How To Get Rid of A Bony Bump On The Side Of Your Nose?




What Is A Bony Bump On The Side Of Your Nose?

Some people may complain of a bone or bump around their nose. Of course, some people may have only one side of their nose with a bulge or prominent bone, and the other side of their nose is natural and attractive. Sometimes it happens that a person likes one side of his face more than the other; This feeling may be due to a bony protrusion on one side of his nose, which does not tend to have a bad image on that side in the photo. But why can one side of our nose have bony protrusions and not the other side? These conditions are usually treated with surgery or sometimes without surgery.



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What is the bony protrusion of the nose?

A nose bump is a bone, cartilage, or hump that sits on your nose’s bridge and detracts from your face’s attractiveness. The bump on your nose is made up of the upper third of your nose bone, and the lower two-thirds of your nose is made up of cartilage. The hump or bump of the nose may be bone or cartilage. Many patients complain about these humps and are dissatisfied with their faces and nose appearance.




Why do you have a bony bump on the bridge of your nose?

There are many reasons for a bone, hump, or annoying cartilage appearing on the nose’s bridge. These nose humps make you uncomfortable, and you may not be satisfied with the appearance of your nose because of their existence. Some of the most common causes of nasal bony protrusions include the following:





Genetics is one of the influencing factors on the bony hump of your nose. There is a possibility that your parents have a hump, and you will inherit it according to genetics. Of course, your hump may not appear until puberty because, usually, the changes will occur after puberty and your steady growth.




Your nose is made up of several different parts, and there may be bumps in one of the following:

  • Separating the nostrils, the septum comprises both bone (above) and cartilage (toward the tip).
  • Nostrils were entering the nasal cavity. This is where you get the smells.
  • Nasal cavity. The nasal cavity is the space behind your nose and is connected to your throat but separated from your mouth by your palate.



Trauma, injury, or blow to the nose:

During an accident, injury, or after a blow to the nose, your body repairs the damage. Sometimes the repair of the injury to your nose may not be uniform and cause a hump on the nose. A broken nose can be the leading cause of humpback if your nose does not heal evenly.



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Frequently asked the question: Do nasal bony protrusions cause breathing problems?

Sometimes the humps created deviate from the nasal septum. Deviation of the nasal septum may cause breathing problems for you. When treating nasal bony bumps, describe your complete condition to the doctor because the treatment of nasal bony ridges alone cannot cure your breathing problems. Therefore, to achieve the treatment of breathing problems in addition to eliminating the hump of the nose, explain your complete information and conditions to the specialist doctor. Your septal passages may have deviated from the injury that caused the bony nasal hump, but removing the hump will not necessarily improve your ability to breathe freely. This part is susceptible and determining, so it is better to talk to a specialist and experienced doctor about this so that your breathing treatment is complete and you don’t face problems during sleep or daily life.




How to get rid of a bony bump on the side of your nose?

The dorsal hump or bony protrusion of the nose is a cartilaginous and bony abnormality on the nose. These complications can cause a bony protrusion or nasal hump in the outline of a person’s nose instead of a straight slope from the bridge of the nose to the tip. These bony protrusions of the nose do not threaten a person’s health and only affect the appearance of people. In some cases, bony protrusions of the nose may cause breathing problems, for which a person has to go to a specialist doctor or a plastic nose surgeon. Removing the dorsal hump or bony protrusion of the nose is one of the most common reasons for patients to perform rhinoplasty.




To get rid of a hump, you must know the symptoms associated with it:

  • Nasal swelling and puffiness
  • Sensation of pain or unpleasant external sensations
  • Breathing problems
  • Redness in or around the nose
  • Pain in the nostril area
  • Tenderness in or around the nose

Now that you know the symptoms and problems of bony protrusion of the nose, you will see whether you have it or not with a short examination. If you doubt this, see a specialist so that the doctor can determine for sure whether you need treatment or not. After the consultation, choose the best way to fix your hump so you can return to your routine and satisfying life as quickly as possible.




What are the treatments to remove the nasal bony bulge? What methods are recommended for the treatment of bony protrusion of the nose?

You have several options for removing the bony bump on your nose. Various surgical and non-surgical procedures remove and treat nasal bony protrusion. According to your condition and interest, the doctor will recommend the best method, so it is better to take advantage of the advice of a specialist doctor to get the best result.




Treatment of nasal bony protrusion with surgery:

Rhinoplasty or nose cosmetic surgery is a type of plastic surgery that can remove the bony hump of your nose, and even with this method, your breathing problems will be solved. Of course, the doctor must know your breathing problems to consider the proper treatment for you during surgery. A specialist doctor can remove the bony hump on your nose with rhinoplasty. There are two types of Rhinoplasties, and if you want to remove the bump with surgery, you can use one of these two methods.




Open rhinoplasty to remove the hump of the nose:

Open rhinoplasty, or traditional rhinoplasty, is a type of surgery performed outside. In fact, in this type of surgery, the specialist doctor will open your nose, and with complete access to your nose, he will perform a more definitive treatment. Compared to the closed nose rhinoplasty method, the scar is apparent, although the surgeon covers the wounds after the surgery to heal them. The revision rhinoplasty method generally has more satisfactory results than closed rhinoplasty surgery. Typically, rhinoplasty requires general anesthesia, during which the rhinoplasty surgeon makes a small incision that gives them a full view of the bone and cartilage under your skin. Then, the expert surgeon cuts your nose and changes the shape of your nose; This change may involve breaking and realigning the bones of the nose to improve its appearance. So, this part of the surgery will be essential and decisive.




