The Pros and Cons of Eyelid Surgery

The Pros and Cons of Eyelid Surgery




Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is a type of surgery to improve the eyelids’ appearance and function and plays a significant role in rejuvenation. It is performed on the upper or lower eyelid or both. Due to genetic reasons, aging, and poor lifestyle, eyelids can undergo unpleasant changes such as drooping, puffing, or wrinkling, making you look older and even impairing vision. In eyelid surgery, after cutting the eyelid creases, the surgeon removes parts of the extra eyelid skin, fat, or muscle and closes the incision.


Even though eyelid surgery can be remarkably beneficial in several ways, you should be aware of the consequences if you are planning to go under this surgery because it may bring risks or may not be suitable for you. Postoperative care is effective in eliminating unwanted complications. Before you consult a doctor about your decision, read this article for better guidance on eyelid surgery’s benefits and harms.




Reasons to Undergo Eyelid Surgery


Many reasons can lead to having eyelid surgery. Sometimes the eyelids’ extra skin creates a feeling of heaviness. This makes you look tired. Sagging can be caused by weak eyelid muscles, which is called ptosis. Aging and reduction of collagen and elastic skin fibers, and nerve damage are other contributing factors. However, eyelid surgery can help you get rid of these hurdles by giving you a fresh face in terms of appearance and improving your vision.






Advantages of eyelid surgery



The following are some of the benefits of eyelid surgery:



Having a Youthful Appearance

People seek eyelid surgery to look younger. Eyelid drooping due to aging is commonplace but might happen earlier for some people with higher severity, leaving a notable effect on facial appearance. In addition, dissatisfaction with your appearance can reduce your self-confidence and lead to a pesky feeling of discomfort. Upper eyelid surgery is undoubtedly a beneficial procedure to help you regain your beauty and youthful appearance and, as a result, amp up your self-confidence.



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Slowing Down the Development of Forehead Wrinkles

Drooping eyelids may also reduce vision. One way to tackle this issue is to raise your eyebrows. Repeating this action will cause deep wrinkles on the forehead, which can also have a hand in the aging of the face. Therefore, upper eyelid surgery is an efficient method to remove the extra eyelid skin. So, you no longer have to work hard to see and put pressure on your eyebrow and forehead muscles.



Looking Fresh

Not only do baggy and heavy eyelids make your face look tired, but droopy eyelids leave you half-closed eyes, leading to a sleepy status and misunderstandings. On top of that, the loss of soft tissue and accumulation of excess fat under the eyes lead to skin darkness in the same area, leaving an unpleasant effect on the face. Eyelid surgery removes the extra fat and skin; from there on, you will get rid of tired eyes and dark circles and have an enhanced eye shape and a brighter look.



Enhancing Vision

As mentioned earlier, a puffy upper eyelid can obstruct vision scope. Weak eyelid muscles resulting from aging, genetics, or sun exposure cannot lift the excess skin. This causes premature fatigue in some people and makes it difficult to see and work with a laptop or phone. Accordingly, eyelid surgery is a cosmetic procedure that improves your vision.



Having Long-term Result

There are various ways to treat defects around the eyelids, such as Botox, thread lifts, etc. Nonetheless, most of these treatments are short-term, and you need to do them again before long. As a way of comparison, the result of eyelid surgery is permanent, and there is no need to repeat the surgery. Although the aging process continues after eyelid surgery, eyelid surgery is much more durable than other methods, which can last 10-15 years.



Disadvantages of Eyelid Surgery

It is vital to know that any surgery is risky, and unwanted side effects may occur. Regarding eyelid surgery, these side effects are temporary and will disappear after a few weeks with proper care. Notably, the surgeon’s skill is crucial in mitigating complications after surgery. Thus, choose a skilled and reliable doctor before it is late. Here are some side effects of eyelid surgery.



Eyelid Swelling

Swelling of the eyelids is one of the most common side effects that might follow eyelid surgery, which prevents them from fully closing during sleeping. Using an ice compress helps reduce swelling, and in case of dry eyes, burning, and redness, which is the relevant consequence, the doctor will prescribe you special eye drops and moisturizing ointments. Rarely it causes severe eye dryness and serious eye damage, leading to instant reconstructive surgery.



Pain and Tearing

Eyelid surgery is one of the least painful cosmetic surgeries, and the healing process is swift. However, postoperative pain is among the inevitable side effects since eyelid tissue undergoes significant changes during surgery. However, you can expect the pain to disappear after a few days of taking painkillers. Moreover, tearing may occur temporarily due to irritation of the lacrimal cavity during surgery.



Scarring and Bleeding

The next possible complication is wound formation and bleeding. Wound formation depends on the type of incision and postoperative care. If the incision site is not suitable, or the necessary care is not taken, there is a possibility that the scar will remain. In some cases, small cysts may develop on the surgical site, which is harmless and will disappear by themselves, though you can have your doctor remove them. The stitches are usually removed one week after the operation, and the recovery period is also short. Yet, doctors suggest avoiding heavy activities and movement for several days to prevent bleeding after the procedure.




The face will be asymmetrical if the surgeon does not remove equal amounts of tissue from both eyelids. It is even possible that the surgeon removes too much tissue from the eyelid, which results in excessive exposure of the eyes to air and drying them out. Therefore, ensuring your surgeon has the requisite qualifications is a must.








The eyes are the most crucial part of the face and usually attract the most attention. Since eyes show our inner states, they significantly impact communication, so keep them in their best shape. Among the available ways to improve eye conditions, such as gel injection and lifting eyelids with different methods, eyelid surgery is one of the most efficient and durable options. Consulting with professional doctors through CarefulTrip will help you choose the suitable procedure for eyelid treatment.



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