Butt implants for skinny people


Your buttocks’ structure largely depends on what you’re born with; but, Butt implants in Iran and other increasingly common operations can help you achieve a more attractive appearance. However, the use of solid silicone implants for buttock augmentation has grown in popularity in the United States and elsewhere over the last decade, with 3639 procedures conducted in 2008, up from 619 in 2002.


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What’s the point of using silicone?

This type of silicone butt augmentation is different from breast implants, which are filled with fluid. These implants are made of a soft, robust silicone material capable of withstanding the daily activities of those who use their glutes—running, sitting, and standing all involve the buttocks daily. It is possible to enhance a person’s buttocks using silicone Butt implants in Iran, allowing them to go about their regular routines.



Reasons for doing Butt implants in Iran

In recent years, the round, firm buttocks have become a sought-after look. Butt implants in Iran are a quicker fix than weight loss and exercise for a more defined midsection.


Consider the following tips before getting Butt implants in Iran.

A plastic surgeon can recommend butt augmentation in Iran for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Your butt’s size and form
  • Your body’s fat reserves, which can be utilized for other treatments in the future.
  • Your amount of exertion and the outcome you seek
  • Elasticity and skin quality


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Patients frequently request butt implant operations for the following reasons:

  • Because they believe that their rear end is too little for their body
  • Unwanted butt appearance that is too “flat” or “square.”
  • Rear-end sagginess following weight loss or as the result of age
  • Their want to have better-fitting clothing
  • In search of a way to feel better about themselves


The procedure

When it comes to enhancing one’s rear, silicone implants are often the finest option. Other butt enlargement treatments may not be a possibility for them since they lack sufficient fat tissue because of recent weight reduction.

Your doctor will make the cut to insert the implants after administering the anesthetic to ensure you won’t feel a thing. Your upper buttocks, bottom, or cheeks are all possible locations for it. Implants are inserted into or beneath the buttock muscles on both sides. Insertion and positioning techniques vary from doctor to doctor.

Your sciatic nerve is less likely to be damaged if the implants are inserted into your gluteus (butt) muscles. Neuropathic pain and back and thigh muscle issues are possible outcomes. Because the butt implant isn’t entrenched as deeply as those put below the gluteus, the form of the implant may be more noticeable.

A more natural-looking form can be achieved with implants inserted beneath the gluteus muscle. However, the procedure necessitates cutting into the muscle, which could result in nerve injury, paralysis, muscle loss, and an uneven appearance.

Sutures or surgical tape may be used to close the incisions made during the butt augmentation procedure. The benefits are immediate. However, you may notice some edema. The incisions to place the butt implants should fade over time, assuming that they are properly cared for.


Transplantation of Butt Implants vs. Fat Transfer


A Brazilian butt lift or gluteal fat transfer is the most common option for Butt implants in Iran. It’s a proper choice for individuals who want to balance out their body proportions naturally rather than with implants. Your buttocks can only be injected if you have enough fat elsewhere in your body to do it. Sagging skin cannot be helped by a Brazilian butt lift.

For a Brazilian butt lift in Iran, the initial stage is liposuction of the thighs, abdomen, upper or lower back, and hips to remove excess fat. The fat is cleaned and prepared for implantation by your doctor. The purified fat is injected into the area below the skin that is above the buttocks but above the muscle. Approximately half to seventy-five percent of the fat cells are still viable after the surgery. For others, a second Brazilian butt lift may be necessary to achieve the desired results.


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The aftermath of having Butt implants in Iran (Recovery)

Butt implants in Iran can cause some discomfort in the majority of patients. Take OTC painkillers if you’re having trouble controlling it. You may also be prescribed a painkiller by your doctor to ease your suffering. You may have to clear surgical drains many times a day following the procedure.

After butt implant surgery, you must wear compression garments. You’ll receive detailed instructions from your doctor on how to care for yourself following the surgery.

For at least two weeks following butt implants, refrain from sitting or sleeping on your back. For a Brazilian butt lift, you may have to wait up to eight weeks. Take a shower at least 48 hours after your surgery. Avoid strenuous activities for a period of four weeks.

After around three months, you should see the full effects of your Butt implants in Iran.


Butt implants price in Iran

Iran’s butt implants procedure costs between $3000 and $5000.

Compared to other nations, the cost of butt implants operation in Iran is significantly lower. When it comes to the cost of the procedure in Iran, There is a huge difference. In Turkey, it is at least 6000 dollars, and In the United States, it is about $9,000.


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How long will the results last?

In most cases, your butt implants results will endure a long time.

Your buttocks will never be the same again after a successful fat transfer buttock enlargement. This fat, like the rest of your body’s tissues, will expand and contract as you do. In most cases, implanted devices do not need to be removed unless there is a later problem.

It’s important to adopt lifestyle modifications in order to preserve your new body shape after undergoing buttock augmentation surgery. Your appearance can be maintained by including a balanced food and exercise plan in your everyday routine.




As with any surgical surgery, buttock enhancements with solid silicone implants might result in complications that can be mitigated with proper preparation. Gluteal implants can be placed in various places. In the immediate postoperative term, problems of buttock augmentation are more common than after healing is complete. Silicon implant placement is more convenient for both the patient and the surgeon, and it can provide better aesthetic results in some individuals, depending on their needs. However, Brazilian butt lift by fat injection might be more suitable for you

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