IVF Success Rates in Iran


To judge and choose a fertility clinic abroad, you need to check out the success rate of the selected clinic. Fertility treatments’ success rate is not always the result of a clinic’s action but of examining different factors. Choosing the best country for IVF success can become a time-consuming endeavor, but countries like Iran are emerging as viable options for people looking for fertility treatment abroad.

In fact, with a proven track record, IVF treatment in Iran is one of the most successful services around the world for those seeking to build their future. By focusing on the professionalism of their doctors, the experience of their staff, and the utilization of advanced technologies, IVF clinics in Iran are becoming some of the most successful in the world. However, when making decisions based on IVF success rates, it is essential to take into account your situation, medical condition, and medical history. These factors play a significant role in determining the outcome of your treatment, often outweighing the country in which you receive your treatment.


Best Countries for IVF with a High Success Rate

Since the last century, certain nations have prioritized managing their population size. Their policies are aimed at either boosting or curbing population growth. While some countries opt to bolster their population, they grapple with infertility challenges. While various infertility solutions exist globally, the most reliable one seems to be the IVF treatment. This fertility treatment method emerges as a pivotal solution, even in Islamic societies. Below is a compilation of the most successful countries in IVF treatment:

  • Spain
  • The Czech Republic
  • Greece
  • Denmark

These 4 countries have the highest IVF success rate, based on some valid statistics. While the Czech Republic gives the chance of fertility only to women under 45 years old, countries like India have no age limit for patients to perform IVF treatment.

Besides these countries, Iran has a remarkable IVF success rate compared to other countries with a medium IVF success rate. Iran is emerging as one of the most sought-after destinations for IVF treatment, offering a compelling combination of affordability, expertise, and advanced medical facilities. With significantly lower treatment costs compared to many Western countries, Iran provides accessible options for individuals seeking fertility treatments. Additionally, the country subsidizes IVF treatment, making it even more cost-effective for both domestic and international patients.

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Pros and Cons of IVF Treatment in Europe

Despite the high success rate of European countries in IVF treatment, procedure costs still pose an issue. Treatments in countries like Spain, Denmark, and even the Czech Republic, while not as costly as in the US or UK, are still costing a fortune. This is why many patients looking for such treatments are looking for viable, cheaper options that still offer a relatively high chance of success.

Taking all these factors into account, Iran has become the best country for IVF success for prospective parents. Moreover, the country has some of the best medical professionals who specialize in reproductive medicine, providing quality care and personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s needs. Additionally, Iran’s advanced medical infrastructure and adherence to international standards ensure that patients receive top-notch care and access to cutting-edge technologies. Overall, Iran’s commitment to excellence in reproductive medicine, coupled with its affordability and accessibility, positions it as the best country for IVF success.


Comparing the IVF cost in Iran with other best countries for IVF

IVF success rate in Iran is the highest among Muslim countries in the Middle East, giving ample reasons for foreigners to travel to Iran for IVF treatment. In a Muslim country like Malaysia, which has a medium success rate, IVF treatments cost around 4000 USD per cycle. However, IVF in Iran costs only about 3000 USD and boasts a higher success rate than in Malaysia. But how does it compare to other prominent countries in IVF treatment? Let’s find out below:

  • United States: $15,000
  • United Kingdom: $7,000
  • Spain: $5,000
  • Greece: $4,000
  • Iran: $3,000


There are clinics in India that offer almost half the prices that are provided in Iran, but one would question their procedures, considering the universal standards that are set in the field of IVF treatment.

Although Iran has qualified experts and doctors in the IVF process, its expenses are the cheapest among the best countries for IVF, mainly due to the country’s low labor costs. If you are eager to experience the most successful IVF treatment with lower prices, come to Iran and use their knowledge of successful sperm injection, hormonal drugs, embryo freezing, and other clinical trials.

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IVF Success Rate in Iran Based on Age

What do you know about IVF in Iran? The success rate of IVF treatment in Iran, like any other country, depends on a variety of factors, age being prominent among them. According to the co-founder of Fora Fertility, Dr. Natalie Crawford, ‘Ultimately, the thing that impacts outcomes the most is maternal age.’

Naturally, you can choose the most suitable fertility clinic by digging a little deeper and checking out their IVF success rate. As for the age of patients being a crucial factor in the IVF success rate, we will try to create some context by giving you some information on Iran’s IVF success rate according to women’s ages.

