport system beside Tehran have good hospitals, staff, and experienced physicians.

Hospitals with advanced equipment and technology reflect the growth and development of a country, the ability of doctors to perform the latest surgeries and to work with new technology, and the safety and quality of treatment provided in Iran. From the moment patients arrive in Iran until they have recovered definitively, our health tourism center will remain in contact after returning to their home country.


In medical tourism, Tehran has a significant role to play. Every year, many foreigners go to Tehran to receive medical services and see its sights. Experienced doctors educated in different parts of the world, experienced medical staff and up-to-date medical equipment are available in Tehran. For this reason, today, Tehran, as the capital of Iran, is becoming a popular destination for health tourists for its high-quality facilities in the fields of medicine and treatment, as well as well-equipped hospitals and health centers. A city such as Tehran would be a good choice for health tourists looking for excellent security, gorgeous scenery, great attractions, and advanced medical facilities.

The Internet is a resource for tourists looking for information about Tehran’s health tourism system, including global information systems, tourism sites, pages, advertisements, service providers, and specialized databases. Tehran offers low and cheap surgeries and medical treatments compared to many other countries. From the moment patients arrive in Iran until they have recovered definitively CarefulTrip as the best medical tour provider in Iran remains in touch after returning to their home country.


How to Dress in Iran

In Iran, tourists are expected to hide their body shapes, women and men have different costumes, covering the hair with a scarf is the norm for women, so the best thing to wear is trousers – either jeans or loose, cotton pants if it is summertime. The top should also be loose and fall mid-thigh. Click here to read more about dress code in Iran.


How To choose a health tour provider in Iran

In the new conditions, the exchange rate in Iran is low. It allows tourists to travel cheaply and start treatment in the best high-quality hospitals.

To choose a safe and suitable health tour in Iran, you better consider five main factors: affordability, accessibility, availability, acceptance, and additional considerations.

Careful Trip is a team of professional medical assistants with experience in tourism and medical tourism in Iran that can provide all factors you need to feel comfortable and safe during your travel to Iran. Careful Trip provides medical assistance wherever patients prefer, whether at home, work or in a hotel room. our mission is to improve the world a better place by ensuring that everyone has quality medical care. Our goal is to offer a medical tourism experience that is affordable and delightful. Medical tourism experts in Iran pass courses in medical tourism annually to update their knowledge and information about health tourism. This helps medical tourism facilitators know their clients’ needs better. Click here to read more about Signs of a good health tourism company.



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Why CarefulTrip?

We aim to provide medical and financial assistance to people in financial and medical distress. We are dedicated to patient safety, hassle-free medical travel, and aftercare. Keeping transparency in communication and quick services is vital to us. Iranian health tourism includes top surgeons and modern surgery centers introduced to you by a Careful trip. Our company works with the best hospitals and clinics in Iran. Our colleagues in Careful Trip check track records and experience doctors in treating patients from all over the world. You can rely on us for all your needs when you arrive at the airport.

The services include the shortest time possible for obtaining a visa, a suitable accommodation in five-star hotels, safe airport pick up, transfer, arranging mobile phones with internet service, city tours, one day tours, other related tourism activities, introducing professional translators, coordinating the visit, and follow-up care with the physicians, good quality and safe medical care in Iran, the patient’s follow-up process even after returning home plus available support around the clock.


Treatments we offer

Treatment features our dentistry such as Veneers and dental implants, different types of cosmetic surgery, Surrogacy, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and male infertility, Neurology, Orthopedics, weight loss surgery, examination of a digestive tract, gastrology, etc.


Final word

The care you receive with CarefulTrip is high-quality while saving you time and money. More than 75 countries have used our services. The finest medical experts are found in Iran, and our company introduces them to you. It is possible to get treatment in Iran at the lowest costs, with excellent infrastructure, the most advanced medical facilities, and competitive prices.

Choosing our company’s hospitals and clinics is a smart decision because we choose facilities that have the latest technology, the best infrastructure, and the best support staff. International patients visiting Iran have the choice of the best treatment and tour packages with Careful Trip in Iran. By utilizing its unique cost-control Providing the best quality of treatment and medical services to international patients is one of our goals. our clients’ trust is our greatest asset. Our mission as a medical tourism company has been to provide the most comprehensive and high-quality services ever since we began. with Careful Trip, patients, and their families can receive the medical services they need and enjoy leisure and accommodation facilities to experience a memorable trip with their loved ones.



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