Bunion surgery in 2022

Bunion surgery in 2022




The bunion, a bone that is formed on your big toe, is a foot deformity. Bunions have a range of severity. They can be very painful and mostly genetic. They appear simply because of poor foot structure that goes back to your DNAs.

Bunion surgery aims to reduce this bony bump and correct the patient’s foot. There are plenty of factors you should consider while picking a surgeon. If you want to know about Bunion surgery in Iran and the reasons you should consider this country as your medical destination, keep reading this article.




What is Bunion?

The bunion is an additional bone or a bump on the side of your big toe that can range in severity. Mild, moderate, and severe bunions require different surgical techniques. Bunions are mostly genetic. However, wearing tight footwear is a factor that worsens this occurrence. High heels or pointy shoes also could cause some irritation in this area. Being on foot for an excessive amount of time is another aggravation for the bunion. Bunion surgery is a specific procedure that reforms this deformed area.

Most bunions are noticeable enough for the surgeon to diagnose by simple visible inspection. By performing simple physical and movement exams, they will make sure of your condition. In most cases, you will also require an X-ray to examine your situation. Other tests fall in the group of the preparation process.







Considering Bunion surgery

There are different factors determining whether you might need to perform this surgery. The bunion that usually appears due to genetics and worsens by wearing tight and narrow shoes, sometimes cures naturally by wearing larger and wider footwear or taking medications.

If you still experience pain after adopting lifestyle changes such as wearing particular pads or wearing athletic shoes, you can consider bunion removal surgery. If you suffer from a bunion, there are symptoms you can look for that determine if you need to remove your bunion.

If your foot pain is so severe that restricts your daily activities, or you notice swellings even after taking medication, you might be an ideal candidate for this surgery. If you notice thick skin on your toes or your big toe leans towards your other toes, you might also want to consider this procedure. There are various types of bunion techniques and surgeries in order to help with this deformity condition. Your doctor will take an X-ray of your bunion to determine which of these methods is more suitable for your condition.




Bunion surgery preparations

Just like any other surgery, this procedure requires preparation. You will undergo different tests before the surgery. Your doctor will test your blood, heart function, and urine, as well as take x-rays from your bunion.

This procedure is an outpatient surgery, meaning the patient will be able to go home after the anesthesia successfully wears off. Based on your surgery, you might need to fast or avoid specific foods or drinks. Your doctor will inform you to stay cautious.




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The newest technique for Bunion surgery

Lapiplasty is a new bunion surgery method that uses patented tech to correct the bunion and cure its initial cause. This surgery prevents the bone from coming back. Hence, this method is a current popular one for so many bunion patients. Records show that 100% of the patients have experienced successful corrections in less than a year after performing the surgery.



Bunion removal surgery

In most cases, you will not need general anesthesia, and local anesthesia on your foot or ankle area will work just fine. After becoming numb in your foot area, your surgeon will start the surgery and performs a method suitable for your condition. In some cases of deformity, your surgeon aligns your toe joint to a normal position after removing the bunion.

After bandaging your foot, you will enter the recovery room. Once the local anesthesia wears off, the patient is free to go home. This process usually takes a few hours and is a relatively fast procedure overall.



Bunion surgery recovery

The general recovery process takes a couple of weeks; however, the bunion takes up to six months to heal fully after the surgery. You will wear a specific cast after your surgery in order to protect your foot.

Not getting your surgical area wet is important for a few weeks. After the cast, you will wear a brace that protects your foot and will have to walk with crutches. Swelling a few months after the surgery is normal.

Bunion surgery in Iran has a high success rate. Meaning, if you choose the right surgeon, you will receive satisfying results. Choosing a professional doctor who knows which methods to perform for your particular case is one of the most important factors in this process.



Bunion surgery in Iran

Iran is a great medical destination for bunion surgery in 2022 due to many different factors. Here are the main ones:

  • Professional doctors

Iranian doctors and surgeons are well experienced and professional. They can examine your condition and determine which surgical method suits you best. Performing the preparations and post-surgical steps professionally is just as important as the surgery itself.

  • Advanced medical centers

Having equipped and advanced hospitals and medical centers is yet another important factor. These advanced centers allow you to experience your procedure with ease and comfort. With providing high quality services and all your wants and needs, removing your bunion will be a simple process.

  • Fair prices

Due to economic reasons, performing this surgery in Iran is cost-effective. Which means, you can have the highest quality services with the lowest prices.



The Bottom Line

Bunion surgery in Iran aims to correct the bunion, a foot deformity condition. This condition ranges widely in severity. In case of bunion diagnosis that usually happens by simple visual inspection, you will require bunion surgery. There are so many different reduction methods, and your doctor will determine which suits you better after taking tests and X-rays. Lapiplasty is one of the newest bunion surgery methods that shows to be successful in all patients. This procedure does not require general anesthesia and the recovery process is relatively simple. Choosing the right doctor is the most important step in order to have a successful experience. So many patients pick Iran as their medical destination due to different reasons such as professional teams and doctors, equipped medical centers, and fair prices.



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