Destination Healing: Exploring the Rise of Health Tourism

Destination Healing: Exploring the Rise of Health Tourism



Throughout everyday life, humans encounter illnesses and diseases that could be extremely severe or harmless. With the latest technology in medical science, pharmaceutical scientists and medical experts have struggled to invent new medicine over the past decades to find remedies and treatments for any disease. Many countries have achieved this goal of saving people from abnormal conditions. These countries offer different healthcare facilities and medical services to patients. According to this, health tourism is growing yearly and has become a key factor for people suffering from sicknesses. These individuals travel abroad due to certain conditions to receive health services and medical care. The conditions vary from low-cost treatments to better health care and many more reasons. These reasons have globally led to the rise of health tourism, a significant aspect of impacting and making life-changing alterations.


History of Health Tourism

The history of health tourism dates back to more than 5000 years ago, when traditional treatments were made with herbal and ayurvedic medicines. Since the old times, ancient civilizations have been looking for cures to restore their health in different ways. They traveled to distant areas by horses, camels, and even on foot to find a solution to their unhealthy conditions. These places were India, Greece, Iran, and Egypt, which had the top physicians of that time. They were known as Asclepiades or Hippocrates and were highly educated. Hippocrates provided unhealthy people with the best remedies to cure most diseases and illnesses. As centuries passed, more Asclepiades and Hippocrates increased, leading to medical tourism’s rise. Gradually more people visited other countries to change their health conditions.


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The Rise of Health Tourism

Health tourism is traveling to another country to receive healthcare treatments. As medical technology increases each year, so does health tourism. Individuals and patients with various unhealthy conditions travel to other countries to find a cure. This travel could be from less-developed nations to developed ones or vice versa. Typically, the reasons for these movements are low-priced medical treatments, quality healthcare facilities, availability of top specialists and doctors, inexpensive transportation, availability of different cures, etc. In addition, some countries have specific regulations that might coerce their citizens to look for wellness services abroad. This section describes the rise of medical tourism and the purpose of these travels.



Low-cost treatments

In modern society, a quarter of the population around the globe lives under the line of poverty, and a quarter or more live in middle-income economies. Some of these people are living in countries where the cost of healthcare services is expensive. This high cost indicates that these individuals often cannot pay for medical treatments in their residences and start looking for low-cost health facilities in other areas. Most areas are developing or less-developed countries, such as Turkey, India, Iran, Jordan, and Greece. Therefore, one of the critical reasons for the rise of medical tourism is financial issues.

For example, consider Raja, a laborer who has lived in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with his wife for five years. He is a hard-working man with a maximum income of 5,500 Dirhams per month. His wife is a homemaker and has struggled with infertility for many years. They dream about becoming parents and are impatient to have their first child. Unfortunately, the cost of IVF services in Dubai is exorbitant, and they cannot pay for treatments. They are hopeless and downhearted until they find CarefulTrip, a medical service facilitator in Iran with the top specialists at the lowest prices. They contact the company and receive a complete package offer, including flight, accommodation, treatment, and a week’s tour in Iran at an unbelievable cost. After a year, Raja and his wife are celebrating their firstborn child and thanking this company for its excellent facilities.


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Top Specialists and Doctors

When it comes to medication, many people, especially the wealthy, prefer quality and seek to find the best doctors and physicians worldwide for their treatments. These are certified specialists with rich backgrounds, top educations, and exceptional careers, among other doctors. The critical factor is ensuring they receive the finest remedies available, and the results might be better. Although the success rate is high in developing and less-developed countries, the rich have this as their priority when it comes to health. Thus, it is one of the primary reasons for health tourism.



Top-quality Healthcare Facilities

In addition to the best doctors, the wealthy also seek world-class services. These include top clinics and hospitals worldwide, the most advanced technologies, the finest medical equipment, hospitable staff and personnel, and a unique environment. They will travel to the most developed countries to undergo special treatment. The rich have always had their priorities since the old times, particularly in health conditions. They consistently favor the finest, which is a combination of comfort, quality, and luxury. So, the highest standards are another element for the growth of health tourism.




