Dos and don’ts after Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job, has gotten excessively popular over the years. Rhinoplasty in Iran is the most popular cosmetic surgery done yearly in this country. Iran has the title of world’s nose job capital due to the high rates of rhinoplasty done in this country. Just like any other procedure, there are things you should and should not do after performing this operation. Keep reading this article if you want to learn more about these items.


An Overview on Rhinoplasty in Iran

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure aimed to change the shape of one’s nose. This type of cosmetic surgery usually performed for aesthetic reasons, although improving the breathing patterns is another common motivation. When planning this surgery, your doctor will adapt your ideal shape to your facial features and then gives you a customized plan.


Dos and Don’ts After Rhinoplasty

After performing this operation, you should rest, with your head raised higher than the rest of your body. This position helps reduce bleeding. Your nose may feel stiff or swollen after the surgery, which is completely normal.

 Your surgeon will tape a splint on your nose for support, which usually lasts for one week. You might even experience slight bleeding before and after removing the splints.

Your doctor might also tape a particular pad under your nose. This will absorb discharge and possible blood.  In order to protect your nose and receive better results there are plenty of things you should do after performing this operation.


What Should You Do After the Procedure?

After this procedure, you should do some critical post-cares actions; some of them are as following:


  • Give Yourself Enough Time to Recover

The first week after your surgery is not going to be your best week. You should avoid doing any task that disturbs your recovery and healing after the surgery. Most patients go back to their regular routines 3 weeks after the operation, but it is important to consider how you are feeling, letting your body recover naturally with no rush. Most issues occur due to the impatience of the patients after their surgery. To prevent any unfortunate events, make sure you let your nose heal naturally.


  • Follow the Post-Care Instructions Given by Your Doctor

Your surgeon will give you specific instructions and personalized facts on what you should and should not do after your surgery. Following these instructions is vital for recovering properly.


  • Keep Your Head Elevated

Keeping your head at a 45-degree angle will help reduce bleeding and swelling. You can use pillows that keep your head elevated when you are laying down.


  • Take Baths

After your surgery, try taking baths instead of showers. Especially as long as you still have bandages. This will reduce the risk of bleeding and swelling.


  • Avoid Too Many Facial Expressions

Extreme expressions such as heavily laughing, grinning or even smiling might bother your nasal area.


  • Increase Your Fiber Intake

Eating high-fiber foods such as fruits, beans and vegetables helps to avoid constipation. Constipation might put extra pressure on your surgical area.


  • Limit the Movements of Your Lips

Limit the movements of your lips and especially your upper lips by brushing your teeth gently or shewing softly.


  • Avoid Direct Sun Exposure

The UV rays of the sun will harm your nose after surgery. Unprotected exposure to these rays will lead to possible bleeding, itching, swelling, and even discoloring your nose. Try avoiding sunlight exposure, but if you are spending time outdoors, make sure to wear SPF and a hat.


What Should You Not Do After the Procedure?

After this procedure, you should not do some actions such as:


  • Don’t Participate in Heavy Activities

Avoid any physical activities that involve running, jogging, dancing, exercises and other cardiovascular activities.


  • Don’t Blow Your Nose

This might sound obvious, but blowing your nose after surgery leads to nose bumps and swelling. Avoid blowing your nose.


  • Avoid Crowded Places

Crowds and busy areas might increase the risk of bumping your nose. You might want to avoid crowds for a while.


  • Don’t Go Tanning

Whether outdoors or indoors, it is important to avoid tanning after your procedure. The skin on your nose is much more sensitive after performing rhinoplasty, making it vulnerable to the sun. This exposure may permanently darken the skin on your nose, as well as increasing the risk of swelling.


  • Don’t Sneeze

Just like blowing your nose, sneezing is also harmful after your surgery. Therefore, try avoiding things that might make you sneeze or blow your nose. Sneezing affects your nasal cavity, harming blood vessels and preventing healing. If you deal with seasonal allergies, you might even want to schedule your surgery at a time where you are less likely to experience your allergies. Lowering the chance of sneezing.


  • Don’t Put Anything in Your Nose

Avoid putting anything in your nose, whether small pieces of tissue, or even picking your nose. It will prevent your nose from healing properly.


Rhinoplasty Treatment in Iran

Iran is a great medical destination, especially for performing plastic and cosmetic surgeries. With the high rates of cosmetic procedures, and especially rhinoplasty done here yearly, Iranian doctors have gained a good reputation with keeping their patients satisfied.

Rhinoplasty in Iran is much more affordable and budget friendly than most other countries, letting you receive the best services with the lowest prices. Iranian doctors and surgeons are among the most professional specialists.

Advanced surgical teams and well-equipped medical centers are other factors that play a big role in keeping you satisfied. Moreover, Iran is also a beautiful country, so by picking Iran as your rhinoplasty destination, you are killing two birds with one stone.


How Can We Help?

Here at CarefulTrip, we make sure you are receiving the best rhinoplasty treatment in Iran. From the very first steps of your journey, we are there to consult you, connect you with the most professional doctors, and plan your trip from A to Z, making it simpler than ever for you to achieve your ideal results. Make sure to contact us to start your rhinoplasty journey and gain confidence through achieving your desired looks.


The Bottom Line

Cosmetic surgeries have become extremely common over the past few years. Rhinoplasty in Iran is one of the most popular cosmetic operations that people perform, despite their age and gender. There are important factors you should pay attention to after performing this surgery, to ensure you will receive the best results. Rhinoplasty treatment in Iran is popular due to fair prices, advanced medical centers and professional doctors.

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