What Is the Distance Between Rhinoplasty and Lasik Eye Surgery?

What Is the Distance Between Rhinoplasty and Lasik Eye Surgery?

If you plan to have rhinoplasty in Iran and you wear glasses or contact lenses, you might be interested in learning more about how rhinoplasty and LASIK eye surgery are related. In order to help readers better understand how the nose job and the LASIK surgery are related to one another, we first address some frequently asked questions about nasal surgery following eye LASIK surgery.


The Distance Between Rhinoplasty and Lasik Eye Surgery

Three months after LASIK surgery, the rhinoplasty can be done. During this time, the eyes are almost fully improved, and rhinoplasty has no negative effects on the eyes. In general, it is best to get the okay for the nose job from your eye surgeon by getting in touch with him or her. Highly-skilled specialists for rhinoplasty in Iran who can assist you to achieve the desired result. In order to find a trusted surgeon for conducting rhinoplasty in Iran, you can benefit from a medical tourism provider. There are so many companies in Iran. One example is CarefulTrip. They can help patients to have safe and great LASIK operations and rhinoplasty in Iran.


Should I Get Lasik Before or After a Rhinoplasty?

Lasik (corneal) eye surgery is not directly impacted by rhinoplasty. Therefore, whether rhinoplasty is performed before or after corneal modifications should not matter, theoretically. However, rhinoplasty does require working around the eyes, and frequently, either corneal shields are used to protect the eyes or the lids are taped shut over the cornea. Even though the goal of such protective maneuvers is to avoid a corneal abrasion, they always run the risk of doing so. Therefore, if I were a patient, I would choose to have my rhinoplasty first, followed by Lasik surgery, to eliminate the rare risk of that issue occurring during a rhinoplasty. The risks of rhinoplasty in Iran are minimal. The best way to ease your concerns about rhinoplasty in Iran is to select a reputable medical professional who will take all necessary precautions to keep you safe. For your specific areas of concern, CarefulTrip can address your queries and go over your options.


Can Rhinoplasty Be Conducted After Lasik?

There shouldn’t be any problems with a rhinoplasty following LASIK. Your cornea, which is what the LASIK surgery affects, will not be affected by the bruising that may develop in the area of your eyelids after rhinoplasty. You can have both a LASIK operation and rhinoplasty in Iran and you can check with your ophthalmologist to make sure there aren’t any unique circumstances in your case.


The Effect of Rhinoplasty Post-Surgery Bruise on the Lasik Operation

There are no issues if you get a nose job after LASIK. The tissue under the eyes is the source of the swelling and bruising after rhinoplasty; the cornea is not involved. To be certain, check with your ophthalmologist.


Wearing Glasses After the Rhinoplasty

The response to this query is based on the adjustments made to your nose during the procedure. You should probably wait six to eight weeks before wearing sunglasses or regular eyeglasses if the main focus of the surgery was the nasal bridge (where the eyeglasses are placed), as your nose shouldn’t be under pressure anyway. As a result, once the three-month recovery period is over, you can wear either heavy or light eyeglasses.


After Rhinoplasty, Refrain From Wearing Glasses For At Least One Month

The procedure has many risks because rhinoplasty frequently falls short of the surgeon’s and the patient’s expectations. The sensation of “nasal obstruction” is one of the respiratory issues caused by scars and mucous membrane destruction. The primary risks of rhinoplasty are postoperative abnormalities, which occasionally (5 to 15%) require revision surgery.


Can You Wear Contact Lenses After a Rhinoplasty Procedure?

One of the simplest ways to improve vision in patients whose eyes are weak is by using contact lenses. If the patient wears medical contact lenses, he can put them in whenever he feels comfortable doing so, but for some patients, wearing lenses will be impossible for a while due to swelling in the head and, particularly, the eyes. Before having rhinoplasty surgery, you should speak with your eye doctor because contact lenses are not always a good option.


The Overall Result of Rhinoplasty and Lasik

After surgery, you should follow your doctor’s advice carefully in order to speed up recovery. You should talk to your surgeon about what you want to do because different people have different medical backgrounds and conclusions, different treatments differ in different people, and each doctor has a different treatment approach. To obtain the best guidance. However, generally speaking, we have discussed the typical cases that are seen in patients in this article so that those who are interested in learning more should pursue a study in this area. For your doctor to explain, for example, what rhinoplasty does and whether it is relevant to the surgery, you should talk to them about your expectations and reasons for having surgery. And what issues can’t be resolved through this procedure, and what are the outcomes for you?


Does Rhinoplasty Have an Impact on LASIK Surgery Results?

Unfortunately, some individuals believe that having a rhinoplasty may affect the outcomes of their LASEK and LASIK procedures, but they should be aware that a rhinoplasty has no impact on the eye. It is advised against wearing anything heavy on the bridge of the nose after rhinoplasties, such as sunglasses and prescription eyewear. The patient needs to rest in bed following rhinoplasty. The head should be at a 45-degree angle to the chest in order to lessen bleeding and swelling. Tampons typically stay in the nose for one to seven days, and they can cause swelling and congestion.



Following LASIK eye surgery, care should be given right away. The necessary training on side effects is typically provided by nurses who provide you with medical care. There could be numerous complications after rhinoplasty surgery in Iran, depending on the procedure. For instance, there is a chance of bleeding, surgical site infection, and blood clotting during many procedures. You will be taken to a recovery room after having LASIK eye surgery. You’ll probably regain consciousness there and spend a few hours in the recovery area. You’ll be perplexed. Some people experience nausea upon regaining consciousness, and you will experience confusion. Employees might instruct you to breathe deeply so they can check your lung capacity. They keep an eye on your heart rate, pulse, blood pressure, and body temperature. If you experience any unusual, brand-new, or worsening symptoms following surgery, call your doctor right away.

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