Why Is Iran Famous For Rhinoplasty?

Why Is Iran Famous For Rhinoplasty?



Is Iran the Right Place for My Rhinoplasty?

With highly experienced surgeons, modern clinics, and affordable costs, Iran offers everything you need for a safe and effective rhinoplasty. Moreover, Iran is a beautiful country with excellent culture and people. It is also well-known for its rhinoplasty, which is called “nose jobs” in Iran. Check out the videos of our rhinoplasty patients who had their nose job done in Iran to see why Iran is such a good country for your nose job.

Iranian cosmetic surgeons use these terms to describe the results of nose surgery more clearly. It is common for Iranian girls to prefer having a natural nose to hide their nose surgeries and keep their face as natural as possible. Other Iranians prefer to have a nose that is upward-shaped, more like a Barbie doll.

Undoubtedly, Iranian nose surgeons are the best rhinoplasty surgeons in the world; they can do anything physically possible to your nose! Tehran, the world’s nose job capital, is home to the world’s best Iranian nose doctors!

Each year, many patients travel to Tehran for revision rhinoplasty following malpractices in their last nose jobs abroad. For primary and revision rhinoplasty, Iranian plastic and ENT surgeons offer the best quality and price in the world. Iran offers the best prices and quality for rhinoplasty, so why look elsewhere for a rhinoplasty? Iranian plastic surgeons are among the best in the world, and that is true.




Three Cheapest Countries for a Nose Job




For an average of $1,500, including all medical expenses, transfer, visa, and guide, you can find a high-quality clinic in Tehran, Shiraz, or Mashhad.



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Thailand ranks second in affordability for rhinoplasty, and it offers average quality nose jobs. Rhinoplasty starts at $1,700 in Thailand.




Turkish Airlines and its straightforward visa system have made Turkey a hub for medical tourism, giving it a competitive advantage. From $2,100 to $4,000, you can find a reasonable surgeon in Turkey to perform rhinoplasty on you.


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Nose job in Iran:

There are many cosmetic surgeries, but rhinoplasties are probably the most common. They are commonly performed in Mexico, Germany, Iran, the United States, Columbia, and Italy.

Plenty of people choose to have a nose job abroad because it is cheaper and of better quality. Several Americans travel to Mexico & Brazil each year for cheap nose jobs. Iran is a popular destination for people from Europe and the Middle East seeking affordable and high-quality nose surgery. In addition, some people seek Korean beauty by having rhinoplasty in Korea.

One of Iran’s most popular cosmetic procedures is a nose job; the country has the highest rate of nose surgeries. Over the past decade, the number of nose jobs performed in Iran has tripled. Because of this, Iranians are known worldwide as the world’s “nose job capital.”.


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What Is Rhinoplasty?

Known as a ‘nose job’ or rhinoplasty, a rhinoplasty is a procedure for correcting, reshaping, or reconstructing the nose. Typically, rhinoplasty is performed to improve the aesthetic aspect of the nose. The procedure involves making changes to the nasal bone or cartilage to modify the nose’s structure.

It is important to note, however, that not all rhinoplasty procedures are cosmetic. In some cases, nose surgery is performed to correct medical problems, such as difficulty breathing due to a deviated septum. Technically, septoplasty is the procedure for correcting a deviated septum.



Rhinoplasty Fixes What?

In addition, nose surgery can correct functional problems of the nose, such as a crooked septum caused by trauma, causing nasal obstruction.

Rhinoplasty cases are usually not associated with medical conditions, however. The decision is made because they do not like the shape of their nose. In terms of aesthetics, a nose job addresses the following issues:

  1. An asymmetrical or crooked nose
  2. A nose that is too large or too small compared to other facial features
  3. Dorsal hump or prominent nasal bridge (also known as ‘hook nose’)
  4. A nose that is too wide
  5. The tip of the nose is droopy, bulgy, or enlarged
  6. Nostrils that are disproportionate or asymmetrical




What Are the Differences Between an Open Rhinoplasty and a Closed Rhinoplasty?

A nasal reshaping surgery is essentially a nose or nose job, regardless of whether it is an open or closed procedure. Open rhinoplasty is performed by making a small incision on the columella (the fleshy wall between the nostrils) and performing the surgery outside. Rhinoplasty with closed incisions is limited to the nostrils. It depends on what method produces the best results.



Open Rhinoplasty

Often, an open rhinoplasty will be recommended when the surgery site needs to be accessed easily and visible. A more precise and more visible procedure, open rhinoplasty, involves cutting along the width of the columella and lifting the skin. Our surgeon can access the entire nose structure, including the nasal tip, thanks to this approach.

Correction of surgical errors, the collapse of nose structure, or other aesthetic or structural issues may require revision rhinoplasty. In addition, this method would be used for cases with more significant nose reshaping needs.


