Rhinoplasty in Iran

Rhinoplasty in Iran (Nose Job in Iran)

Rhinoplasty is the plastic surgery on the nose. It corrects the imperfections of the nose: bump, deviation, too long or curved appearance. It also can be applied to improve breathing. Plastic surgery on the nose, i.e. rhinoplasty, corrects the defects that appeared with growth in adolescence or following facial trauma. Indeed, the surgeons collaborating with carefultrip, Health Tourism Provider in Iran, all share the same approach to rhinoplasty, which is based on a personalized analysis of each patient, both technical and artistic. Having said that, we do believe a successful rhinoplasty is an improvement of the harmony of the nose and the face, and not a “transformation” which would prevent recognition from the operation.



Safe Rhinoplasty in Iran: Expertise

All cosmetic surgeons collaborating with carefultrip are certified in rhinoplasty, plastic and reconstructive surgery. Cosmetic/Plastic surgery is a complex specialty that requires years of practice and training. Accreditation from the board of directors of the clinic of your choice allows you to ensure that a surgeon can meet safety requirements and have the medical skills necessary for the procedure. Besides board accreditation, you can judge for yourself whether the surgeon really has the necessary expertise; specializations, publications as well as previous interventions. All the aforementioned information is provided on carefultrip, doctors sector.


Safe Plastic Surgery in Iran: Experience

In addition to proper training, the surgeon should have enough experience in the type of surgery you are considering. It can be said that the specialist is really experienced if they have performed the same type of procedure as yours once or more per week for five or more years. Cosmetic/plastic surgery is a complex procedure, it is for this reason that the surgeon must often practice enough to master it well and not to lose control.

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Health tourism in Iran

Health tourism is booming. Each year, more than 10 million tourists travel for medical reasons around the world. Health tourism consists of traveling within or outside one's country of residence for the primary purpose of seeking treatment. Oncology, cardiovascular surgery, orthopedics, dentistry, plastic surgery, infertility treatments, weight loss therapies, medical examinations are the most common treatments. Technological and scientific advances, as well as the quality of care are a valid reason for patients to travel.

 At the same time, the advent of the Internet and the development of transport networks have supported the opening of the health sector to the international market. The development of the medical offer is particularly rapid in the Gulf countries and in Asia.




In the methods and techniques that are done, there is no unpleasant change in the condition of the lips, and even in some cases, due to the correction of the improper relationship between the lips and the nose, the beauty of the lips is doubled.

All sports activities are prohibited for one month. After a month, you can start exercising such as walking (light and with minimal force). Exercises such as bodybuilding and aerobics need to stop longer.

Use the adhesive 24 hours a day for 8 weeks after surgery, and then you will use the adhesive overnight at bedtime for about 2 months.

The best time to have rhinoplasty is when the person is fully grown. The approximate age of facial growth in people is 18 years on average. However, the diagnosis is up to your doctor.

In the past, due to the use of inappropriate techniques, it was possible to return a fleshy nose after rhinoplasty, but now rhinosurgeons use standard and up-to-date techniques that have minimized reversibility.

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