Dimple Creation is a cosmetic surgery making dimples on the cheeks. These small notches for a lot of people are attractive, and it is associated with beauty and in many cultures even a sign of fortune and good luck. Having dimples became trendy from Bollywood, and now it is a very common plastic surgery across the globe.

Some people are lucky, they have dimples on their cheek naturally since birth which is actually an abnormality of cheeks muscle. Fortunately, with the advancement of science, and in particular medicine, today we can have them with dimpleplasty or dimple creation.


What is a dimpleplasty?

This plastic surgery is fairly simple and its sole purpose is cosmetic while generating a dimple on the cheek that seems exactly like a natural one.


How does the dimple creatin surgery work?

At first, the doctor will inject a topical anesthetic, such as lidocaine. It takes about 10 minutes to be effective.

Then the doctor uses a small tool to make a small hole on the skin and a small amount of muscle or fat will be removed.

After making the space for dimples, they then set a suture (sling) from one side of the cheek muscle to the other.

Then the joint will be tied to make a dimple in the cheek.


Postoperative care

People who might experience swelling and dimples in terms of their size will be noticed more than normal. It may need several days off from work but generally, it doesn’t need too much interruption. There is probably some pain but taking painkillers and ice can help with pain and swelling.


The patient shouldn’t do any hard activity for two weeks, but the usual daily activities can be resumed the day after the surgery.

For a few weeks dimple may not look natural or visible when smiling but after a few days, the tissue will relax and it will be like a natural dimple and it can be seen and noticed when smiling.


Benefits of a dimple creation

·         Enhances one’s self-confidence

·         Gives a more youthful and attractive facial image

·         It is conducted under local anesthesia

·         It can be done very quickly (less than an hour)

·         The Least downtime required

·         Patients experience a quick outcome

·         Gives an enduring improvement to the face

·         There will be no visible scars