The overall shape of our face is hugely dependent on the form of our jawline. Jawline enhancement could easily bring a more well-defined, strong, and attractive character to your face.

Many people might ask ‘what is jawline enhancement’. To put it simply, after a professional procedure, your jaw will be reshaped to give it a more balanced and robust look.

Below, you will get familiar with the most common procedures of jawline enhancement. it is safe with very slight side effects such as soreness or inflammation which begin to fade away after a few days.


Jaw implant:

When it comes to face lift, few implants are one of the most common and popular cosmetic surgeries. This is the surgical and more permanent method for redefining the structure of your face and presenting a more aesthetic look. It is a form of jaw augmentation which alters the angle of your jaw and is perfect for those with small or rather weak jawlines.


Dermal fillers for jaw augmentation:

This is another cosmetic procedure usually selected by those who prefer non-surgical methods. In this type of jaw enhancement, a variety of dermal fillers might be used to lift the jaw. More often than not, the injection consists of collagen and/or elastin. Collagen fillers, for instance, are basically types of protein that help tighten the skin. While it eliminates the need for hospitalization, it is a temporary method which, depending on several factors, might last from 12 to 24 months.


Jaw Enhancement in Iran: Price and Profits

A common concern among people who want to do plastic surgery and in particular jaw enhancement is the cost of it. While the cost varies on the basis of the type of procedure or the patient’s desired volume, Iranian health centers and beauty clinics like Careful Trip offer rock-bottom prices. Considering the fact that Iran is a pioneer in plastic and cosmetic surgery, you can get a high quality yet affordable procedure for jaw augmentation.  


jawline enhancement improves or beautifies the abnormalities in the jaw

We can design the location and amount of injections to meet exactly your goals and make the angle of your mind what you have always dreamed of. Now the changes caused by the injection of gel or fat can be very subtle and natural or we can make major and amazing changes in your face.

Jellies usually last one to two years. This means that you will need repair and re-injection sessions to maintain the results. Of course, newer gels have a longer shelf life. Just tell your doctor what you want before the injection to see the result you want.

This method is commonly used for obese faces, round geometric faces and thin faces. But there are other things that can cause jaw and face angulation. A small chin can distort the shape of the face, especially if you have a long forehead and thick hair! In this case, the lower part of your face will be wider and will be very effective in improving the beauty of your face.

It can usually be done after puberty when the jawbone is fully developed.