Closed Rhinoplasty

A procedure to reshape the nose involves accessing the reshaped areas from within. Minor corrections and reshaping of the nose can be accomplished with a closed rhinoplasty. Due to the less-invasive nature of this procedure, it reduces the healing time and swelling post-procedure. This also means there will be no visible scarring since the incisions are made inside the nostrils. It is often performed on patients who only need minor reshaping of the nasal tip.



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What Is the Better Option?

The majority of people and most plastic surgeons today opt for closed rhinoplasty surgeries because they do not expose the incision lines of the procedure. It depends on the surgeon’s decision whether to perform an open rhinoplasty or a closed rhinoplasty. The surgery method does not influence the cost of rhinoplasty in Iran. Rhinoplasty prices in Iran will usually range from 1,000 USD to 3,000 USD, depending on the nose surgeon’s experience, clinic location, and facilities.


Does It Hurt?

You will experience mild discomfort, itching, and pain after the surgery. There may be some difficulty breathing and chewing after the surgery. Your eyes will be swollen and bruised as a result of your body’s reaction. You will be prescribed painkillers by your nose surgeon. In some cases, these side effects are temporary and will subside within 2-3 days, in others within 2-3 weeks.



How Come Iran Is Famous for Rhinoplasty?

The most common sign of a nose job in Tehran can be seen on the bridge of the nose: bandages. It has become increasingly popular among women and men in Iran to have a small, straight nose since a few decades ago.

Iran now has the highest rate of nose surgery globally, with more procedures performed per capita than anywhere else. Iran has become a global hub for rhinoplasty as people flock to Iranian doctors to get their noses fixed.

There is no shortage of cosmetic nose surgeons in Iran’s capital Tehran and many other cities throughout the country. They are both academically qualified as well as practical experts in the field. International and national patients can receive quality nose surgeries at hospitals and clinics in Mashhad, Shiraz, Isfahan, Tabriz, and Kish Island.

Iran is also a significant destination for health tourists seeking surgery to reshape their noses. The number of foreigners seeking nose jobs in Iran each year is substantial, especially from countries in the Middle East.

Several celebrities from abroad have undergone rhinoplasty in Iran, including the Swedish-American model Pixee Fox, also known as the “Human Barbie Doll,” and the Brazilian-born British TV personality Rodrigo Alves, also known as “Human Ken Doll.”



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Rhinoplasty Cost in Iran

In Iran, healthcare isn’t too expensive. Cosmetic surgery is quite affordable due to the country’s economic factors. The typical cost of rhinoplasty in Iran is up to 80% cheaper than the operation cost in the United States (including all fees), 60% less than in Australia, 50% less than in Germany, and 30% less than in India.

Three types of nose jobs are available at affordable prices to fit any budget. The cost of nose surgery packages depends on the doctor’s experience and expertise, the hotel you choose, and other services you require.



Surgeons Who Perform Rhinoplasty in Iran

It is estimated that Iranian nose surgeons have the most knowledge, experience, and prowess in the world. They graduated from the top universities in Iran and the U.S… They completed advanced courses and programs in specialized fields like rhinology and maxillofacial surgery, mainly in the United States and Europe.

Iranian rhinoplasty surgeons are renowned for their extensive experience and tried-and-tested expertise. Iranian nose surgeons, for example, perform 100 surgeries a month on average. Iran’s most famous rhinoplasty surgeons can perform up to five operations in a single day.

Iranian doctors who specialize in rhinoplasty are known for dealing with a wide variety of noses. As a result, they are more capable of operating on noses with different shapes and deformities.

However, some of them are famous for a specific type of nose, e.g., fleshy noses or bony noses, or in a particular type of nose surgery, e.g., fantasy nose surgery. In addition, they have cases ranging from 17 to 50 plus, with medical rhinoplasty cases usually being the older ones.

The Iranian rhinoplasty surgeon places great value on the pre-op consultation between the doctor and patient. To understand the needs of patients, they spend a lot of time listening to them in a friendly atmosphere.

The majority of rhinoplasty surgeons possess a good understanding of aesthetics. They advise patients on the best way to reshape the nose to meet aesthetic standards and be harmonious with the other features of the face.

As rhinoplasty is a fusion of science and art, Iranian rhinoplasty surgeons bring their extensive knowledge, experience, and eye for aesthetics to the process of fulfilling your dream.

In addition to performing a nose job in the style of your choice, our doctors will offer you suggestions about the best nose style for your face to meet aesthetic standards and be harmonious with other facial features.



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Which Countries Have the Most Nose Jobs?

Internationally, rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. According to ISAPS (The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), in 2015, more than 211,082 nose surgeries were performed in the top 4 countries.

