Treatment Of A Broken Nose

Treatment Of A Broken Nose





Nasal fracture, also known as nasal fracture and nose fracture, is a kind of fracture or crack in the bone or cartilage of the nose. Typically, these fractures occur on the bridge of the nose, or septum, which is the area that divides your nostrils.




What are the causes of the broken nose?

There are various reasons for a fracture in your nose, but the most common sense for a broken nose is a solid blow to the face and nose area. Nasal fractures often occur with other injuries to the face or neck. Common causes of broken nose can be the following:

  • Eating the area of ​​the face and nose against the wall
  • Impact on the face and nose during exercise
  • Punching or kicking the nose
  • Falling from a height and hitting the nose
  • Accidents with a car or motorcycle when hitting the face and nose






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How to tell if the nose is broken?

In general, a broken nose has symptoms that you will notice quickly. Severe pain at the time of broken limbs is one of the things that cannot be ignored.


If you have the following symptoms, your nose is most likely broken:

  • nose bleeding
  • Pain in or around the nose
  • Crooked or crooked nose
  • Nasal congestion that does not clear or capping of the nasal airways
  • Swollen nose or swelling around the nose that causes your nose to be crooked
  • You hear a grating or unusual sound when you move your nose
  • Bruising around the nose and eyes, which usually disappears after two or three days
  • And generally, symptoms that require immediate medical treatment

If you have a broken nose or emergency symptoms, see a doctor immediately or call an emergency.


The following symptoms are considered medical emergencies:

  • In general, if you suspect a head and neck injury, you should not move at all and should see a doctor immediately.
  • You have trouble breathing.
  • Your nose bleeds profusely and won’t stop.
  • A clear liquid comes out of your nose, and the flow of this liquid does not stop.
  • Your nose looks crooked or misshapen; Remember not to straighten your nose forcefully.


This is a common question: Who is most at risk of a broken nose?

The answer to this question is a bit difficult because incidents and events happen to everyone. For this reason, any person can be at risk of a broken nose. But some activities increase the risk of fracture in people. These people should be more careful about their broken noses than others.

People participating in most contact sports are at a higher risk for nasal fractures.


Some contact sports include:

  • Soccer
  • Martial Arts
  • basketball
  • Boxing
  • Soccer
  • Hockey

And other activities that may expose you to a broken nose:

  • Skiing and snowboarding
  • Conflict and physical fight
  • Using a motor vehicle, especially without a helmet and in adverse weather conditions
  • riding bike

People who do the mentioned activities are more at risk of breaking their noses than others. However, regardless of the above, children and middle-aged people risk damaging their noses more than other ages. Toddlers and young children are more vulnerable and fragile than others. Their bone mass is weak and quickly leaves its original state. To take care of yourself, remember to protect your face and nose more than at other times when doing contact sports or certain physical activities.


How is a broken nose diagnosed?

By visiting a specialist doctor, you make it possible for a correct diagnosis to be made for your broken nose. The expert doctor examines and touches your nose. Also, the doctor will check the signs on your face and nasal bone to find out if your nose is broken or not. If your nose has a lot of pain, the doctor will use local anesthesia and then perform the procedures related to the examination.

If you don’t have much pain, the doctor suggests you go home and rest for a while to reduce the swelling and see the doctor again after a few days. An X-ray or CT scan will be prescribed if it is still difficult to diagnose a broken nose after a few days. X-rays and CT scans will more accurately show your doctor if your nose is broken or just bruised.


Treatment of a broken nose

Treating a broken nose depends on the type of injury and fracture. You may need a medical emergency, or you may be able to perform first aid at home and see a doctor if necessary.


How is first aid at home?

If you do not have any particular symptoms, you can do first aid at home before going to the doctor, and if your pain increases or you have a medical emergency, go to the emergency room. Keep in mind that if your condition is urgent and you do not see a specialist doctor, the risk of bleeding will increase, and naturally, your nose will not be appropriately treated in this condition. In-home treatment in a medical emergency, your nose may remain crooked and not return to its original and standard condition.

  • If your nose is not bleeding, raise your head to reduce your pain, but if your nose is bleeding, lower your head so that the blood does not enter your airways and throat.
  • You can take acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) for pain relief.
  • You can also put a cold compress or ice wrapped in a cloth on your nose for 15 to 20 minutes to reduce swelling and pain. This action about four times a day will help you recover.

Ideally, facial trauma is evaluated immediately to assess the injury’s extent fully. People generally don’t quickly notice the wounds and broken noses, especially when the nose is swollen and swollen. Diagnosing and treating a broken nose will be easier one to two weeks after the injury because the initial swelling and bruising will disappear. After an injury to the nose, the doctor needs to check the septum or the inside of the nose for damage because blood may have pooled in the septum, and this condition requires immediate treatment.


What is the medical treatment for a broken nose?

As we said above, the injury to your nose may be resolved with home remedies, but in emergencies and when your nose injury is severe, it is necessary to seek a doctor’s help for a nose derma fracture.

