Why cosmetic surgery in Iran?


With the help of cosmetic surgery, people can make beautiful changes in any part of their body. Cosmetic surgery or Plastic surgery is one of the fields of medicine that is rapidly growing and developing.

Cosmetic surgery increases your self-confidence. But it is essential to have a consultation with an expert and cosmetic surgeon before any cosmetic surgery to provide you with additional information. Care after cosmetic surgery is also critical.

It is necessary to obtain complete information about performing your cosmetic surgery in Iran; Our team has made it possible for you to access this information and quickly create the best treatment experience.


Why cosmetic surgery in Iran?


All people seek health; A large number of people are not only looking for health but also beauty and an attractive appearance. Due to this issue, beauty methods are growing and improving daily and serve beauty lovers with high safety.

Iran is one of the most popular countries that provide services such as cosmetic surgery. Experienced and up-to-date experts and modern technologies have allowed tourists and tourism to use these services.

The high quality and reasonable price of services in Iran have made many tourists perform their cosmetic surgery in Iran every year. Educated, skilled, and highly experienced specialists provide the best beauty services to their patients and clients. Iran is a reliable country for medical surgery because before doing anything, medical examinations are done to avoid possible complications of surgery or drugs. In cosmetic surgery, procedures such as rhinoplasty, liposuction, nose surgery, breast surgery, and abdominoplasty have received more attention from patients.



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How can I be sure to perform cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery?


Performing numerous cosmetic surgeries in Iran have made this country become one of the active hubs in the field of providing beauty services. Iranian surgeons have unique expertise in performing cosmetic surgeries and providing the best services to patients using the most up-to-date technologies worldwide.

The high number of cosmetic nose surgeries has made Iran one of the first few countries in the world in the field of cosmetic surgery. In addition, it has won the first surgery rank concerning the population.



What is cosmetic surgery? What is plastic surgery?


All these cases are included in cosmetic surgeries, from facelift, laser, and Botox to nose and breast surgeries. Some people looking for cosmetic surgery may have difficulty finding the right doctor and specialist.

One of the most critical issues is that cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery may be combined. While cosmetic surgery falls under the category of plastic surgery, cosmetic surgeons can only perform cosmetic procedures.



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Are you also confused about choosing a cosmetic surgeon?


You are not alone; many people are hesitant to choose a professional and expert cosmetic surgeon. Of course, it is also imperative that, according to a report published in 2017 about plastic and reconstructive surgery, people use the terms plastic and cosmetic surgeons incorrectly instead of each other.

It has been emphasized in numerous news and reports that to perform essential beauty services that do not even require surgery, specialists must have valid documents and certificates. So, pay attention to this point when choosing a cosmetic surgeon.


There are two types of plastic surgery:


If you are still in doubt about the choice, in this text, some things will help you to make a correct and conscientious choice.

Reconstructive plastic surgery treats parts of your body that have been cosmetically or functionally affected by tumors, infection, disease, congenital disabilities, or trauma.

Cosmetic plastic surgery changes the shape of parts of the body to get the form you want. This is a personal choice because your choice may not be an attractive transformation to someone else. Cosmetic surgeries are usually irreversible, so be sure to complete your research before performing these changes in the best possible way.


Consider this example about cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery.


For example, breast reconstruction after a mastectomy is a reconstructive plastic surgery that a plastic surgeon must perform, but breast lift is a cosmetic procedure that can be performed by a cosmetic surgeon or a plastic surgeon (according to your opinion).

Plastic and cosmetic surgery may include surgical, minimally invasive, or even non-surgical methods.



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Is plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery increasing?


We must say that according to reports from reliable sources, the number of people who use plastic surgery in Iran and worldwide or cosmetic surgery to change their bodies increases yearly. People are looking for a positive change in their faces and bodies to love themselves more and increase their self-confidence.



According to reports, millions of cosmetic surgeries were performed last year:


Breast enlargement


• Changing the shape of the nose

• Eyelid surgery

The methods of changing the body’s shape, such as buttock enlargement, thigh lift, and skin tightening, have also increased.



Among the most popular minimally invasive methods, the following can be considered:



• Fillers

• Chemical peeling

• Laser hair removal

• Microdermabrasion

Most patients are looking for ways to beautify themselves to get closer to their best version. Doctors and plastic surgeons also help people achieve the look they want.


The main reasons for choosing Iran for cosmetic surgery


In general, cosmetic is performed very professionally in Iran.

• Tehran, and Iran in general, has an excellent and specialized medical system. Iranian clinics and hospitals provide modern medical services. Also, cosmetic surgery’s treatment and health care system is very advanced and up-to-date. Plastic surgery in Iran is very professional and specialized.

• The cost of cosmetic surgery in Iran is very affordable and suitable. These numbers are meager compared to America, Europe, Britain, and even Turkey, and considering the high quality of beauty services, it is cost-effective. The prices of medical surgeries are very reasonable, which is why most tourists come to Iran for cosmetic surgery.

• The payment system in Iran is straightforward, and all hospitals and clinics accept cash from you to perform beauty services. Easy payment is allowed in all hospitals and medical centers for cosmetic surgeries. You don’t need complicated contracts for this.

• To get more information, you can collect information about medical centers, hospitals, or reputable clinics on the Internet and, with a correct choice, perform your cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery in Iran.



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Why should I do cosmetic surgery in Iran?


If you are looking for cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery in Iran with a short recovery period, Iran’s prestigious hospitals and clinics will provide you with this possibility. You can also visit beautiful Iranian tourist places.

Iran is one of the Middle East’s most prominent medical tourism destinations. Due to the high quality of cosmetic surgery services and affordable costs, many people visit Iran annually to perform their cosmetic activities.

With its well-equipped clinics and hospitals, Iran has attracted medical tourists. Liposuction, hair transplant, rhinoplasty, breast surgery, facelift treatment, and other cosmetic surgery methods are standard in Iran.



Cosmetic surgery in Iran with CarefulTrip

Helping patients to get comfortable and quality medical or beauty services is the priority of our team. We offer you different treatment plans according to your needs and the type of cosmetic surgery you choose. These packages are affordable, providing this golden opportunity for patients worldwide to use these packages. Among our many services, we can mention visa assistance, accommodation, transfer, translator, surgery, doctor’s visit, and other services needed for staying in Iran.


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