Signs of a Good Health Tourism Company

What is Medical Tourism?

The term medical tourism, also known as health tourism, surgical tourism, and medical travel, describes an international journey for medical purposes. There are many reasons why patients seek medical attention abroad rather than in their own country, including reduced costs and the convenience of not having to wait on a waiting list. Additionally, some patients travel to specific destinations to undergo procedures that they cannot get in their home country. Procedures such as stem cell transplants and gender reassignment surgeries are examples of such treatments.

There are two types of health tourism: medical tourism and health tourism, in which different services are provided, whereas, in health tourism, an individual maintains physical and mental well-being (by using spas and water). However, in medical tourism, patients are treated and cured of their diseases (using hospitals and clinics).

Why is Medical Tourism so Popular?


Lower Costs

There may be a substantial difference in surgery prices in some developing countries compared to developed countries. Uninsured patients or individuals whose proposed surgery isn’t covered by insurance (such as cosmetic surgery) can experience considerable costs differences.

But why do medical care and surgery cost so much less outside of these countries? There are often significantly lower wages for nurses, assistants, surgeons, or pharmacists.

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Vacations in a Foreign Country

Health tourism agencies may also provide entertainment for patients and tourists. A travel and tourism program can be designed based on the patient’s interests before or after receiving medical services to have a positive memory of his treatment and travel.

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What do Health Tourism Companies do?


A health tourism company provides medical treatment and services to people traveling abroad for health reasons. It used to be that patients would travel from less developed countries to big medical centers in highly developed countries because they couldn’t receive medical services in their own country, but these days people travel from developed countries to less developed countries due to the differences in prices for treatment. The need for health tourism and its demand prompted health tourism companies to begin operating. Presently, some less developed countries have many opportunities to compete with developed countries when it comes to creating quality health care systems.

In most cases, travelers seek medical care while on vacation. Nowadays, a significant number of people all over the world cross international borders to obtain affordable medical services, which can range from liposuction to dental services.

As air travel has become more affordable, health care costs in developed countries have risen, waiting lists have lengthened, and population growth has created pressure on health care systems that have given rise to the global expansion and flourishing of medical tourism.

Health tourism companies facilitate foreign patients gaining entry into a country to receive medical services. Patients have access to reliable information about their problems and illnesses through these companies. The health care provider can also access patients who have serious medical needs or are seriously seeking treatment.

Many health tourism companies offer various services to assist the patient before and after his treatment. It can be difficult for patients to find a specialist doctor who can help with their treatment needs. One of the primary responsibilities of these companies is to introduce patients to experienced and specialized doctors. Using this type of service, clients can find the best country, hospital, and surgeon for their needs. A tourism company provides other services such as accommodation reservations, transfers and other logistical arrangements, contacting international insurance companies, and marketing for medical services. One crucial task of companies is to provide online services to patients, including online counseling before they enter the target country as well as after they leave.

According to surveys, most patients prefer to have a medical tourism company handle their medical travel arrangements. Most hospitals have good profits from international patients affiliated with good health tourism companies.

User-friendly websites are another benefit of health tourism companies. Good health tourism websites have an intuitive user interface. Websites like these allow patients to learn more about treatment methods, destinations, and hospitals in an easy-to-understand manner.

Patients will always use a website that provides credible information.

Factors Influencing the Selection of a Country as a Medical Tourism Destination

  • Attractions for tourists
  • good weather for all four seasons
  • political stability
  • security
  • positive behavior of translators and staff
  • presence of translators in hospitals
  • low rate of medical error
  • generally clean and hygienic environment
  • manner of hospital staff
  • reasonable cost of patient care
  • fast service time for medical services
  • the international reputation of doctors
  • the performance of companies that facilitate health tourism
  • availability of accommodation options for patients,
  • ability to consult with physicians online before traveling
  • possibility of follow-up after returning home
  • rapid granting of medical visas
  • acceptance of international health insurance
  • branding and advertising for attracting health tourists
  • level of health of the destination country
  • services offered
  • cultural similarities, and how to treat and welcome the people of the destination country

all contribute to attracting medical tourists.

According to a researcher in this field, there are four essential elements in medical tourism that are important in attracting health tourists: medical professionals’ capabilities, state-of-the-art technologies and international standards, the treatment economics and the cost of treatment, and domestic regulations.

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Why Health Tourists Choose Iran as a Destination?

Iran is one of the most attractive tourist destinations globally and in the Middle East due to its particular geographical location, unique cultural characteristics, historical sites, abundant natural resources, various climate conditions, and hospitable people.

Due to the growth of medical science in recent years, advanced and high-quality equipment, and low-cost medical services, Iran has a high potential to attract medical tourists.

The majority of doctors working with health tourism companies in Iran study at prestigious medical universities in the country, as well as travel around the world to gain an understanding of modern science. Most Iranian specialists are also members of national medical associations around the world.

In terms of cosmetic surgery, Iran is one of the most renowned destinations in the world. Approximately 200,000 rhinoplasties (nose jobs) are performed in Iran each year, making it the world’s capital of nose jobs.

With a large number of public hospitals, Iran is one of the best destinations for health tourism. A large number of privately funded hospitals also accept international patients.

Iranian medical services have actively attracted international patients in the past decade by utilizing advanced technology. Approximately 300,000 people from all over the world choose Iran every year for their medical care.

“Careful Trip”, the Medical Tourism Agency You Need

Providing the best HealthCare quality in Iran, Careful Trip is Iran’s most reliable health tourism provider.

These days Iran is famous in medical science and has a reputable health tourism industry all around the world. The experienced Doctors, Modern Hospitals, and affordable prices have made Iran one of the best destinations for medical tourism in the world.

We try to understand your expectations and give the best services for your medical travel to Iran. We examine your medical condition comprehensively and suggest a customized mix of hospitals, clinics, and top surgeons.

  • Patient online services (quote and consultation)
  • Planning the highest international standards and quality hospitals and clinics (for all treatments and budgets)
  • Appointing treatments by most skilled and internationally trained doctors and surgeons (most doctors and surgeons have more than ten years of experience with international degrees)
  • Airport pick-up, pre-operative check-ups, 24-hours assistance, accommodation arrangements (for patients and their families)
  • Pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization high-quality healthcare services




Why Should You Choose “CarefulTrip”?

At Careful Trip, we will support patients since their arrival. This companionship will start at the airport and last during the patient’s hospital stay. After finishing the diagnosis and treatment steps, patients and family members are informed about the transferring procedures. During registration, you will be assisted by an expert who will summarize, collect, and store your details and medical records to ensure a more efficient hospital information system. An agent will help you feel comfortable during your hospital stay if you need something. This ward is staffed by doctors, caretakers, and nurses, who teach you the necessary treatment methods to speed up your recovery. In this case, you can follow your treatment plan after returning to your home country. In case of need, we will provide you with a comprehensive schedule to determine your subsequent referrals after receiving your treatment and spending time for recovery.

Travel Planning


Our Careful Trip program provides personalized travel planning based on patient requests. As a result, the patient determines the time limit. Based on their medical needs, all necessary work is coordinated, and the journey is planned to provide all the required services in the shortest amount of time and to the highest quality.

Consultations Online and In-Person


Experts at Careful Trip are always willing to provide advice and answer your questions.

Interpreters are always available for you.

On your visit to Iran, you will not have any problems communicating. CarefulTrip staff who are fluent in speaking different languages will be there for you if you need them full-time. They will help you during your treatment.

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Travel Tours

CarefulTrip aims to make a memorable experience for international patients by providing exciting tours such as desert or forest tourism activities. Patients will have unique memories of their journey to Iran while receiving health recovery services.

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