Rhinoplasty in Egypt

Rhinoplasty in Egypt




Rhinoplasty, also known as a “nose job,” is a surgical procedure that involves reshaping the nose to improve its appearance or function. In Egypt, rhinoplasty is a popular cosmetic procedure performed by plastic surgeons in private and public hospitals.

Here is some information about rhinoplasty in Egypt:





Rhinoplasty in Egypt can be performed as an open or closed procedure. In a closed procedure, the surgeon makes incisions inside the nostrils, which leaves no visible scars. This technique is used for minor nose reshaping or cases where the surgeon needs to make minor adjustments to the nose.

In an open procedure, the surgeon makes a small incision in the columella, which is the tissue that separates the nostrils. This allows the surgeon to lift the skin and access the nasal cartilage and bone more quickly. This technique is used for more complex nose reshaping or for cases where the surgeon needs to make significant changes to the nose.

During the surgery, the surgeon will remove, reshape, or reposition the cartilage and bone of the nose to achieve the desired shape and size. Sometimes, the surgeon may also use tissue grafts to add volume or support to the nose. Once the surgery is complete, the surgeon will place a splint on the nose to help it heal in the correct position.



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The rhinoplasty cost in Egypt is generally much lower than in many other countries. Rhinoplasty in Egypt can range from $1,500 to $3,500, significantly less expensive than in developed countries such as the US, UK, or Canada.

The cost of rhinoplasty in Egypt varies depending on several factors, such as the surgeon’s experience and qualifications, the clinic or hospital’s location, and the procedure’s complexity. For instance, the cost may be higher if the patient needs additional procedures, such as septoplasty (to correct a deviated septum) or grafting (to add more volume to the nose).





Plastic surgery is a popular field in Egypt, and many qualified and experienced plastic surgeons perform rhinoplasty. However, choosing a surgeon with the qualifications, experience, and expertise in performing rhinoplasty is essential.

In Egypt, many private clinics and hospitals offer rhinoplasty services, and patients can research and compare the services and expertise of different providers. However, ensuring that the facility is accredited and follows proper safety protocols is vital to minimize potential risks.

Some popular clinics for rhinoplasty in Egypt include:

  • Ashraf Abolfotoh Clinic in Cairo
  • Tarek Abdelbaki Clinic in Cairo
  • Adel Wilson Clinic in Cairo
  • Amr Seifeldin Clinic in Cairo



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What Are the Risks of Rhinoplasty in Egypt?

As with any surgery, there are risks associated with rhinoplasty in Egypt. Here are some:

  • Swelling and bruising,
  • Infection,
  • Bleeding,
  • Breathing difficulties,
  • numbness around the nose or upper lip,
  • Unsatisfactory results.

Patients should discuss their concerns with their surgeon before and after the procedure to minimize risks and ensure a safe and successful outcome.




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Rhinoplasty in Egypt vs. Rhinoplasty in Other Countries

Rhinoplasty in Egypt can offer several advantages over the procedure in other countries. One of the main advantages is the proximity of Egypt to several European countries and the Middle East, making it a convenient location for patients from these regions.

In addition, the cost of rhinoplasty in Egypt is generally lower than in some other countries (but not Iran), making it a more affordable option for patients who may not have access to high-quality medical care in their home country.

Furthermore, many surgeons in Egypt are highly qualified and experienced, having trained and educated in other countries such as Europe and the United States. But you may find Iranian surgeons and medical equipment much more skillful and updated.

On the other hand, Iran is a popular destination for medical tourism, including rhinoplasty. Iranian surgeons are renowned for their skills in rhinoplasty and have a reputation for producing natural-looking results. In Iran, rhinoplasty is much more affordable than in Egypt but also widely available, making it a popular choice for patients seeking the procedure.

If you’re looking forward to undergoing rhinoplasty, CarefulTrip is a Medical Tourism Agency that helps you contact professional plastic surgeons. Feel free to ask any questions you want from our support department.



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In conclusion, rhinoplasty is a common and affordable cosmetic procedure in Egypt. Many experienced plastic surgeons can perform the surgery, and the recovery period is generally short. However, as with any surgery, risks are involved, and it is vital to choose a qualified surgeon and follow their instructions for care.



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