  • Women under 35: 32%
  • Women from 35 to 37 years old: 25%
  • Women from 38 to 39 years old: 19%
  • Women from 40 to 42 years old: 11%
  • Women from 43 to 44 years: 5%
  • Women over 44: 4%


IVF success rate is higher among women using donor eggs and donor sperm. Avoiding smoking, alcohol, and caffeine and having an average weight also improve the chance of pregnancy by IVF in Iran. No definitive data is available to show the exact number of patients who have traveled to Iran for fertility treatment. However, foreign patients’ feedback shows many customers travel to Iran due to infertility. Keep reading to get more information about different factors and practical reasons for the IVF success rate in Iran. While infertility may pose a challenge, with this essential information, you can make a well-informed decision that may change your future!


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What Are Crucial Matters in Determining IVF Success Rate in Iran?

Based on the gathered information, the success rate of IVF in Iran is acceptably high. But what influential factors increase or decrease the IVF success rate in Iran? Keep on reading for more information.


Women’s Age

As women age, both natural conception and the success of IVF procedures are likely to decline. Furthermore, factors such as overall health, medical history, and physical condition significantly influence the likelihood of pregnancy. Seeking assistance from the best IVF center in Iran can substantially increase your chances of achieving pregnancy.

Cause of Infertility

A host of causes may cause infertility. Therefore, these causes will be effective in the IVF success rate. The common causes and types of infertility are:

  • Uterus blocking
  • Blockage in the fallopian tube
  • Dysfunction
  • Low rate of sperm
  • Abdominal abnormality
  • Health problems like uterine fibroids or PCOS
  • Fibroid knots
  • Difficult ovulation
  • Low-quality of egg
  • Destructive antibodies have negative effects on sperm and egg
  • The genetic health condition in men and woman
  • Sperm’s disability in penetrating the egg
  • Sperm’s disability in reaching the uterus

Now, you are aware of the different types and causes of infertility. These items can affect the success rate and pregnancy chances via the IVF process. The clinic’s condition, actions, and techniques are also effective but less than the above.

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Failed IVF or Miscarriage

It is crucial that if you have experienced IVF before, you provide caregivers with your complete medical history. Your previous IVF treatment result may increase or decrease the new IVF success rate and pregnancy chance. Abortion and other failed pregnancies will change the IVF success rate as well. Apart from these, medicine could be another important factor that affects the possibility of pregnancy.


Lifestyle and Environment

A patient’s lifestyle can have a dramatic impact on their chances of pregnancy with IVF. Drinking alcohol or smoking are 2 different matters that can change the IVF success rate, while a patient’s weight and obesity are other practical factors for IVF success rate.


The Expertise of IVF Clinic

One of the most crucial factors in the IVF success rate is your chosen clinic to perform the IVF procedure. We recommend you select a well-known and popular fertility clinic for better results.  The chosen clinic must be aware of the different causes of infertility and know the whole process of IVF treatment, catering to your individual needs as a patient. Yet, provided your health status and other considerations are satisfactory, your IVF treatment journey will go smoothly.


Types of IVF Treatment

There are 4 types of available IVF in Iran with different success rates. Besides the above matters and the medical process, IVF treatment must be chosen by the infertile couple.

Iran’s IVF success rate is 65%, showing the complete cycle of IVF treatment in Iran. Eggs and sperm are the most important factors during IVF treatment; therefore, they influence Iran’s IVF treatment success rate. For the exact information, you can check out the following:

Own eggs and partner’s sperm: 64%

Donor eggs and partner’s sperm: 93%

Own eggs and donor sperm: 64%

Donor eggs and donor sperm: 93%




Based on all the metrics that we analyzed in this article, the success rates of IVF treatment in Iran are significantly influenced by various factors, including the chosen clinic, types of treatment, and individual circumstances such as age, lifestyle, and medical history. While IVF success rates in Iran are notably high, reaching up to 65%, it’s crucial to consider all these factors before making decisions regarding fertility treatment.

The availability of different types of IVF treatments, along with their respective success rates, provides options for infertile couples to choose the most suitable approach. Moreover, the expertise of fertility clinics in Iran, coupled with advanced technologies and affordable costs, positions Iran as a leading destination for IVF treatment. By all accounts, a fertility facility like MOM Infertility Treatment Center in Iran is the perfect place for any patient looking for state-of-the-art treatment at reasonable prices.


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