The mommy makeover is a collection of cosmetic procedures intended for women after childbirth. What makes these procedures interesting is the fact that they will be custom-tailored for each woman; meaning that according to each patient’s needs, there will be different procedures recommended by the plastic surgeon. For instance, during pregnancy, for all women breasts get to their maximum size and the belly enlarges to host the baby to grow. However, for some women, there will be stretch marks on the breasts while in another this condition leaves no marks but may result in sagging skin.


Why does somebody choose a mommy makeover?

Unfortunately, pregnancy and giving birth leave some permanent changes on a woman’s body. These unpleasant changes sometimes discourage some women to get pregnant, worrying about these unpleasant changes such as stretch marks, C-section marks (due to cesarean section) and sagging breasts due to breastfeeding, etc.

The good news is that mommy makeover plastic surgery has found its way in many women’s life to give them peace of mind on this issue. Mommy makeover procedures reassure women that they can happily get pregnant, give birth to their beloved child, and still have their ideal body.


What does a mommy makeover include?

Pregnancy and childbirth mostly affect the breasts and abdomen. Therefore, mommy makeover would mostly target these areas to give a woman a better appearance and in general, a contoured body. Thus, the most common plastic surgeries and non-surgical treatments in a mommy makeover procedure would be:


  •  Breast augmentation or reduction
  •   Breast lifting
  •  Belly surgery (liposuction and tummy tuck)
  •   Nymphoplasty (vaginal narrowing), in case of a natural birth
  • Buttock rebalancing (augmentation and lifting)
  •  Dermatological treatments: treatment of stretch and C-section marks
  •  Botox injections for the face and neck


Considering the simple fact that each woman’s body is different from the other, one may choose as many as one to all the procedures mentioned above. Normally women opt for a basic mommy makeover package that includes: a type of breast surgery, liposuction, and tummy tuck. These three procedures will be combined on one single surgical intervention, which is highly efficient, as it requires only one schedule, post-operative care, and anesthesia. 


These surgeries will be performed after a certain period of time after delivery. You should at least wait until the end of the lactation period, after this period, returning to the original shape of the breasts and abdominal tissue, losing weight and the recovery period of the body will take about 6 months.

Breasts generally become smaller after breastfeeding than during pre-pregnancy, and the breasts will look more sagging as the skin loosens. In this type of postpartum breast surgery, there may be a need to enlarge and highlight the breast at the same time. 5-6 months after the end of the breastfeeding period, these surgeries can be performed easily.

If the breast surgery is performed with a proper technique, it will be possible to breastfeed the baby in case of rebirth. Breast reduction surgery is usually not affected in breast reduction surgery due to the lack of incisions in the breast ducts below the nipple.

In women who have given birth, you have to wait at least 3 months for this surgery. Since it is not correct to do this during breastfeeding, the minimum time required may take up to a year.

Abdominal lifting should not be done at the same time as a cesarean section. Normally, the uterus is the size of a pear and becomes the size of a basketball during pregnancy. It takes at least 45 days for the uterus to shrink and reach pre-pregnancy dimensions. It is wrong to do abdominal surgery before the uterus reaches a normal and balanced size.