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The best cosmetic surgery clinic in Iran


According to statistics, more than 23 million people are eager to perform cosmetic surgery and use the help of plastic surgeons. Some European countries are the leaders in this field, but Iran doesn’t have anything less than these countries. There is a large number of advanced technologies and the latest generation of equipment in cosmetic surgery clinic in Iran.

Based on the gathered information, there are too many successful cosmetic surgeries in Iranian clinics compared to other countries. Choose your cosmetic surgery clinic in Iran and experience impeccable services, minimal risks, and highly qualified nurses or surgeons. You also will experience the shortest recovery time and most minor scars. Stay with us to get more information about the best cosmetic surgery clinic with the most famous surgeons in Iran.


Who is the best cosmetic surgeon in Iran?

The best cosmetic surgeon must have perfect experience in any cosmetic surgery and be aware of all detailed aftercare. A good surgeon never notices a red flag during the whole process of an operation.

Moreover, Iranian surgeons have a good relationship with their staff and patients. There are too many surgeons or doctors who acclaim themselves as a cosmetic surgeon but are they real cosmetic surgeons with enough experience, knowledge, and information?

Therefore you have to check if the claimed doctor is a registered surgeon on the Iranian general medical council. It is better to choose a surgeon who has gotten cosmetic surgery certificate from a college of surgeons.

This certificate means they have taken a particular cosmetic surgeon exam and met all international standards. Believe it or not, Iranian cosmetic surgeons are some of the best surgeons worldwide.

Since Iranian surgeons have enough experience and knowledge in cosmetic surgeries, many foreigners come to Iranian clinics to perform cosmetic surgery.



How do I find the best cosmetic surgery clinic in Iran?

Are you looking for a cosmetic surgery clinic in Iran? You only need to search online, check out patients’ reviews or comments and gather information about your demanded operation.

Some cosmetic surgery clinics in Iran provide world-class cosmetic surgeries, but which one can be the best?

CarefulTrip medical tourism facilitator is one of the most successful agencies to help you find the best plastic surgery clinic in Iran, with a good reputation worldwide.

The experts of these clinics have enough information about skincare and anti-aging because they have done some scientific skincare research.

The most crucial matter in finding the best cosmetic surgery clinic in Iran is the presence of qualified surgeons, owning a respective website, and having a high success rate in performing cosmetic surgeries. Generally, a well-chosen cosmetic surgery clinic in Iran must have below features:

  • Providing advanced technologies
  • Having the best consumable devices for better plastic surgery
  • Experiencing millions of successful cosmetic surgeries
  • Having the most professional plastic surgeons
  • Offering the most impeccable services
  • Owning highly qualified personnel
  • Decreasing the risk of cosmetic surgeries
  • Offering the shortest recovery time
  • Having critical advantages of a cosmetic surgery clinic


5 features of the best cosmetic surgery clinic in Iran

Have you ever questioned yourself about modifying a section of your own body with cosmetic surgery? For example, have you ever thought about a nose job or removing your wrinkles?

If you are struggling with an unwanted part of your body and wish to go for proper action, it is crucial to know the features of the best cosmetic surgery clinics in Iran.

As your health and body are essential, you must choose the most satisfying cosmetic surgery with highly professional surgeons.

An excellent cosmetic surgery clinic must consider multiple factors regarding patients’ demand for cosmetic surgeries. Cosmetic surgery clinics aim to protect patients and solve any lack of appeal, burn, or trauma.

An excellent cosmetic surgery will deeply check patients’ health status to know all underlying situations before jumping right into cosmetic surgery.

When choosing one of the best available cosmetic surgery clinics, you can calmly plan and rest for your cosmetic surgery.

Most English-speaking countries get too much money for every cosmetic surgery, but Iranian ones are the most affordable ones. Here are the top 5 features of the best cosmetic surgery clinic:

  • Being specialized in every cosmetic surgery (nose job and other facial cosmetic surgeries)
  • Dedicated to the best practice of international standards
  • Own top plastic or cosmetic surgeons
  • Care for patients too much
  • Use modern techniques for cosmetic surgeries


5 best cosmetic surgery clinics in Iran with affordable packages

Where do you live? Are you serious about coming to Iran to have cosmetic surgery? You are not the only foreigner who made this decision.

Too many people worldwide come to Iran in case of having cosmetic surgery with complete packages. This decision can be a trip which brings your better appearance or health as a souvenir.

Iran has the most reliable health tourism provider with the best and most affordable packages in different fields of cosmetic surgeries.

These packages are famous worldwide because of their experienced doctors, modern facilities, and reasonable prices. Let’s choose Iran as your best destination for medical tourism and provider of the best cosmetic surgeries.

They can be the best host for your health, along with the best health tourism facilities. You only have to choose your treatment or cosmetic surgery; they will perform other steps for you in the best quality.

It is time to send your request and receive a quotation for your demanded cosmetic surgery package because they are different packages with different prices. You will find the most economical cosmetic surgeries in Iran with the best packages.

