Buccal fat removal (Buccal lipectomy) is a plastic surgery intended for those who wish to have a more contoured face. This cosmetic surgery removes excess fat and skin from beneath the cheeks so that the cheekbones are better shaped and a fine curve is created.


Who can get a buccal fat removal?

Buccal fat pads normally are existent since birth and they will definitely get aggravated by gain weight. In either case, buccal fat gives the person a fat-like, round shape or even a baby-like face. Any person regardless of gender who has a double chin and wishes to get finer outlined cheekbones and curves can benefit from this plastic surgery.


How is the procedure?

The “chubby cheek operation” is performed under local anesthesia, and on an outpatient basis, meaning there is no hospitalization, and that the patient can return home at the end of the liposuction of the face and neck.

There will be two very small incisions; therefore the scars will be very mild as well and barely noticeable. The operation which includes using the liposuction technique can last from ten to thirty minutes, depending on the condition of each person. There will be a few dissolvable stitches, so there would be no need for postoperative sessions in this regard. After the operation, there will be very mild pain in the affected areas, and the surgeon can also prescribe painkillers if needed. 


The result of buccal fat removal

Like any other plastic surgery, the final result should not be judged sooner than one to three months due to the edema. However, the change of appearance is noticeable right after the surgery. Another great thing about this cosmetic surgery is that you can resume your daily activities and diet as soon as the next day. You can also benefit from some other interventions such as blepharoplasty, Botox injection, or a neck lift on the same session.


If your cheek are fat and you want to make them slimmer and your face more conical, extracting buccal fat can be a good option for you.

Our surgeons remove the layers of fat that increased the volume of the cheeks during the buccal fat extraction procedure. These layers of fat, which are found on the cheeks and along both sides of the face, give your face a plump and round appearance. Some of these buccal fats can be extracted surgically by making incisions in the mouth. To do this, they make an incision about two to four centimeters long. An incision is made inside the mouth, above the second upper mill tooth.

The length of the recovery period can vary depending on the type of surgery you have, but most patients who have had this surgery return to work within two to three days and most of their daily activities.

The fat removed during this procedure will not return, but you need to lead a healthy lifestyle to avoid weight fluctuations that can change the shape of your face.

At first, a slight swelling may make it difficult to see the results. As the swelling gradually wears off, your new face profile will look better. After the operation, keep your head as high as possible to reduce the swelling of the operated area.