Closed rhinoplasty to remove the bony protrusion of the nose:

Closed rhinoplasty surgery is less invasive than open rhinoplasty surgery and has less pain and scars. Your nose is not split from the outside, but the surgeon makes incisions through your nostrils and performs the surgery from the inside. With closed rhinoplasty, no scars will be seen. This method is convenient and satisfactory, and it is only imperative that an expert and experienced surgeon perform this method for you so that the best and least risky result is obtained for you. Your specialist surgeon works under your nostrils to reshape the bone and cartilage above your nasal passages. This way, you will experience minimal swelling. In general, closed-nose rhinoplasty does not require general anesthesia. Rhinoplasty requires less recovery time and recovers faster.

In both open and closed rhinoplasty, your specialist surgeon may break the nasal bones, reshape and reposition them to reshape the nasal bony hump, and remove the nasal bony ridge. These fractures, which are done to reshape your nose, cause bruising and swelling after your rhinoplasty. After breaking the nasal bone to treat the bony protrusion, you need a nasal splint or cast to allow your bone to get used to the created conditions and the nasal bone to repair itself in this position.




Is it possible to eliminate the hump nose with non-surgical treatment?

Non-surgical treatment of the bony nasal hump depends on the type and size of your nasal hump. If the bony bump on your nose is small, it is possible that your hump can be treated with non-surgical methods. For example, according to the condition of your nose, the doctor may suggest the injection of dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are convenient, low-risk, and fast, but they do not last forever. Keep in mind that nasal fluid drains over time. It would be best if you repeated this treatment every 6 to 12 months. Nose job or similar procedures can be a great and inexpensive solution, but they are not permanent. Nasal rhinoplasty may require local anesthesia and usually takes thirty minutes. Using dermal fillers, the rhinoplasty surgeon fills in the areas of your nose around where the bony ridge of your nose begins. This method can result in a flatter profile on the bridge of your nose.




How is the recovery period after nose bone surgery?

The recovery period after your nasal hump surgery depends on the method you choose to treat your hump. If you have undergone rhinoplasty, you will have significant bruising and swelling around the eyes and nose, and your recovery will take about eight weeks. Of course, even after that, you need medical advice and examination so that no particular problems arise. If you have chosen a nose job to remove the bony protrusion of your nose, you will have minor swelling and bruising and experience routine conditions for up to six weeks. In non-surgical and non-invasive treatments, you usually return to your routine life after a few days and do not need exceptional recovery. This recovery process may take a little longer if you are allergic to dermal fillers injected into the nose. Skin sensitivities do not usually occur after the injection of dermal fillers because the fillers are hypoallergenic.




In general, should surgery be performed to remove bony protrusions of the nose?

Non-surgical and non-invasive methods have satisfactory results but are temporary. To achieve permanent results and change the appearance of your nose and face, it is better to perform rhinoplasty surgery. Typically, breathing problems and nasal humps are not treated with non-surgical methods, and you must use surgical approaches to treat your breathing problems. You may be worried about the complications and risks of a nose job. Still, you should know that the difficulties and dangers of rhinoplasty surgery are very low, and by choosing a team and medical advice, you can eliminate these complications and risks. The CarefulTrip team can advise you in selecting an expert and experienced doctors and suggest special packages for compatriots outside Iran and tourists to achieve the most satisfactory result. If you don’t want the scars on your face to be obvious, you can do a Nose job and hide your imperfections inside the nostrils. You can also consult your doctor about choosing the proper method.




Eliminating the bony protrusion of the nose in Iran with CarefulTrip

As you read in this text, many methods to eliminate the bony protrusion of the nose are performed with or without surgery. To achieve these methods, you need a practical consultation, and the treatment and recovery of these methods will change depending on your choice. All the proposed plans to eliminate your hump will be reviewed and finalized by experienced Iranian doctors so that you can consider the best option for you. You can consult a specialist surgeon about which methods can be helpful for you. Nose jobs in Iran and Rhinoplasty in Iran are two instrumental and practical methods to reduce the nose’s size and eliminate the nose’s bony protrusion. We also provide affordable packages for various medical, cosmetic, surgical, and other services to make it possible for patients worldwide to use these services. CarefulTrip’s numerous services in Iran include assistance in receiving advice, cosmetic surgery, medical services, surgery, translator, accommodation, doctor’s visit, visa, transfer, and other services required for staying in Iran.



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Summary of how to remove the bony bump on the nose with or without surgery:

There is usually no medical reason to remove a nasal hump or bony prominence unless your breathing is impaired. But you have many treatment options if you feel uncomfortable or unsatisfied with the bony mojo bump in your nose. If your feelings about your nose and appearance affect your daily life, removing a nasal hump or bony bump may be worth considering. But remember that you must use expert doctors and surgeons to treat this issue and achieve the desired result. Also, natural ways to make the nose smaller are helpful for patients and enthusiasts who are looking to make their noses smaller. Non-surgical methods are cheaper than surgical methods, but none of the methods are permanent and lose their effectiveness after time. It is imperative and necessary to consult with a specialist and a skilled doctor about performing closed or revision Nose job and receiving Liquid Rhinoplasty in Iran. Taking your pre-surgery consultation seriously would be best, and not go anywhere for medical or counseling services. Iran is one of the world’s largest centers of medical tourism and provides unique medical services to its domestic and foreign patients.

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