Besides all available packages, there are some extra services for each patient with different purposes. Choose your demanded cosmetic surgery clinic, check out your needed package, get the price, and experience a memorable trip along with your cosmetic surgery.


Iranian cosmetic surgery clinic

Iranian cosmetic surgery clinic is an expert in different cosmetic surgeries while having enough information about skin and hair.

You will experience cosmetic surgery in a calm, safe and peaceful environment with the most modern medical services. Also, the welfare facilities of Iranian clinic aim for patients’ satisfaction by providing the best aftercare services.

A group of the best surgeons and experts gather together and cooperate to make the best cosmetic surgery experience for you as a patient.


Ghazal surgical center

Ghazal cosmetic surgery is one of the few successful centers in different cosmetic surgeries. This clinic is working in different fields and exclusively researches patient satisfaction.

There are too many methods for different cosmetic surgery in this Iranian surgical clinic. Let Ghazal clinic solve your appearance problems easily and quickly with the most affordable prices and remarkable facilities.


Tehran cosmetic surgery clinic

The good news for those who live in Tehran, you can find the best cosmetic surgery in Iran with astonishing facilities and reasonable prices. What is your aim for cosmetic surgery? Tehran clinic is ready to consult with you and help you find the best time for your demanded cosmetic surgery.


Iran HIFO cosmetic surgery clinic

Undoubtedly there are too many cosmetic surgery clinics in Iran, especially in Tehran but Iran HIFO can be one of the best cosmetic surgery clinics.

Iran HIFO is the best not only in terms of its equipment but also in the skill and expertise of its staff, discipline, regular management, and high satisfaction of its clients.

Many patients recommend this cosmetic surgery as the best one in Iran. This surgical center is ready to offer the best beauty services with the best devices and the last methods all over the world.


Blue touch cosmetic surgery clinic

Blue touch is one of the well-equipped cosmetic surgery clinics all over Tehran. The majority of visitors’ opinion about Blue touch clinic is positive, and they are totally satisfied with all facilities and services.

Blue touch is ready to offer any type of beauty services like skin services, hair care, laser, nutrition, slimming, and any kind of cosmetic surgery like skin lifting, filler, and so on.


What is the most popular plastic surgery in Iran?

Nowadays, most cosmetic surgery clinics invent and refine various surgical techniques for safer and more effective surgery. They walk through each procedure and try to calm the patients’ anxiety.

Many people look for plastic or cosmetic surgery to change their appearance; how about you? Cosmetic surgery means changing the body shape, removing wrinkles, and eliminating balding parts.

In addition, breast surgery or liposuctions are other types of cosmetic surgery. People perform such operations to feel more confident and comfortable with their appearances.

Though health insurance doesn’t cover the expenses of these surgeries, people decide to perform these operations in high demand. According to the surgeons’ statistics and comments, the most common plastic or cosmetic surgeries in Iran are:

  • Breast reduction
  • Breast lifting
  • Chin, jaw, or cheek reshaping
  • Eyelid lifting
  • Face lifting
  • Hair replacement
  • Liposuction
  • Nose job


Cost of a cosmetic surgery clinic in Iran

The cost of cosmetic surgery clinic in Iran depends on different factors like the surgeons, the time of operation, and the type of surgery; etc.; please note that the general fee of a cosmetic surgery clinic includes 4 different fees:

  • Surgical fee
  • Anesthesia fee
  • Facility and equipment fee
  • Materials fee

Additionally, as a foreigner, you must pay some costs due to your staying in the clinic for a while after your surgery. Iranian clinics offer the best and most affordable health tour packages with satisfying performance.

Most health insurance doesn’t cover these surgeries unless you have cosmetic surgery for healing reasons. You must pay more because your surgeon is more experienced, and cosmetic surgery has more advanced equipment.

The time of your surgery is another practical point on cosmetic surgery clinic costs. Other significant fees are as below:

  • Nursing care
  • Medical materials
  • Drugs used during cosmetic surgery
  • Using the clinic’s facilities

Generally, every cosmetic surgery clinic will have a fixed price, and some other costs will be added to the firm prices.

The best recommendation is to discuss all the different fees and general costs of your cosmetic surgery before registering for an operation in a cosmetic surgery clinic. Some cosmetic surgery also gets money for their consultation.

It means discussing your future cosmetic surgery will have some costs. You need some money to perform cosmetic surgery in a top-rated cosmetic surgery with enough tools and advanced equipment.



CarefulTrip helps you find the best cosmetic surgery clinic in Iran

Are you sure to perform cosmetic surgery in Iran as abroad? Since some cosmetic surgeries exist in Iran, you may have difficulty choosing the best Iranian cosmetic surgery clinic.

Search about each clinic and get enough information about your chosen ones. CarefulTrip is the most trusted health and medical tourism facilitator in Iran, with the most affordable cosmetic surgical and highly qualified surgeons.

They serve you the best as they can so you will experience a good time during your stay time in the CarefulTrip clinic. Let them provide what you need and wish to have.

The professional team of this clinic provides the best and most satisfying medical care with the help of experienced specialists and surgeons who have enough experience in cosmetic surgeries.

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