What Is the Most Common Reason For Cosmetic Surgery?

The portion of people undergoing various types of cosmetic surgery is rising annually. It happens simultaneously as #loveyourself campaigns are on the list of most followed social actions. Some experts clarify how undergoing plastic surgery may help us to adore our appearance even more; This is one of the crucial explanations why individuals participate in cosmetic surgery in Iran or other potential destinations. Besides, affordability, social acceptance, and the effect of cosmetic procedures are other vital reasons for participating in them. Still, we need to dig deeper and learn more about the physical and mental causes that make candidates undergo their favorite plastic surgery.

What Is Cosmetic Surgery?


Although too famous for being introduced in an article, it still is helpful to know the difference between surgeries provided for a patient’s well-being and cosmetic surgery that is done for reasons beyond patients’ mere well-being. In the first step, notice that cosmetic and plastic surgeries are dedicated to the different types of medical procedures, and they have unique definitions in medical terms. Learning about the differences will help us plan more carefully about plastic surgery in Iran.

Cosmetic surgery is a distinctive specialization of medicine concentrated on improving and enhancing bodily appearance through medical and surgical options. These types of medical courses may be conducted in various areas such as all over the head, neck, and other body parts. As these body parts have been functioning correctly but lack aesthetic appeal, cosmetic surgery turns out to be an elective action.

Plastic surgery, on the other hand, is a surgical specialty that focuses on improving the face and body abnormalities caused by congenital disabilities, trauma, burns, and disease. Plastic surgery is reconstructive and is meant to fix malfunctioning bodily parts. So, if you tend to repair an irregularity caused by an illness, you should go for a plastic procedure and if you like a transformation in the appearance of one of your well-functioning organs, choose cosmetic practices.

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Various Types Of Cosmetic Surgery


There are several ways of categorizing the different cosmetic surgeries to get to know them properly. In the first stage, you should consider that these procedures are invasive clinical methods, so they are distinct from non-surgical medicine-based approaches. In this article, we classify cosmetic procedures in how they’ve been performed on the face or other body parts. As a result, you can find the best plan for yourself and manage to have your desired plastic surgery.

Famous types of surgeries performed on the face:

  • Cheek lift;
  • Botox;
  • Chin surgery;
  • Dimpleplasty;
  • Double chin removal.


Famous types of surgeries performed on the other parts of the body:

  • Arm lift;
  • Liposuction;
  • Breast lift;
  • Buttock lift;
  • breast augmentation surgery.


What Are The Causes Of Plastic Surgery?


Before expressing experts’ opinions about why individuals go for plastic surgery in Iran and other destinations, it is required to look into the data showing the range of cosmetic procedures performed yearly. The data gathered from ASPS shows that in 2018, around 16 million minimally invasive surgeries were conducted in diverse fields. This means over a quarter million more cosmetic treatments than in 2017 were performed this year. This isn’t a new phenomenon. Over the last five years, the number of people who have had cosmetic treatments has consistently increased. It vividly reveals a universal desire for various cosmetic procedures. Now, exploring the main reasons for undergoing these treatments would be helpful.

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The Rise Of New Technologies


Around 20 years ago, most people should have shown up at a huge party or particular rare ceremonies to be in the sight of their friends and strangers. But in our age, social media and high-resolution cameras installed on our phones, enable us to be in the spotlight every moment we want. This fact potentially raises the desire to look pretty and flawless. It is also worth mentioning that in our situation, people may be more in the condition of comparing themselves to others who have undergone these procedures.

Social Acceptance


Nowadays, people, in general, have a more positive attitude toward various types of cosmetic practices. This is essential because when reviewing the phenomenon of the increasing number of candidates undergoing cosmetic surgery in Iran, we must examine the social attitude toward this occurrence. Positive vibes from the community let individuals go for their desired look without the fear of being in an unpleasant social position. Psychologists may speak about this factor as owning self-improvement because people do not feel like they have to explain their personality to be accepted by others.

Cost-Effective Opportunities


Several years ago, the costs of routine plastic surgery were o high that only well-off candidates could afford them. This was a tremendous burden for others seeking safe and affordable treatments. The good news is nowadays, there are plenty of low-budget plans specific to all the candidates around the world. To make a good instance for this topic, we may introduce cosmetic surgery in Iran as an affordable choice. In this country, you have the opportunity to access a large variety of medical plans performed by experienced specialists in advanced hospitals. Mark that Iranian medical plans are well-varied so that you can find your favorite one comfortably.

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Why Has Plastic Surgery Increased?


Various factors are included in the increasing demand for cosmetic surgeries; the desire to look pretty, social acceptance, and affordable options like plastic surgery in Iran, are some of the crucial ones. Among these essential factors, it is worth noting that high technology tools and safer techniques that emerged recently are other pieces of our puzzle. Several years ago, most cosmetic courses were limited to surgical procedures, and specific nonsurgical procedures like laser-based ones were unavailable. Now, we can rely on diverse invasive and non-invasive options performed with cutting-edge equipment that significantly improve success rates and lower risk factors to have a safe medical practice. The equipment we talk about is classified into different categories like:

  • Laser kits;
  • Facelift devices;
  • Rhinoplasty instruments;
  • Breast surgery tools;
  • Abdominoplasty implements;
  • various microsurgery appliances.


The Best Age For Plastic Surgery


When it comes to the factors and conditions for a perfect cosmetic surgery, age is an important one. Patients who want to undergo plastic surgery in Iran always ask this question from their doctors to make sure when is the best time for surgery. In the first step, consider that every type of plastic surgery is varied according to the minimum age of the participant. This means you should find your desired cosmetic practice and comprehend the proper age. Still, remember that many cosmetic surgery operations are best achieved once the body has grown to full maturity. This is usually between 14 and 15 years old for girls and 15 to 16 years old for boys.

Below, you will discover the proper time for the most common cosmetic courses.

  • Breast augmentation in the 20s;
  • Breast implants at the age of 25;
  • Breast uplift at the age of 45;
  • Tummy tuck for adults older than 35;
  • Rhinoplasty for adults older than 20;
  • Botox procedure for adults older than 35;
  • Eyelift at the age of 40.

Don’t forget that this article is only a guide, and you must consult your doctor for the definite facts.

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Why should you perform cosmetic surgery in Iran?

Finding skilled and well-educated practitioners alongside affordable prices for your cosmetic surgery is an understandable burden. What makes performing cosmetic surgery in Iran an attractive option is undergoing surgery in well-equipped hospitals and clinics and under the supervision of skilled and experienced specialists, at a very affordable price. Plus, you can enjoy an exotic adventure in an exciting country!

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