Supportive Networks

Many healthcare facilitators provide additional services aside from their medical treatments. They plan your trip, from travel arrangements and transportation to hotel reservations and grand tours. Some even send a translator to be with the patient during the trip for any assistance.



Inexpensive Transportation

Transportation is one of the main features that affect medical tourism. Tourism refers to traveling to another country, which requires a transportation method. This method can be by air, land, or sea. Many developed countries have borders with less-developing countries with good medical backgrounds. These countries offer excellent health services at low cost, which can be a great choice for lower-income residents of developed countries who cannot afford their medical issues in their homelands. They choose to receive treatments abroad in the neighboring countries. These people can travel by planes, cars, trains, or ships. The prices for these differ from one another. Starting from the most expensive, which is air transportation, to the least expensive, which is land transportation. Furthermore, the countries can also affect prices as each has its own cost.



Different Treatment Methods

Across the world, treatment methods are different from one another. Physicians and doctors have their distinctive kinds of medicament. Some countries are more advanced in science and medical technology. Others have unique specialists and doctors in a particular field. Additionally, some nations have traditional treatments which are also very effective. This contrast creates differences between various countries and increases health tourism universally. For instance, Iran is the leading country in cosmetic surgery. Individuals seeking the best cosmetic surgery and considering the cost can select Iran for their treatment. Others can select an alternate country for orthopedic surgery without considering the cost, transportation, and treatment methods.



Cultural Experiences

Some countries that are good health tourism destinations have a rich culture with deep beliefs, various ethnicities, and beautiful traditions. Many of the patients take advantage of the travel and learn about the tradition and culture of that place. From historical sites and monuments to landmarks and other scenic areas, people can visit all these places before undergoing medical care or recovering. This sightseeing helps increase their cultural experiences about a specific country and enjoy their travel.

For example, Iran, a country of different ethnicities with a pure history and tradition, offers excellent medical services and facilities. Annually, countless patients worldwide visit this beautiful land to undergo unique treatments. In addition to medical care, they can visit tourist attractions and enjoy their trip.



A Testimonial Example of Health Tourism

“I’m incredibly grateful for the exceptional care I received from the hospital team, including the nurses and doctors. CarefulTrip has been with me every step of the way, providing unparalleled support that surpasses anything I’ve experienced before. I’m sincerely thankful for the opportunity they gave me to undergo a surgery I had been planning for 10 to 12 years. The procedure focused on my eyelids, and the results are already remarkable after just seven days. My friends have also been amazed by the outcome. Staying in a hotel and having the doctors visit me there was incredibly convenient, and the care I received was outstanding. I’m filled with positivity and excitement about my new appearance and have even considered future surgeries. I wholeheartedly recommend CarefulTrip to everyone. They provide the best doctors and exceptional care, ensuring a perfect experience from start to finish. Thank you, CarefulTrip, for everything. I’m completely satisfied and grateful.”

-Alaa Nazarian

Armenian International Coach


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Risks of Health Tourism

Despite its benefits, wellness tourism has numerous risks that individuals must consider before traveling. One of the issues that these tourists might encounter is the country’s safety. Some countries struggle with internal conflict among their citizens and are dangerous to visit. Another problem that individuals should consider is the country’s English-speaking percentage. These specific countries have very low English proficiency, and the locals cannot guide tourists. Travelers should consider all the risks before taking action. By consulting with a healthcare expert, people can be more familiar with these issues and find their perfect destinations for medical tourism.






Each year, health tourism is increasing remarkably at a very fast pace. From its rich history to modern medical tourism, it is becoming one of the leading travel factors. There are countless advantages that individuals can benefit from and specific risks that they should consider before planning a trip. One of the finest healthcare facilitators worldwide, CarefulTrip, is based in Tehran, Iran—a country with a deep history in medication and treatment in the heart of the Middle East. CarefulTrip offers countless healthcare services, including those mentioned in this article, from top specialists and doctors to world-class healthcare facilities and various treatment methods. Individuals worldwide can travel to this beautiful country and receive the best medical services from this company without considering any risks. Health has always been a human priority, and medical tourism can enhance this fundamental aspect of life.



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