Brazil: 77,224

Mexico: 50,437

America: 45,998

Iran: 37,423

It is not possible to show all of the nose jobs in Iran in this report. Based on statistics provided by Iranian medical organizations, around 69,000 nose surgeries are performed in Iran each year, about 0.8% of the population. This high rate of nose surgeries in Iran is attributed to Iranians’ large bumpy noses, their defining facial feature. Here are the top countries with the most nose surgeries:

  1. Iran
  2. Brazil
  3. The U.S.



How Does the Cost of Rhinoplasty Differ Depending on the Factors Involved?

Patients’ preferences, surgeons’ experience, and the clinic all play an essential role in determining the total cost of nose surgery.

The more complicated the procedure, the more expensive it is!

The more experience the cosmetic surgeon has, the higher the price!

The more qualified the surgeon, the more expensive the surgery!



Cost of Nose Jobs in Iran?

Iran, Shiraz, or Mashhad are the best cities for nose jobs, and prices range from $1,300 to $3,000. It may be less expensive to get a nose job in Iran in some smaller towns. You have to pay between 300 and 1,000 dollars for an all-inclusive rhinoplasty package in Iran that includes travel services like accommodation, visa, transfer, and translator.




What Is the Cost of a Nose Job in Tehran?

It costs between $1,300 and 3,000 to have nose surgery in Tehran, Iran, including the cost of the surgery team, clinic, medical testing, imaging, medicine, and anesthesia. The price is a little higher for medical tourists than for Iranians, which is reasonable since more people are involved, and the care is VIP. Medical facilitators usually arrange everything and take care of you in Tehran from your arrival to the moment of departure and even after. You can expect to pay between $1,800 and 3,500 for an all-inclusive rhinoplasty package in Iran based on your choice of surgeon, medical facilitator, and hotel.




What Are Some Reasons for People to Seek Revision Rhinoplasty in Iran?

Aesthetic plastic surgery procedures like rhinoplasty pose several challenges because:

  1. There is a lot of complexity to the nose
  2. It is pretty challenging to correct nasal deformities and preserve maximum nasal functions
  3. It is situated in the middle of the face

Because they didn’t choose the right surgeon with enough experience, many people have had primary rhinoplasty without getting satisfactory results aesthetically or functionally. Therefore, they need a revised nose job. Iranian doctors perform revision nose surgeries very well. Revision rhinoplasty is often performed in Iran for foreigners who failed to get satisfactory results from their first rhinoplasty procedures in countries like India, Thailand, and Turkey. Revision rhinoplasty is required in approximately 15% of primary nose surgeries worldwide; it is approximately 2% in Iran.



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Which Is the Best Time for Revision Nose Surgery in Iran?

After your primary nose surgery, you must wait at least six months. However, it may also be determined by your plastic surgeon.



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What Are My Options for Finding a Good Nose Job Doctor in Iran?

There is no doubt that a nose job is a joint cosmetic surgery in Iran, but that doesn’t minimize the importance of finding a good clinic and surgical team. You will find many web pages offering rhinoplasty packages in Iran when searching for a nose job in Iran. What should you look for when selecting a provider?




Find a Good Doctor in Tehran Who Specializes in Rhinoplasty By:

  1. Check out the before and after photos of their nose jobs in Iran.
  2. Consider their education, experience, and qualifications, and determine if they are trustworthy.
  3. Find out where the clinic or hospital is located.

Iran is a popular destination for cosmetic surgery such as nose jobs. Tehran is the world’s nose job capital for this reason. Tehran has many restaurants and streets where you will see girls and boys with tapes covering their noses. It has to do with the obsession of Iranian women with European beauty, characterized by beautiful and perfect noses.





Where Can I Receive Rhinoplasty in Iran?

Consider a good rhinoplasty surgeon when planning your travel and surgery. There is nothing more you must do. A qualified, experienced nasal surgeon should be your doctor. Look at their previous rhinoplasty before and after photos for a better sense of how capable and skilled the doctor is.

Research a surgeon’s reputation and credentials before choosing one to perform your surgery. Contact our clinic for assistance. You can use their service to find rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran with experience performing similar nose surgeries to yours.

As soon as you arrive in Iran, you can meet your surgeon and discuss your expectations. A second consultation will take place immediately before the surgery to discuss expectations and the outcome once more.

It is essential to plan everything to make the trip as smooth as possible when traveling to a foreign country for surgery without knowing what to expect.

The medical tourism facilitator might be able to arrange all these details on your behalf so you won’t have to deal with getting a visa, booking flights and hotels, communicating with your doctor in a foreign language, etc.

When you contact us for information, we will guide you through all the steps of rhinoplasty in Iran. It will be our responsibility to obtain a visa for Iran and to handle most of the work.

Our assistants will greet you upon your arrival, and the rest of the process will continue as planned.



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