Breast Reduction Surgery in Iran


Breast reduction surgery is a procedure to reduce the size of breasts for aesthetic or medical reasons. This surgery, which is also called, reduction mammoplasty, is normally, classified as cosmetic surgery, although it can help reduce certain chronic pain. In fact, disproportionately large breasts (Breast hypertrophy) can put too much pressure on the neck, shoulder, and back. Over time, this condition gets painful and even can cause other health complications in these areas.

Another reason for getting a breast reduction surgery could be breast ptosis. Ptosis is the medical term for sagging breasts; when breasts have fallen down from their usual place. This condition is very natural and happens mostly due to aging, excessive weight loss, or breastfeeding.


Benefits of Breast reduction surgery

  •  The appearance is improved
  •   therefore, the patient’s self-confidence is enhanced
  •   Neck, shoulder, and back pain due to too much weight is eliminated
  •   The stitches are absorbable
  •   Breast reduction surgery is fairly quick; both breasts from 1 to 3 hours
  •   The surgery will be conducted under general anesthesia
  •   Patients can resume daily activities after 15 to 20 days


How is this cosmetic surgery conducted?

Before the surgery, each patient will have consultation sessions with the plastic surgeon. During these sessions, the patient can get a vivid idea of the overall result of the surgery.

In the case of breast hypertrophy, the excess breast volume and its tissue will be removed. In addition, the size of the areola (the dark-skinned area around the nipple) if it is too large, and at the request of the patient can be reduced.  Patients can naturally decide the future size of their breasts. However, the residual volume will remain in harmony with the overall silhouette of the patient. Benefit

In the case of ptosis, the breast will get a better shape, concentrated, and lifted.

In both cases, there will be no excess skin, fat, or tissue. Unquestionably, the shape, size, and appearance of the breasts will be as each patient had decided.


Breast reduction scars

In most cases, there will be a horizontal scar hidden in the inframammary fold (under the breasts). Therefore, the scars are barely noticeable, will fade over time, but never disappear completely.


Yes, both breasts are reduced and breasts are lifted.

The surgeon will reduce the size of the breast according to the patient's wishes and scientific criteria, but excessive reduction of the breast can lead to complications such as blackening of the breast aura and opening of the surgical wound.