Chalazion treatment in Iran in 2022

Chalazion treatment in Iran in 2024


Chalazion treatment in Iran

Chalazion is somewhat of a common condition. This irritating situation is usually painless and not dangerous. There is a surgical and non-surgical treatment for this disorder. Most patients prefer the non-surgical and less invasive ways; but in some cases, the surgery is just unavoidable. So many patients pick Iran as their medical destination due to different factors. Keep reading this article if you want to learn more about Chalazion treatment in Iran and why this country is the right place for you.


What is a Chalazion?

A Chalazion is a cyst, bump, or some sort of swelling that appears on the eyelid. This usually occurs due to a blocked oil gland. The condition often appears on the upper and middle parts of the eyelid. It is painless for the most part, and the only pain you might feel is in the beginning of the occurrence. It is also likely that the Chalazion disappears after a while with no treatment. However, in some cases it does not disappear by itself and needs serious medical care. If you have a Chalazion that lasted more than a few weeks, you might want to see a doctor.



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The symptoms

A painless bump on the eyelids leads to swelling and minor redness are among the Chalazion symptoms. It usually irritates the eye mildly, leading to watery eyes. The condition might even carry infection, which has symptoms such as pain and major redness. This disorder might even lead to blurry vision or blocked vision after a while.

What is the difference between a Chalazion and a stye?

The main differences between a Chalazion and a Stye are as following:

  • A Stye is a bacterial infection that leads to swelling on the lids. While, a Chalazion develops by blockage of eyelid’s oil gland.
  • A Stye is usually painful, while Chalazion is not.
  • Chalazion usually forms on further parts of the eyelids.



Treating Chalazion in Iran

The most popular Chalazion treatment in Iran is surgery. This operation is not a difficult one. Even though it is not a serious surgery, it still requires anesthesia. Different factors, such as your age, health history and conditions, help your surgeon decide whether you require general or local anesthesia for your procedure.


Why should you perform Chalazion surgery?

Patients perform this surgery in order to reduce any dumps, swollen areas or discomfort caused by Chalazion.

Those who did not receive desirable results with non-surgical treatments such as eye patches and antibiotics, or patients who experience major discomfort caused by the Chalazion such as changes in vision or astigmatism, need to perform this procedure.

Less invasive treatments such as steroid injections into the bump are also quite popular before jumping straight into surgical treatments. Keep in mind that medical clearance is a vital step before performing the procedure.


Chalazion surgery preparation

Before performing this surgery, make sure to let your surgeon know about any medication you are taking, such as:

  • Supplements
  • Over the counter medications
  • Any prescribed medications
  • Antidepressants
  • Anti-acids
  • Painkillers


Other than medications, make sure to inform your surgeon on any health conditions you have or had in the past. Sleep problems such as snoring may also interact with your anesthesia.

Therefore, it is important to mention all irregular details and discuss your condition with your doctor. Alcohol and drugs might also interact with the procedure or affect how your body reacts to it.

Your doctor will certainly give you a list of things you should and should not do before the surgery, what to eat and how to prepare.


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What to expect from the Chalazion surgery?

This procedure is simple and quick. The anesthesia takes about 45 minutes, but the actual surgical part is only about 15 minutes long. Therefore, most patients are done within less than an hour.

The operation takes place in a hospital or a medical center. The surgeon starts the procedure using clamps; these clamps help to keep your eyes open during the surgery. Depending on how big the Chalazion is, your surgeon will make a small incision on your outer or inner eyelid.

Then, he will remove the contents of this bump and place a clean swab on the particular area in order to stop further bleeding. The site will heal on its own. If your doctor suspects any irregularity in your affected area or overall condition, the contents might require a biopsy.



Why perform Chalazion treatment in Iran?

Patients pick Iran as their medical destination each year in order to perform different procedures, including the Chalazion surgery. Many factors play a large role in making this decision. Here are the main ones:

  • Professionalism and experience

Iranian surgeons and doctors are among the most experienced and well-trained medical staff in the world. These professional people make your process as simple as possible.

  • Advanced medical centers

Iran has a lot of well-equipped medical centers and labs. This goes hand in and with the experience of the doctors to form a simple and safe procedure.

  • Reasonable price

Despite important factors such as great surgical teams, high customer satisfaction and advanced hospitals, due to economic reasons medical services cost less in Iran. These fair prices help you receive high quality services for the lowest cost.

  • Tourist attractions

Other than the factors above, Iran is a beautiful and safe country, full of tourist attractions and hospitable residents that guarantee to make your medical trip as memorable as it can get.





The Bottom Line

Chalazion treatment in Iran is a simple surgery that helps you get rid of the disorder that forms red bumps in your eyelids, leading to infections in some cases or any other serious condition. The mentioned disorder is different from a Stye, but it might appear due to one. The Chalazion in Iran requires surgery to remove if it does not heal after a few weeks on its own, or if it does not respond well to non-surgical treatments. Swollen and red irritations, blocked or blurry visions are all symptoms of this condition. Iran is a great medical destination due to many factors and patients who choose this country usually end up satisfied. With fair price, professional doctors and advanced equipment, we guarantee the best results with the most desirable services.


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