A complete guide to the Mommy Makeover

A complete guide to the Mommy Makeover


Mommy Makeover


Generally, when a baby comes into this world, people around start celebrating. But in fact, a lot of after-birth problems will just show up. Everything may look different after childbearing, especially in a mental way for the mom. Because every woman usually cares about her body and appearance, and this will be affected by the pregnancy. The skin, tissue, and abdominal muscles will be stretched to accommodate the growing baby. Athlete women, basically start working out because diet and exercise will help the mother to lose her extra fat after childbirth. But the matter is the skin and tissue may not bounce back. In addition, the breasts after breastfeeding may be deformed in a bad way and won’t be. But the issue of the other women wouldn’t be solved as easily as it looks. They start to experience some mental issues. Some of them will go through the after-birth treatment period plans. But at the end, it’s about their appearances. That’s the time when the “Mommy Makeover” offer comes up. Mommy makeover is a standard combination of a variety of plastic surgeries for eliminating the common effects of childbirth and breastfeeding on a woman’s body. These surgeries are the most common cosmetic procedures in the world for women. They improve the beauty of a woman’s body by reshaping, lifting, and tightening areas in the abdomen, breasts, hips, and thighs.

There are a lot of cosmetic clinics around the world that provide mommy makeover services. However, mommy makeover in Iran is being differently provided. No matter where you receive this kind of service, this procedure needs very precise and high-technical equipment. As a matter of fact, most countries provide this service at very expensive prices depending on the equipment. But the mommy makeover in Iran has the advantage of being very inexpensive at prices in comparison with other countries. If you’re planning to receive the mommy makeover in Iran, you have to know this is a high-demand service that is provided by fully experienced surgeons in fully equipped clinics.



What’s a mommy makeover include?

Mommy makeover is a procedure with no certain instructions. But typically, a mommy makeover includes the abdomen and breasts. the common issues that need this kind of surgery are:

  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Age
  • Menopause



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Mommy makeover was provided for women who were suffering from motherhood complications at first. But as the time passed, more main and side services were included. For the time being, the mommy makeover has evolved and it could be a combination of procedures such as:

  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast lift
  • Breast reduction
  • Labiaplasty
  • Non-plastic procedures
  • Liposuction
  • Brazilian butt lift
  • Tummy tuck
  • Mini tummy tuck

However, the mommy makeover is considered a cosmetic procedure for the appearance, but the lack of self-confidence about the appearance will cause serious mental issues as well. So the women involved in the childbirth aftermath issues or women involved with a lack of self-confidence due to the body’s looking issues, in general, should be taken care of. Mommy makeover is one of the best solutions for taking care of these women. In addition, the mommy makeover in Iran is provided in modernly equipped clinics with fully trained and experienced surgeons for the safest and best of results.


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Why should I have a mommy makeover in Iran?


You may have improved your lifestyle after giving birth. You exercised, went on a diet, etc. to reach your ideal body. But even if you lose all the weight you gained during pregnancy, you may find that there is still a muffin top or excess skin that bulges forward or downward and creates an unfavorable appearance.

Moreover, pregnancy may hurt the size and shape of breasts. Or, the way the stretch marks look on your abdomen doesn’t let you wear the clothes you like. In these cases, a mommy makeover can help you build your confidence again and fit into your swimsuits just the way you wanted. If you plan to have a mommy makeover in Iran, there are a lot of benefits in addition to other benefits that were mentioned before. For example, you will be offered a lot of optimized packages at affordable prices. Full services since you decide to come will be served to you until you leave. Even after you leave, you will be followed up frequently.

Before the surgery, your surgeon will give you all the instructions. If you have any questions, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask and don’t give up until you are fully informed. Your surgeon may ask you to lose weight or change your lifestyle before undergoing any operation. So be sure to do whatever they tell you.

Regardless of the procedure type, staying hydrated before and after surgery is very important. It will help your body during the surgery and reduces the recovery period after the surgery.





What is the cost of a mommy makeover in Iran?


Cosmetic surgery usually has staggering costs, especially since your insurance does not cover it. On the other hand, you cannot trust any surgeon to do all these procedures at once. The surgeon must be qualified and has a strong resume and experience in this field. As you may know, the mommy makeover in Iran is a high-demand cosmetic and popular procedure, and you may think what will be the reason that this procedure is popular in Iran.

Nowadays, many Iranians perform cosmetic procedures and are completely satisfied with the results. Therefore, not only do Iranian surgeons have a lot of experience in such operations, but are also very skillful.

The important point is that the price of the mommy makeover in Iran is surprisingly low. A mommy makeover surgery in other countries may cost from 12 to 20 thousand dollars, while the mommy makeover in Iran varies between 3 and 7 thousand dollars depending on the type of operation.

In Iran, despite the experienced and prominent surgeons, advanced equipment, and modern facilities, cosmetic surgery costs are very low. This is because the sanctions imposed on Iran have devalued its currency. But on the bright side, the low prices have made Iran a popular destination for medical tourists. For outlanders, having a mommy makeover in Iran will cost them 1 up to 3 months of their monthly payments. Many tourists wouldn’t believe this, and they assume these prices so Unconventional. The quality and the price plus the safety and the experience, all in all, will make your decision for coming to Iran so reasonable.


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