Is it Ok to smoke after rhinoplasty?

Is it Ok to smoke after rhinoplasty?




Smoking is one of the most common dangerous actions among any generation of the population worldwide. Smoke warnings are observable everywhere, even in cigarette pockets. Although smoking increases diseases like heart attacks, many people are addicted to it. Besides health risks, smoking has too many side effects after some surgeries. Are you a smoker thinking about Rhinoplasty? You will have a hard time waiting to smoke another cigarette. Rhinoplasty in Iran is a popular surgery that is hard for smokers, but professional clinics will make it easier for smokers to wait and be patient.

Doctors recommend you not pick up your cigarette for a long time after your surgery because it will cause trouble for your health. Also, smoking after this operation may cause other diseases that are hard to treat.

Choose your clinic and surgeon with enough information because the hard time of removing cigarettes gets easier if your doctor helps you. Generally, some potential doctors help you remove cigarettes from your life.

Nose job surgery can be your excuse to remove smoking for the rest of your life. It has too many side effects, hard to ignore. Let’s check out the harmful effects of smoking after this operation.



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Why is smoking harmful after Rhinoplasty?

If you are addicted to cigarettes, you cannot be a suitable volunteer for Rhinoplasty. Smokers must not think about this nose job operation in the first place unless they can quit smoking for at least 4 weeks.

Side effects of smoking after these kinds of operations are not possible to make up. Surgeons recommend removing smoking because cigarette has nicotine which is harmful to your body and affect the healing process.

Please note that smokers must also refrain from smoking some weeks before their surgery. Be logical and refrain from cigarettes for the recommended time.

You are paying some money, tolerating pain, and spending your time, so it is essential to act based on doctors’ recommendations and remove smoking as long as possible.

Everyone knows smoking has too many side effects for ordinary people with regular health. Therefore it can be even more harmful to those who have an operation.

You can make it easier to tolerate refraining from cigarettes if you experience Rhinoplasty in Iran because doctors and surgeons will help you remove it more manageable with some medical care and medications.



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6 reasons to avoid smoking after Rhinoplasty

Health is the most crucial asset of humans. You have to make an effort for a healthy life with a healthy body and mind. Smoking is one of the most harmful actions and has many disadvantages for men and women. Ignoring gender, age, place of living, and health condition, smoking is not acceptable at all. Moreover, some people have to refrain from smoking and picking up their cigarettes for a long time if they have had an operation like a nose job.

Smoking will affect their recovery process, skin, treatment procedure, and many other conditions after the operation. It may be questionable for someone why smoking is harmful and dangerous after a nose job.

What are the exact side effects? Or what are the reasons to refrain from smoking? Keep reading the article to get more information about removing cigarettes after an operation like a nose job.




Increasing infection risk

Since your body tolerates a hard operation time and gets a little weak during surgery, it is susceptible to becoming infected by any allergens, toxins, and bacteria.

Smoking will decrease your body’s strength against these harmful infections. Smoking makes your body weak in fighting dangerous bacteria or diseases, so you must refrain from smoking for your health.  Although some potential clinics try their best to heal the nose and offer the most helpful services, smoking increases the risk of becoming infected by dangerous infections. Nose bone and tissue get weaker after surgery, so the patient needs more medical care. These cares and recommended services are clinics’ tasks. Blood cells get effects by nicotine; therefore, patients must refrain from smoking for better health and healthy life.




Delaying treatment period

Another critical reason to avoid smoking after a nose job is an increasing healing period. Smoking increases the treatment time because it slows wound treatment.

The patient’s body healing ability will increase or decrease treatment healing, and smoking affects body healing ability. In addition, smoking even affects the thickness of a patient’s skin and wound healing period.

Besides wound healing, the recovery process gets slower due to smoking and more carbon monoxide in the patient’s blood. In case of the wrong action of your hemoglobin, blood’s ability to send oxygen to the cell will decrease too.

Wound treatment, body ability healing, and other health action directly connect with cells and deliver oxygen to the blood.

Smoking limits blood oxygen and decreases its flow. At last, smoking increases the wound healing period and recovery process.




Increasing blood pressure

Smoking cigarettes increase blood pressure in everyone. Whether you have had an operation or not, smoking increases blood pressure easily and quickly.

Additionally, the risk of high blood pressure will increase if you smoke just after your nose job. As we said, smokers are not good volunteers for a nose job in the first place because their blood pressure is high, so they have a long bleeding time during their surgeries.

High blood pressure also causes heart attacks and other health issues; therefore, smokers must refrain from smoking some weeks before and after their operation.

Getting sick is another high-attention reason to avoid cigarettes before and after a nose job because your body gets weaker against any illness.

Your body will need more oxygen after a nose job, and smoking decreases your blood oxygen, so how can you become healthy again?




Blocking airway

Do you have a problem with your airway, or do you have any breathing problems? A nose job helps eliminate such issues and diseases, but smoking after this operation will cause breathing problems.

Surgeons recommend refrain cigarettes some weeks after your nose job. Smoking makes some components stick to your operated nose and block your airway after a nose job.

To avoid blocking the airway, patients must refrain from smoking long after the operation. Health issues related to each other are a chain.

For example, smoking will increase the wound treatment period; prolonged treatment time will increase the recovery process; the long recovery process will shrink blood vessels, making breathing hard.

Finally, you will have a blocked airway by smoking after a nose job. Don’t forget, if you experience an improper recovery process with the slow healing process, your airway can not heal quickly, fast, and correctly so you will have a blocked airway and a hard time breathing.

One particular post-medical care of nose jobs is helping patients to avoid smoking for better breathing. Experience Rhinoplasty in Iran with total medical care and services.




Skin loss

You may suffer your skin problem for a long time. Oxygen in blood is an essential component to make your skin shiny.

Imagine you have had a nose job and haven’t stopped smoking, the oxygen level of your blood will decrease, and finally, your skin will lose its shape and shiny appearance.

A nose job makes some scars on your face. Moreover, this operation damages your skin tissues too. How can you get your healthy and shiny skin back? Medical care and facilities will help you get cured easily and quickly, but you must avoid smoking.

Picking up a cigarette after a nose job will decrease oxygen in your blood. A limited blood oxygen level won’t let your skin and damaged tissue improve sooner, so smoking is unacceptable.

Your blood cells must be healthy with useful nutrients to cure your skin and heal as soon as possible, while smoking will pollute your blood vessels with nicotine.




Increasing bleeding

Though smoking has many harmful effects on life, many people are addicted to it. Smoking is not recommended for those who want to operate their noses because it will increase bleeding during a nose job.

Excessive bleeding is one of the dangerous side effects of smoking after and before the nose job. Surgeons are never allowed to operate on a smoker because they will have excessive bleeding during and after surgery.

Smokers must avoid their bad habits some weeks before and after surgery because it will have too many side effects. Don’t create a flawed, limited, and long-term healing process by smoking after a nose job.

Quit smoking for the rest of your life if you have had an operation because it will make breathing hard and cause many other issues.








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