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Spinal Fusion is a common procedure that aims to join two or more vertebrae in the patient’s spine, preventing movement and motion between them. In spinal fusion, the surgeon uses an extra bone, or a material that is similar to real bones, in order to fill the void between these separate vertebrae. There are many reasons why so many patients pick Iran as their medical destination. If you want to find out more about spinal fusion in Iran, keep reading this article.


Why do people perform spinal fusion?

Patients perform this procedure in order to treat, prevent, or relieve spinal problems. The procedure might generally decrease the spine’s flexibility, but there are disorders that cause pain in the spine through movement. This operation decreases the motion and helps relieve these disorders. Sometimes, the procedure includes discectomy, in which the surgeon removes a damaged disk. Some of these disorders are as following:

  • A variety of tumors
  • Scoliosis
  • Spine arthritis
  • Weakness
  • Spine stenosis


Spinal fusion in Iran

Spinal fusion in Iran is a moderately common surgery for people with spinal and movement problems and disorders. Even though there are so many great doctors to choose from, one of the most important tasks a patient should consider is picking the right surgeon and a professional team with enough experience in this field. Iran is a high demand destination for medical trips, due to plenty of factors. Patients who pick this country as their medical destination usually end up satisfied.


Why should you perform spinal surgery in Iran?

Iran is one of the top rating countries when it comes to surgical and medical performances. Due to the very high demand for surgery in Iran, so many great teams and professional surgeons actively work in this country and treat different patients every year. This incomparable experience consists of professional doctors and advanced, well-equipped medical centers and hospitals.


Advantages of spinal fusion in Iran

Surgeries in Iran are cost-efficient. Due to economic reasons, spinal fusion surgery in Iran costs much less than most other countries. Even though the services you might require are all high quality and professional, they cost decently. In addition to all these factors, Iran is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and it is absolutely worth a visit.


What to expect from a spinal fusion surgery?

This surgery takes place in a surgical department of a medical center. The patient will not be conscious throughout the procedure, due to general anesthesia. The patient will be laying down through the whole thing. Your heart performance and blood pressure will all be monitored. This surgery usually takes a couple of hours. Your surgeon will prepare the mentioned bone or bone-like material beforehand.


Different methods of spinal fusion procedure

There are particular methods your surgeon performs during the procedure. Some of these techniques are as following:


  • Incision:

Accessing the vertebrae requires the surgeon to make an incision, in either your neck, your abdomen, throat or the sides of your spine.


  • Bone graft:

The bone graft is from either your body or a bone bank. In some cases, the surgeon uses a synthetic substance instead of a bone graft.


  • Fusion:

The surgeon places the bone graft or synthetic material between the vertebrae to fuse them together.


How to prepare for spinal fusion?

Just like most surgeries, spinal fusion requires preoperative laboratory testing. If you smoke cigarettes, use alcohol or consume over the counter medication, make sure to inform your doctor beforehand. Your doctor also takes illnesses such as the flu and herpes into consideration. If any of your current medications affect blood clotting, your doctor will instruct you on how to prepare for the procedure. Since the procedure requires general anesthesia, you will also need to fast.


Spinal fusion surgery results

The spinal treatment is typically effective, but when the cause of a patient’s pain is unclear, the results also become less clear. In some cases, nonsurgical options are more effective than this surgery. That is why you need to discuss your condition with your doctor beforehand and take all the medical instructions. Leading to more ease and less stress on those areas’ muscles, this surgery mainly affects your spine and back’s motion and movement.


Spinal fusion recovery

The recovery period after your spinal fusion surgery will take place in the hospital/medical center. Usually taking up to 4 days, your doctor will use this period to monitor how your spine operates and how your body reacts to the surgery and anesthesia. Your exact release date depends on how well your body reacts to the surgery. Your doctor will also prescribe you painkillers and will instruct you on new movement techniques you need to take into consideration. Wearing a brace for your spine is also a common thing after leaving the hospital. You will fully recover in five to six months after the surgery. However, your special condition, health, age and other factors directly affect your recovery.


Risks of spinal fusion surgery

Just like any other surgical procedure, spinal fusion surgery carries certain risks and complications, some of these risks include infections, blood clots, stroke, and unusual reactions to general anesthesia. You can prevent or lower these risks by making smart medical decisions and choosing professional doctors.

Blood cloths are perhaps the most serious complications that a patient could undergo after spinal fusion. Contact your doctor in the case of experiencing symptoms such as calf pain, shortness of breath, swelling, tenderness or redness on the knees.


The Bottom line

Spinal fusion surgery in Iran is a common procedure that aims to relive spinal complications. Iran is an ideal medical destination for most patients. People choose Iran as their medical destination for many reasons. The cost efficiency of medical and surgical services in Iran is one of these reasons. Due to the high demand for surgeries in Iran, professional teams and doctors perform this procedure on many patients each year. This professionalism goes hand in hand with advanced medical centers and well-equipped hospitals, making your medical trip one to remember. The recovery period takes a few months and the effectiveness of the procedure differs from patient to patient. In order, you suffer from any spine disorders or complications, we suggest you choose Iran for treatment.

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