General Health Tourism Statistics of Iran in 2024

Health tourism is emerging as a global trend, increasingly facilitated by diminishing barriers to accessing international healthcare. The industry is projected to generate $30 billion in revenue in 2024, with expectations to quintuple by the end of the decade. This substantial growth provides ample reasons for nations worldwide to invest in the sector. Iran, in particular, is rapidly becoming a sought-after destination within the medical tourism industry. Its investment in healthcare infrastructure and reputation for providing high-quality medical services at competitive prices position it well to attract a growing number of international patients seeking diverse medical treatments.

Recently, health tourism in Iran has become a fast-growing field, and many international medical tourists have taken advantage of its benefits. The rising popularity of pursuing treatment abroad can be attributed to several factors, including affordable healthcare costs, short wait lists, high-quality services, and high success rates in the destination country. In the United Kingdom, escaping long waiting lists is the primary motive for traveling abroad to receive medical services. In the United States, the primary reason is to take advantage of lower prices in other countries.

With short waiting lists, expert medical professionals, and shockingly low cost of services, Iran has become a prime location for any health tourism need. Thousands of medical treatment seekers have recently come to Iran for medical and cosmetic treatments. This article reviews the growth rate and changes in Iran’s health tourism industry in 2024.


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Health Tourism Statistics of Iran Before 2024 

The Health tourism industry is booming worldwide, and reports from 2023 claim that its income grew to USD 24.14 billion in 2023. This figure is projected to reach nearly $30 billion in 2024 and is expected to increase sixfold by 2032. As one of the leading countries in medical tourism, Iran takes its fair share of this gargantuan yearly profit. The Medical Tourism Association (MTA) reports that an estimated 14 million people travel yearly to receive medical care abroad.

Based on the statistics, we have tried to provide you with the income of the most prevalent countries in medical tourism. Bear in mind that some of these figures might not be accurate and may be projections based on the country’s previous income and their growth rate.

Top Destinations for Medical Treatments Revenue ($)
USA 10bn
Turkey 2.1bn
South Korea 1.9bn
Mexico 1.5bn
Thailand 850m
India 700m
Malaysia 350m
Iran 315m


From 1967 to 1977, Iran was regarded as the top destination among Middle Eastern countries. By 2021, about 550,000 international patients visited Iran, leading to 2,750,000 dollars in revenue and 392,857 job opportunities. Iran’s share of health tourism was predicted to increase by 20% each year and bring 400 to 500 million dollars of revenue.





After 2024 

Health tourism in Iran plays a crucial role in its economic growth and development dynamism. The country offers a range of medical services through advanced hospitals equipped with cutting-edge technology, all at competitive prices. According to statistics, Iran receives around one million medical tourists annually, which is projected to increase to two million by 2026.

Key insights from the health tourism sector in Iran for 2024 include:

  • UNESCO recognizes Iran as the fourth-leading medical tourism destination in the Middle East and as one of the most reputable globally for medical services.
  • The majority of Iran’s medical tourists come from Europe, North America, South Africa, and various Middle Eastern countries.
  • The primary medical services sought by visitors in Iran include obstetrics, gynecology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, cardiology, and cosmetic surgeries.

Expanding on this, Iran’s strategic focus on health tourism is part of its broader initiative to leverage its medical expertise and infrastructural capacities to attract international patients looking for high-quality, cost-effective treatments. This not only boosts the local economy but also positions Iran as a significant player in the global medical tourism industry.


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What is the future of health tourism in Iran? 

The future of health tourism in Iran in 2024 looks promising, building on its established reputation for high-quality medical services at competitive prices. The country is poised to capitalize on several key factors:

  1. Growing Reputation: Iran is increasingly recognized for its medical expertise in various specialties, including cosmetic surgery, fertility treatments, and orthopedics. This reputation helps attract a broader international patient base.
  2. Strategic Investments: Iran has been investing in its healthcare infrastructure, aiming to enhance facilities and services to meet international standards.
  3. Advancements in Medical Technology: Continuous advancements in medical technology and treatment methods within Iranian medical institutions offer more sophisticated and appealing options for international patients.
  4. Government Support: The Iranian government supports the health tourism sector as part of its economic diversification strategy. This includes easing visa restrictions for medical tourists and promoting international accreditation of hospitals. The government is dropping visa requirements for over 50 countries to entice medical tourists to visit the country.
  5. Competitive Pricing: Compared to Western countries, Iran offers medical procedures at significantly lower costs, which is a critical factor for many patients from Europe, North America, and neighboring regions.

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Iran expects to see a significant increase in the number of international patients, which will contribute positively to its economy and further solidify its position as a leading destination for health tourism in the region.

Agencies like CarefulTrip contribute to the growth of Iran’s medical tourism by easing the journey of those who are seeking better healthcare that won’t leave them broke. They facilitate not only the travel and accommodation arrangements for patients but also put them on short waiting lists, making sure the best care possible is provided.

CarefulTrip anticipates not only continued interest from Middle Eastern patients but also hopes to attract more European and American patients to Iranian healthcare services. The combination of skilled medical care, affordability, and accessibility positions Iran favorably in the expanding landscape of global medical tourism.


As Iran continues to expand its footprint in the medical tourism sector, its future in 2024 and beyond appears promising. With its commitment to enhancing healthcare infrastructure and services, combined with strategic governmental support and competitive pricing, Iran will likely attract a larger share of the global medical tourism market. Agencies like CarefulTrip are pivotal, simplifying the logistics for international patients and ensuring they receive top-notch medical care promptly. Be sure to contact CarefulTrip to receive your free consultation today!

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