Remember that treatment without a doctor’s prescription and using the medicine without a medical prescription can be dangerous for you and increase the risk of not treating your pain and a broken nose. Also, taking the medication without a doctor’s prescription sometimes has irreparable risks that cannot be ignored. You must visit a specialist doctor to treat your disease and follow the doctor’s instructions completely.


Your doctor will do the following for you:

  • The doctor covers your nose with gauze and puts a splint on it
  • The doctor prescribes painkillers and anti-infection drugs such as antibiotics
  • An outpatient surgery is performed in which the doctor numbs your nose and puts it back into place.
  • Rhinoplasty in Iran may be necessary for your nose. Remember that rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran are very professional.
  • You may have a septorhinoplasty to repair your nasal septum.

Closed reduction, rhinoplasty, and septorhinoplasty are usually not performed until three to 10 days after the injury after the swelling has reduced. Because if the swelling of your nose is not treated, it will not be possible for you to undergo plastic surgery. When there are only minor fractures without deviation, there is no need for medical treatment. In this case, a doctor must examine your nose and choose the proper treatment. Moderate to severe injuries require surgery and medical services.


When should rhinoplasty be done, and what is the cost of Rhinoplasty in Iran?

Surgery should be performed within 14 days of injury, and pain and discomfort from surgery should subside 72 hours after treatment.

The costs of medical treatments vary depending on factors such as the amount of treatment and insurance. But the point is that the treatment of broken nose and Rhinoplasty in Iran is very cheap, and with an expert medical team, the most suitable treatment will be done for you. In this situation, you can be sure of the quality of work and expertise of Iranian doctors and specialists and expect the best treatment from the medical team as a compatriot or tourist.


Nose job in Iran

If you need efficient consultation, a well-equipped hospital and clinic, and expert surgeons to perform a nose job in Iran, Iran is among the best choices. You can use medical services and counseling in Iran to treat your broken nose, correct the deviation of the nasal bone, correct the shape of the nose, or similar reasons. Nose jobs in Iran will be done with high expertise, personalized medical quality, and affordable cost. It is the best choice for people who come to Iran from countries like America, Europe, Turkey, etc. The CarefulTrip team will provide you with consulting services and treatment packages for a Nose job in Iran so you can decide without worry.

The number of people undergoing cosmetic surgery in Iran is increasing. Iran is the hub of medical tourism due to affordable cosmetic surgeries, Iranian expert surgeons for BBL and breast surgery, and Tummy tuck. No country can compete with the technique and experience of Iranian cosmetic surgeons and affordable prices in Iran. Interestingly, the best Iranian surgeons have studied at the top universities in America, Europe, and Iran and provide up-to-date services. People from all over the world come to Iran to perform their best surgeries with the highest quality in Iran.


Can a broken nose be prevented?

Whether or not you can prevent your nose from breaking is not a simple matter because many times, things happen that you don’t expect and cause your nose to break, but to minimize this risk, you can observe the following:

  • During contact sports, use pink and nose protective clothing to prevent injury to your nose.
  • Use sturdy and suitable shoes to prevent falls.
  • When riding in a vehicle, follow safety precautions, fasten your seat belt, and ensure children are appropriately restrained.
  • Wear a helmet when riding a bicycle, motorcycle, skateboard, ski, or snowboard.

Your broken nose will most likely heal without any problems. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your nose after recovery or if you have problems breathing normally, Rhinoplasty in Iran is a practical and affordable option.


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Treatment of broken nose and recovery after that in Iran with CarefulTrip

As you read in this article, a broken nose is a common and routine occurrence among people. Of course, you can protect your face and nose from breakage by taking side precautions. Here, we have provided information about how to break the nose, how to protect the nose from breaking, home treatment, and medical treatment for broken noses. CarefulTrip offers you different treatment plans for nasal fracture treatment consultation, nasal fracture treatment, Nose job in Iran, and Rhinoplasty in Iran. Also, you will be provided with affordable packages for receiving beauty services, therapy, surgery, and other things, so we can allow patients worldwide to use these services. CarefulTrip’s numerous services in Iran include helping to receive medical advice, medical services, cosmetic surgery services, surgery, interpreter, doctor’s visit, visa, accommodation, transfer, and other services required for staying in Iran. Our team’s priority is to guide and advise patients to get quality and affordable medical, beauty, or surgical benefits.



Summary of nasal fracture treatment or broken nose

A broken nose is one of the things that can happen at any age. Minimizing the causes of a broken nose and learning home remedies will help you cure a fractured nose as quickly as possible. Proper knowledge of home treatment and going to the doctor for medical emergencies can make the treatment more effective and increase its speed. Knowing these issues allows you to control problems or prevent them from occurring. It is imperative and necessary to consult a specialist and skilled doctor about treating a broken nose and receiving Rhinoplasty in Iran or Nose job in Iran. It would be best to take the pre-treatment consultation seriously and not go anywhere for treatment or counseling services. The CarefulTrip team will provide you with what you need and the best medical services to compatriots outside Iran and tourists.

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