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How many times have we vowed to improve our diet and get off the couch? How many of us, though, genuinely do what we say? Our hectic schedules often seem to get in the way. Perhaps there is an alternative to going to the gym every day and still seeing no results. Perhaps body contouring might be a wise choice. Before any further explanations, it is best to know that body contouring in Iran is very common these days and performed by the best specialists and surgeons. In the following, the relevant information is presented in detail.

Body sculpting, also known as body contouring, can tighten skin, reduce body fat, and form specific body parts. A non-surgical alternative is a lipolysis, which also makes use of lasers, ice, and heat. The surgical alternatives include liposuction, lifts, and tucks. Surgery usually yields more obvious effects but comes with greater risks and a lengthier recovery period.


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Body contouring in Iran

Typically, body sculpting doesn’t aid in weight loss. Instead, it aids in body shaping and addresses particular regions where weight reduction is ineffective or where excess skin has developed after major weight loss. In recent years, the health tourism industry in Iran has grown rapidly, and many people from all over the world travel to Iran to perform various surgeries. Body contouring in Iran is also performed by experienced specialists and surgeons, and the clients have always given satisfactory results. In this case, you can confidently come to Iran to perform this surgery or any other medical issue and get the best result. Body contouring in Iran might entail these surgeries

  • Abdominal etching surgery
  • Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)
  • Arm lift surgery
  • Belly button surgery
  • Breast augmentation surgery
  • Breast lift surgery
  • Breast reduction
  • Calf reduction
  • Gender reassignment
  • Calf augmentation
  • Gynecomastia surgery
  • Labiaplasty
  • Lipomatic
  • Liposuction
  • Thigh lift
  • Brazilian butt lift

All these surgeries are performed in Iran by the best medical teams. CarefulTrip is the most economical center of medical and health tourism in Iran. At CarefulTrip, we make all the necessary arrangements before the medical tourism trip to Iran, such as visa and accommodation, and during the trip and after the surgery, we also complete all the related tasks, such as appointments with the doctor, determining the day of the surgery, etc. In fact, you can get a pleasant experience from your surgery safely and without stress. You can find more information below. Now, let’s know more about body contouring.

By performing body contouring in Iran, you will get the best length of treatment without worrying about any issues and get satisfactory results. Iran’s medical industry has extraordinary quality. Experienced doctors and specialists are providing services to clients every day.


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Before body contouring

with CarefulTrip You will first consult with our plastic surgeon. You’ll talk about:

  • Your aims
  • Your medical background, including illnesses, allergies, and past operations,
  • Any medicine you are taking, including over-the-counter medicines and supplements,
  • use of illicit substances, alcohol, or cigarettes.

In addition, our medical expert will:

  • Examine and quantify the region or areas you want to modify.
  • Make a mark on the area(s) with a marker or pen.
  • Take photos.
  • Talk about your choices and provide suggestions.
  • If you’re thinking about having surgery, go over the alternatives and dangers, as well as anesthesia and post-operative pain management.

You will have to sign a consent form if you choose to proceed. You authorize the healthcare professional to carry out the procedure by signing it. You also concur that you have reasonable expectations and are aware of the procedure’s hazards.

Depending on the body sculpting procedure you select, the medical staff might ask you to:

  • Consult your healthcare physician about getting blood testing or getting a physical.
  • Give up smoking.
  • Stop using some drugs (for example, aspirin, NSAIDs, and herbal supplements).



During liposuction and other surgical body contouring

If you have undergone body contouring in Iran or any other country, you should be informed that this surgery, or any other cosmetic procedure, is performed in a hospital, surgical facility, or doctor’s office. Depending on what you’re having done, the operation could take anywhere from 45 minutes to several hours.

When performing surgery, the group may:

  • Mark the areas before surgery.
  • Put you on a surgical table and have nursing and anesthesia verify your safety.
  • Depending on the procedure, you will administer either a local or general anesthetic.
  • The surgery area’s skin should be cleaned and prepared.
  • Make cuts or incisions in your skin in accordance with the procedure(s) you have undergone.
  • To get the desired look, trim, relocate, or shape tissue and extra fat.
  • It is typical for muscles to tighten during an abdominoplasty.
  • Trim off any extra skin.
  • Use liposuction alone or in conjunction with other procedures to remove extra fat.
  • When the surgery is finished, stitch up any incisions.
  • Put bandages on.


