Revision rhinoplasty in Iran

revision rhinoplasty in iranWhat is Revision rhinoplasty? Why do people do that?

Rhinoplasty in Iran is an affordable surgery and the Iranian surgeons are usually skilled ones. Some respiratory and physical problems or dissatisfaction with the first surgery is the main reason for doing this operation. Imagine not getting the result you expected after spending lots of time and money, and enduring the process of difficult recovery and possible predictable discomfort. In this case, you might need a secondary rhinoplasty.

What is Revision rhinoplasty?

A revision nose job is a secondary operation that helps solve the physical or functional problems caused by the first rhinoplasty procedure. In addition, the result of the primary surgery may be less satisfying for the patient. In such cases, the revision rhinoplasty in Iran is the best solution that helps you improve the appearance and function of the nose.

A revision nose job is more complicated and more difficult than the primary surgery. Therefore, the most skilled surgeons should only perform it. Secondary rhinoplasty requires more time and accuracy in execution and longer recovery period due to the damages and changes in the structure of cartilage and bones.

Finding the most experienced surgeon is one of the best ways to achieve the desired results in any procedure. Therefore, before having a rhinoplasty in Iran, you should consult the most reliable and professional team of surgeons and doctors.

Secondary rhinoplasty may be more complicated and costly than the primary nose job due to the required changes and necessity of repairing the defects caused by the previous operation.

revision rhinoplasty in iran

Why do people perform Revision rhinoplasty?

Unsuccessful rhinoplasty creates many problems for the patient. Some possible problems are as following:

Functional problems

In this case, the appearance of the nose is normal, but its functioning is not as good as it should be. For example, the inner and outer valves of the nose overlap or the airways become deformed.

Beauty problems

In this case, the patient is not satisfied with the results and the appearance due to nasal asymmetry, abnormal shape and excessive thinness of the tip of the nose.

Both beauty and functional problems

In this case, in addition to the improper appearance, the patient also suffers from functional disorders that cause other issues. Unsuccessful rhinoplasty usually causes both functional and beauty problems. Resolving these problems can be challenging, and your surgeon can help you set realistic expectations for your revision nose job.


Revision rhinoplasty in Iran: how would it help you?

Revision rhinoplasty in Iran helps you solve a number of problems that arose after the primary surgery or the ones that caused by the primary surgery, here are a few of its purposes:

To remove of cartilage and nasal hump

In some cases, the cartilage and hump of the nose will not properly remove during the first rhinoplasty. In this case, the revision rhinoplasty in Iran can help you reconstruct the shape. 

To fix the deviated nasal septum

Sometimes the primary nose job does not remove nasal septum deviation or even deviate the structure. In this case, the Revision rhinoplasty in Iran can help you solve or improve this issue.

Nasal reconstruction

In some cases, the primary rhinoplasty worsens the appearance of the nose due to too much nasal tissue removal or improper angle or dimensions of the nose.

To eliminate of the nasal skin damage

Sometimes the first surgery may cause some damage to the skin of the nose. This is one of the most difficult cases. When a person has their first surgery, the surgical incisions may turn to scar tissues. In this case, the skin is more sensitive than the previous time and a highly skilled surgeon should perform the secondary rhinoplasty.

When should you perform the revision nose job?

There is a lot of controversy about the timing of the revision nose job. Many surgeons believe that at least one year should pass from the first operation and if the patient still has not achieved their desired result; then it is time to consider the performance of the secondary rhinoplasty.

If you are considering a revision nose job, you should make sure of the substantial experience of your plastic surgeon. To choose the best option, you should carefully survey the surgeon’s website and ask the most reliable health care providers to introduce the best options.


What should you do before the revision of rhinoplasty in Iran?

The procedures before revision rhinoplasty in Iran are similar to the initial one. However, in some cases, performing tests such as CT scans and endoscopy is required. In addition, the surgeon would need all the details and necessary information about the primary operation.


Does secondary rhinoplasty need general anesthesia?

secondary rhinoplasty in iran

For secondary rhinoplasty, general anesthesia may not be necessary in some cases. The local anesthesia is proper for minor repair operations. Otherwise, the doctor will recommend general anesthesia.

Possible side effects of revision nose job

Most plastic surgeons are able to perform rhinoplasty. However, revision nose jobs require more knowledge, precision and experience due to the complexities involved.

This operation is more likely to have some side effects for several reasons. Sometimes, the destroyment of the structural cartilage of the nasal septum occurs during the initial surgery. Therefore, the cartilage grafts obtained from the patient’s ear or ribs in secondary nose jobs.

Due to the greater complexity, the duration of this procedure will be longer than the initial one. Secondary rhinoplasty usually takes between two and five hours. The plaster or nasal splint remains for eight days or more and, similar to the primary nose job, the swelling and bruising is expected.

The bottom line

Revision rhinoplasty in Iran is one of the most popular operations between patients who have performed the primary procedures in other countries. Iran is one of the best destinations for cosmetic surgery due to affordable prices, well-equipped health centers and skilled doctors. On the other hand, there are some reliable health tourism providers such as Careful Trip, which can help you find the most experienced doctors and modern hospitals. Therefore, we suggest that you put aside your doubts and get in touch with our experts immediately.

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