Non-Surgical Nose Job in Iran

Non-Surgical Nose Job in Iran





Every single one of us wants to seem attractive. It’s in human nature to somehow try to influence others by their characteristic, appearance, intelligence, etc. But, the most important thing that directly affects our confidence is facial appearance; Especially the nose: located in the center of the face and the first noticeable feature of every face

However, many people are afraid of, or just don’t like, the idea of undergoing anesthesia, and a heavy surgery. So, they give up and try all kinds of makeup to feel better about their appearances. Fortunately, there are a lot of non-surgical alternatives that are less invasive and can help you change your appearance the way you want.

In this article, we lay out all you need to know about non-surgical rhinoplasty, its pros and cons, and why considering your non-surgical nose surgery in Iran is a great option, as undergoing a non-surgical nose job in Iran can benefit both you and your pocket at the same time! Stay with us!




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What is a non-surgical nose job?

One of the most frequent questions that people ask is how can you shape your nose without any surgery? Well, medical sciences have advanced and now there are many non-invasive ways that you can try to create the appearance you always desired.

The answer is simple: modern rhinoplasty also known as the fifteen-minute nose job uses several non-surgical methods to fix minor imperfections and give you a beautiful and well-shaped nose. Also, if you are not ready to make a permanent change, these methods would be your best choice.



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What are the pros and cons of a non-surgical nose job?

As with many other procedures, non-surgical rhinoplasty has its own pros and cons that we listed in the following.


  • It only takes around 15 to 30 minutes. Unlike surgical rhinoplasty, which may take even more than 4 hours.
  • It’s a non-invasive procedure.
  • It does not require general anesthesia and therefore doesn’t have the same side effects as general rhinoplasty.
  • You can see the results right after the procedure.
  • There is no to little recovery time.
  • You can reverse it whenever you want in case you didn’t like the results.
  • Right after the procedure, you can return to work.
  • You are awake during the procedure so you can control what’s happening. The doctor even lets you hold a mirror.
  • You will feel no pain. The only thing you may feel is the tiny needle the doctor uses to inject the filler. Of course, the local or topical anesthesia will prevent that as well.



  • This type of nose job in Iran is not permanent. So, if you are looking for a permanent solution, it’s not the right option for you.
  • A study has reported probable vascular complications and blood vessel blockage.
  • Due to vascular complications, some arteries can lead to blindness or death of the skin. However, you can avoid these side effects if an experienced and skillful doctor performs the procedure.
  • As a result of the injection, you may experience bruising, swelling, blurred vision, redness, allergic reaction, and nausea in some rare cases.
  • Some cases have reported that filler ingredients have migrated to other areas, causing a bumpy appearance.



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When and why should you do a non-surgical nose job?

If you have any minor nasal problems, you can use non-surgical rhinoplasty to modify your nose’s shape. You are a suitable candidate for a nose job in Iran if:

  • You have a droopy tip.
  • You have tiny bumps on the bridge.
  • You want to increase the volume of your nose.
  • Your nose does not fit your face.
  • You don’t want to experience heavy surgery.
  • You had rhinoplasty surgery and want to eliminate irregularities.




Why non-surgical rhinoplasty in Iran is better than in other countries?

Since rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure, insurance will not cover it. So, you have to pay for the whole procedure out of your own pocket. But that’s not all. If there are no board-certified doctors in your hometown, you will have to travel to another city or country and spend a lot just to do this procedure.

And if you work, you will have to take weeks off just so a doctor can visit you, decide what method is the most suitable for you, and then perform the procedure. Considering all that, here’s why we suggest a non-surgical nose job in Iran:

  • Many board-certified doctors in Iran have years of experience in this field.
  • Iranians are known to undergo surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty almost more than any other nation. So, you can see their experience and then make a decision.
  • You don’t need to take several weeks off. Iranian surgeons can visit you online and ask you to travel to Iran just for the final procedure.
  • Despite the modern equipment, rhinoplasty in Iran is a lot cheaper than in other countries.



The cost of a non-surgical nose job in Iran versus other countries

Due to the low value of Iran’s currency, everything is so cheap for foreign visitors. Even though almost all medical centers are operating according to world standards, they charge far less than what you expect.

For example, all you have to pay for a non-surgical nose job in Iran, from visa to accommodation and clinical care, will be no more than around 900 dollars. While in countries such as the US, the procedure per se will cost at least 2,500 dollars.






Types of non-surgical nose jobs in Iran

  • Injecting filler: this non-surgical rhinoplasty in Iran is performed under local anesthesia. The filler can be a gel or fat that the doctor injects into your desired area of the nose to reduce bumps to create a better shape.
  • Injecting Botox: this procedure is similar to using fillers. Doctors use gels that are compatible with your body tissue and will absorb into the body within a year. One of the advantages of this method is that if you are not satisfied with the results, the doctor can use a solvent liquid to undo the changes.
  • Thread lifting: by using special threads, the doctor stretches and reshapes your nose. Making it look smoother; without any humps.
  • Laser rhinoplasty: if you have any imperfection on your nose, laser rhinoplasty in Iran will treat it and makes your nostrils smoother and smaller.



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