How Will I See My Mommy Makeover Results?


Mommy makeovers are a combination of cosmetic procedures that target extra fat, sagging skin, and deflated breasts and give women a youthful, more confident sense of self. A one-day makeover for women using this combination of procedures was created to help them restore their bodies after a variety of events, such as weight loss or pregnancy. The best part is that there is only one recovery phase.

In order to address the common issues that women struggle with after having children, losing weight, or aging naturally, a mommy makeover combines several techniques.

Many women thinking about having this procedure have concerns, such as when they will see the results and how long it will take them to recover. The answers to these and other queries from women thinking about the mommy makeover are provided below.


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How Will I See My Mommy Makeover Results Immediately After Surgery?

Being an outpatient procedure, a mommy makeover allows you to leave the hospital and return home the same day. You will be given the proper compression clothing (included in the price of your surgery) and a prescription for painkillers before being discharged. As you will be coming out of anesthesia and taking pain medication, you will need someone to drive you home. You should also make plans for childcare and domestic assistance for a few days because you will need to take narcotic painkillers for about a week after surgery. You won’t be able to drive while taking narcotic pain relievers.

You can resume some light childcare responsibilities at this point (helping with homework, and cooking), but you won’t be able to lift anything heavier than 5 pounds for about 6 weeks after the operation. It’s crucial to remember that if a tummy tuck was performed as part of your mommy makeover, you will need to stay bent at the waist for roughly two weeks following the procedure. During your recovery, be sure to sleep on your back or side. Since it keeps them at a slight bend at the waist, many patients opt to sleep in recliners.



1-6 Weeks Post-Surgery

After surgery, you should anticipate bruising for 1-3 weeks, swelling for 2-8 weeks, and soreness/tenderness for a few weeks. While complications are uncommon, infection at the incision sites is the most frequent one following a cosmetic procedure. During this time, you will continue to wear compression clothing; you can resume working after two to three weeks.


6+ Weeks Post-Surgery

After your mommy makeover, you should be able to resume your regular activities, including exercise, around 6 weeks to 2 months later. You will start to see the results of your surgery at this point, and the swelling ought to have started to go down.



When Can I See My Mommy Makeover Results?

A mommy makeover frequently involves a number of procedures, and recovery takes place in stages as breast implants integrate and swelling starts to subside. The length of recovery varies depending on the patient and the procedures they underwent. Some women might experience improvements right away. For the majority of patients, the results are excellent after three months, but it takes a full year to see the full impact of the mommy makeover. You won’t have to wait six months to exercise, so relax. On average, patients can resume their regular routines and exercise regimens in 4-6 weeks with the help of their surgeons.



How Long Do Mommy Makeover Results Last?

Results of a mommy makeover for any patient are unveiled over time as the incisions mend and the breasts and abdomen become accustomed to their new positions. Women can resume normal activities after about three months, but they should exercise patience because the full effects of a mommy makeover can take anywhere from six months to a full year.



What to Expect After a Mommy Makeover

After your mommy makeover procedure, you should take a few weeks off from work and other regular activities. Pushing yourself too hard too soon could result in complications after surgery. Since recovery is typically a gradual process, it might be challenging to walk upright for the first few days. The majority of people can resume their normal routines within a few weeks, even though the initial recovery could take months.




How to Maintain Your Mommy Makeover Results

There are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure long-lasting results, even though it goes without saying that you would want your mommy makeover results to last forever. The following recommendations will help you maintain your satisfaction with your mommy makeover results and maintain your best physical and mental health for many years to come.




A Healthy Lifestyle Can Prolong Your Results

One of the best things you can do to help maintain your new look after a mommy makeover is to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. Although isolated pockets of fat can be permanently removed from your body by liposuction, if your eating and exercise routine is significantly altered, new cells may still form.



Recovery Period Vigilance

Any invasive surgery will have an impact on the body and take time to recover from and heal completely. The quickest way to ruin the lovely results you’ve achieved or even hurt yourself in the process is to not allow enough rest and start working out too soon. You’ll receive thorough post-operative recovery instructions from your plastic surgeon. You can be confident that the risk of complications adversely affecting your results will be minimized by strictly adhering to them and giving yourself time to ease back into your regular daily routine.



Weight Stability

Once you have successfully completed the recovery phase, it is crucial to commit time to uphold healthy lifestyle practices, including regular exercise and a balanced diet. In addition to being necessary for many cosmetic procedures to be performed in the first place, maintaining a healthy weight can also guarantee long-lasting results. Excessive weight has the power to reverse the effects of a specific cosmetic procedure. For instance, putting on several extra pounds after a tummy tuck will stretch out your abdominal skin and result in your abdominal area becoming flabby once more, which is not desirable. Weight fluctuations following surgical cosmetic procedures, whether for weight loss or gain, can eventually cause skin tissue to stretch or sag, potentially undoing any progress made. As a result, it is advised to live a consistently healthy lifestyle and to only indulge occasionally.



Only Consider a Mommy Maker Over After Completing Your Family

The mommy makeover’s main goal is to undo the physical changes that pregnancy and breastfeeding can make to your body. After undergoing mommy makeover procedures, having more kids will only serve to undo the benefits of the procedure. Therefore, it is advised to wait until you are absolutely certain that you do not want to have any more children before undergoing such procedures.



Quit Smoking

Smoking not only delays your mommy makeover recovery time but also jeopardizes your heart and lungs’ general well-being. By giving up tobacco, you can reduce your risk of surgical complications.



Keep Your Incisions Out of the Sun

You will have some minor scarring and incision marks on your body after your procedure. We can usually keep them small and unnoticeable, but you should be aware of them and take all reasonable precautions to keep them out of direct sunlight. There is a clear explanation for this: Before your body has fully healed, exposing your incision marks to sunlight may actually cause those scars to darken and possibly thicken, making them more obvious. Until it fades, protecting your scar from UV rays



Maintain Good Health through Regular Physical Activity

Your health is equally as crucial following surgery as it was before it. It’s crucial to invest in some long-term, healthy habits once you have passed the recovery phase. Simply put, ensuring your general health is one of the best ways to preserve your results. Exercise is the most important of the various elements that make up this. Make sure you engage in regular exercise to keep your body energetic, youthful, and in good shape.




The recovery phase of your mommy makeover is among its most crucial components. After surgery, you should avoid overexerting yourself and instead take it easy. However, it’s regrettably common for patients to attempt to get up and move around before they should, especially when it comes to busy mothers. During this vulnerable time, they are lifting heavy objects when they shouldn’t be, exercising before their doctor has given them the all-clear, and generally neglecting to take care of themselves. After this major surgery, make sure you give yourself enough time to rest. Take a break from work, have someone watch the kids for a while, and if you can, hire some help around the house.






While being pregnant and giving birth are wonderful experiences, many women find the various physical changes to be upsetting. You might feel embarrassed or self-conscious if you have loose abdominal skin, stretch marks, or deflated breasts. Contact CarefulTrip to set up your mommy makeover consultation if you’re ready to move forward with getting back to your pre-baby shape.



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