During non-surgical lipolysis

The majority of lipolysis procedures happen in a clinic or office setting. A single session lasts between 30 and 60 minutes.

The group could:

  • Give you a hospital gown or robe to wear.
  • Put yourself on a chair or a table.
  • Use a pen or marker to make a mark on the skin.
  • Inject a medication where you want to lose fat (for injection lipolysis).
  • Depending on the type of lipolysis, use an instrument (such as paddles or a wand) to provide ultrasonic waves, laser beams, cold, or heat.

Most patients require multiple therapy sessions to notice improvements.



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After body contouring

Despite undergoing body contouring In Iran or anywhere else, the majority of people return home the same day. Someone should drive you home after surgery and spend the first night with you. Additionally, a tiny tube may be placed close to one or more incisions to drain fluid and reduce swelling.

You will receive recovery instructions from your surgical team. They may consist of:

  • Replacing the bandages and maintaining the drains.
  • Keeping an eye out for excessive activity while ambulating is important to prevent blood clots.
  • Report any issues so they can be addressed in advance.
  • Avert the sunlight.
  • It is common to use pharmaceuticals (such as tablets or ointments) to manage pain or prevent infection.

You will leave the office or clinic right away following noninvasive body contouring. Typically, you won’t need transport home, so you can get on with your typical day.



The benefits of body contouring

Numerous individuals who have had body contouring say:

  • bodily components that are better defined and formed.
  • a slimmer and younger appearance.
  • suppler skin.
  • Symptoms have improved.

Surgery has more obvious and quick results. It can take a few weeks or months for nonsurgical treatments to take effect.




risks or side effects

Any procedure, including lifts and tucks, is surgery and, as such, carries some hazards, albeit seldom. Risks can consist of

  • Asymmetry (neither side appears the same).
  • Blood clots or bleeding.
  • Anesthesia-related complications such as nausea, vomiting, or difficulty waking up.
  • Damage to muscles, organs, blood vessels, nerves, or blood.
  • Hair loss close to wounds.
  • Hematoma, which may require draining (a pocket of blood under the skin).
  • Insufficiently healed wounds.
  • Nerve damage that could result in numbness, weakness, or changes to how skin feels.
  • Longer-lasting pain or swelling than anticipated.
  • Issues relating to the heart or lungs.
  • You receive undesirable results, which can necessitate more surgery.
  • Skin discoloration, rippling, or scarring.

Risks associated with nonsurgical alternatives are substantially lower and include:

  • Rash or hives
  • Pain or discomfort
  • Red skin
  • Swelling
    Repeat sessions are necessary due to unsatisfactory results.




Recovery time following body contouring

After completing body contouring n Iran or other countries, depending on the amount of treatment done and the size of the incisions, recovery time following surgical alternatives might range from weeks to months. Recovery times from nonsurgical methods are substantially quicker. Most patients resume their jobs and other responsibilities right away.

People who undergo a certain sort of body contouring technique might anticipate that their new appearance will last for several years, as is the case with many cosmetic procedures. However, it’s conceivable that the fat redistribution won’t work as well if you put on or lose weight following your surgery.


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When should I meet a doctor?

Nonsurgical techniques have a very low risk, so problems are probably not something you need to worry about.

If you experience any of the following infections or other issues after surgery, you should let the doctor know:

  • An incision site with bleeding, discharge, redness, or swelling.
  • Chest pain
  • Dizziness
  • A fever of more than 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Medications do not relieve severe pain.
  • Sickness or vomiting.




Body contouring in Iran with CarefulTrip

By deciding to perform body contouring in Iran, you will experience good medical time through the best healthcare provider in the country, named CarefulTrip, the most reliable health tourism provider in Iran.

Iran is becoming well-known throughout the world for its health tourism industry. Iran is one of the greatest travel destinations in the world for health tourism thanks to its skilled medical professionals, cutting-edge hospitals, and reasonable costs. We thoroughly assess your medical situation and recommend a unique combination of hospitals, clinics, and top surgeons.

online patient services (quote and consultation). Planning hospitals and clinics that will meet the highest standards in the world (for all treatments and budgets) Select medical professionals who are highly skilled and have had worldwide training (most doctors and surgeons have more than 10 years of experience with international degrees). In the end, deciding to perform body contouring in Iran could be the smart choice.


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