Lip Augmentation in Iran


Full lips are not an overnight trend. All throughout history, full and fleshy lips have always been associated with beauty and vivacity. Today, thanks to advances in medical science, surgeons and doctors have become able to reshape our lips in the most gorgeous way possible. This is while past attempts used to be futile and there was no absolute and long-term solution to gain this attractive feature.


What happens in a Lip Augmentation procedure?

Today, several fine and healthy materials are chosen by physicians & doctors to be injected into the patients’ lips. The goal is to gift them aesthetically appealing lips that are full and fine looking.

Lip augmentation surgery lets you have plumper lips, and it is a harmless procedure the techniques of which follow the current developments. There several methods for lip augmentation like lip implants and lip fillers. Also, since you will get local anesthetics, you will not have to worry about any pain during the procedure.


The benefits of getting Lip Augmentation in Iran

When it comes to lip augmentation’s price, we should say that the price varies from country to country. Getting lip augmentation in Iran is an ideal choice since you will receive first-rate treatment at a surprisingly affordable price. Iranian cosmetic and plastic surgery are recognized and well-known all over the globe. This is where you can have your lip augmentation done by world-class experts.

Another exciting reason for choosing Iran is that a wide array of cosmetic surgery procedures is done in Iran on a daily basis. Therefore, you can keep your options open and enjoy what Iran’s medical tourism has to offer. For Careful Trip is one of the health centers that provides people from all over the world with the perfect opportunity to receive their desired cosmetic procedures such as lip augmentation.


Each of the gels has different benefits and shelf life that will last between 4 months to 24 months depending on the individual's choice.

Lip gel injection is very safe and the only side effects of this method are bruising and swelling, which is the body's natural response and resolves naturally after a few days.

The result of the injection is visible immediately after the gel injection, but at first there may be some swelling at the gel injection site, which disappears after a day and the final result will be visible.

1. Avoid smoking and smoking for one to two weeks. 2. Gentle washing of the face is unobstructed. 3. Avoid itching and massaging the injected area for at least four hours as the gel will form during that time. 4. Use ice packs, arnica and bromelain tablets to relieve pain and improve bruising. 5. Do not apply pressure to the injected gel for two days after injection.

1. People with infections in the injection site. 2. Pregnant or lactating women. 3. People with acne or blisters are in that area. 4. Autoimmune diseases and weakened immune systems such as diabetes. 5. People with a history of stroke. 6. People with cancer